Joolz Black Friday Sale 2021

Strolleria is offering Black Friday deals on Joolz strollers for 2021!

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Strolleria offers free shipping on Joolz strollers including the Joolz Aer travel stroller, Joolz Hub mid-sized stroller, Joolz Day3 full-sized stroller and Joolz Geo2 single-to-double stroller.

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Joolz Aer Black Friday Sale

    Joolz Geo2 Black Friday Sale

    Joolz Hub+ Black Friday Sale

    Joolz Day+ Black Friday Sale

    About Joolz

    Joolz, a Dutch brand born in Amsterdam, is known for their safe and ergonomic designs and user-friendly maneuverable strollers. Joolz is one of the few companies to offer a lifetime warranty on its stroller, ensuring your stroller will last as long as your family needs it.

    Joolz offers four stroller models to fit the needs of every family. The Joolz Day3 is the brand's full-sized stroller that allows you to navigate the city in stylish comfort. The Geo2 is the brand's convertible stroller that expands from a single to a double as your family grows and is set for all-terrain adventures. The Hub+ features a compact fold for a mid-size stroller that serves as the perfect companion for on-the-go lifestyles. Most recently, Joolz introduced the Aer, a lightweight travel stroller that easily folds with one hand and features a very cushy seat for your little one.

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