Is a rotating car seat worth it?

Is a rotating car seat worth it?

Yes, a rotating convertible car seat can be a worthwhile feature to invest in when selecting your child's car seat! While a new feature to the U.S. market, rotating car seats have been available in Europe for several years, and are a convenient way to secure your child in their car seat in a way that is more ergonomic and back-friendly for parents than traditional rear and forward facing car seats.

Not all rotating car seats function in the same way though, and have varying weight capacities, installation methods, and capabilities depending on which model you select, including the Nuna REVV, Cybex Sirona S, or Baby Jogger City Turn.

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Some things to consider when shopping for a rotating car seat include: does it matter if the car seat can rotate towards the door when my child is forward-facing, or primarily while they're rear-facing (which is a more difficult angle to secure the harness in many vehicles) and how long do I want it to support my child?

A car seat that rotates toward the door when rear-facing can make it easier to buckle your child in their car seat and encourage rear-facing positioning for longer. Research shows that keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible is the safest position for them to be in the vehicle, with the Mayo Clinic recommending:

Resist the urge to place your child's car seat in the forward-facing position just so that you can see him or her in your rearview mirror. Riding rear facing is now recommended for as long as possible, until a child reaches the highest weight or height allowed by the car seat manufacturer.

Below we will explore the advantages to each of the three best-selling rotating convertible car seats available now at Strolleria.

Is the Nuna REVV rotating car seat worth it?

Is a rotating car seat worth it?

The Nuna REVV has the most range of motion when installed, because it can rotate in a true 360 degree motion from rear-facing to forward-facing and back again, without uninstalling any components of the car seat.

However, the REVV has a lower weight capacity than most convertible car seats, maxing out at 40 pounds whether your child is rear or forward facing. 40 pounds is the minimum starting weight requirement for a booster car seat, the next car seat you'll use once your child has outgrown the convertible car seat and 5 point harness.

Is the Cybex Sirona S 360 Rotational convertible car seat worth it?

Is a rotating car seat worth it?

The Cybex Sirona S can technically rotate in a full 360 degree motion, but once your child is using the car seat in a forward-facing position, you would install a forward facing tether (build into the back of the Sirona S seat back) to the back of the vehicle seat. The forward facing tether has to be detached in order to rotate the car seat towards the door, which may be complex in some vehicles.

It is easy to rotate the Sirona S while in rear-facing mode, and the Sirona S supports children up to 50 pounds rear facing, and up to 65 pounds or 49" tall forward facing.

IS the Baby Jogger City Turn Rotating Convertible Car Seat worth it?

Is a rotating car seat worth it?

The Baby Jogger City Turn is an ideal choice if you want a car seat that is very easy to install and rotate when your child is rear-facing, and if you do not need it to rotate once your child is old enough to be seated forward-facing in the vehicle. Because of how Baby Jogger designed the installation, you cannot rotate the City Turn at all once it is installed forward-facing.

Rear-facing, the City Turn is quick to install, easy to rotate towards the door (bringing your child 10 inches closer to you as you help them into the car seat!), and holds up to 50 pounds. Forward facing, the City Turn supports up to 65 pounds.

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