Is Tushbaby Worth It?

 woman holding toddler on Tushbaby

Tushbaby is the single carrier that supports your body, your stuff, and your kids from 0-3. So gear up and carry your little ones effortlessly with carriers that look good, feel good, and store more—freeing you up to do more!

So is Tushbaby worth it? We think so! Here's why: 

Its convenience allows for hands-free carrying, enabling parents to multitask, and the padded waistband aims to distribute the baby's weight, potentially reducing strain on the back and shoulders. The carrier is versatile and can accommodate both babies and toddlers! Not only that, Tushbaby has pockets and storage for everything you may need! There's a large storage pocket, front storage pocket, side storage pocket, phone pocket, bottle holder, and two loops for toys or sanitizer! Truly you can have everything you need without having to carry anything else. 

Personal comfort is subjective and some parents may find other carrier styles more suitable, but we love Tushbaby! 

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