Is the Doona heavy?

Doona outside a taxi being put into car seat mode

The Doona weighs 16.5 pounds, making it relatively heavy compared to other infant car seats. Typically, infant car seats weigh around 7-10 pounds. While the Doona's weight might seem significant, the fact that it serves as a stroller means you won't need to carry the car seat separately very often. Nonetheless, it's crucial to consider the weight, especially when lifting it in and out of your car.

If you own a taller SUV, this task may pose a challenge, particularly when factoring in the added weight of a baby, which will make the Doona about 20.5 to 26+ pounds when coming home from the hospital. Additionally, if you have stairs at home, carrying the Doona up and down may become quite strenuous early on.

The Doona simplifies life, but the weight is an important factor to consider when making a decision.

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Doona from car seat to stroller

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