How Long Will My Child Use A Highchair?

How long can you use a high chair for?

As your little one grows and nutritional needs evolve, it will be time for them to start exploring and eating FOOD! Starting solids is such an exciting time for everyone, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. A highchair becomes an essential piece of furniture to support a safe and comfortable mealtime. However, even before you start solids, you can introduce a highchair to your baby so that it is a safe, familiar spot for them when the time comes for food!

Remember too when selecting a highchair that many of these highchairs turn into regular chairs and may be in your home for years to come! 

Let’s explore the different stages of highchairs!

 How long will my child use a high chair?

0-4 Months: Optional Attachments for Newborns

First, there are many highchairs on the market that can be used right from the start. These highchairs will need an attachment to put baby in, but it hooks right on to the highchair! They offer a cozy space to keep baby close while you cook or enjoy a family meal together. Some highchairs that have this option are the Stokke Tripp Trapp, Bugaboo GiraffeStokke Steps, and Cybex LEMO

 How long will my child use a high chair?

4-6 Months: Supporting Early Feeding Experiences

Once baby can sit up more independently, around 4-6 months, you can begin using the highchair without any newborn attachment. Once you and your baby feel comfortable, and baby has strong head support, you can begin the journey into solid foods! This is a reminder to always check with your pediatrician for guidelines about when to introduce foods.

At this stage, most babies have gained enough head control and sitting stability to sit upright with minimal assistance. It's important to choose a highchair with proper support, including a secure harness and footrest, to ensure their safety and comfort during feeding sessions.

During this stage, babies start exploring the world of food! It's so fun! Using a highchair allows them to sit comfortably at a suitable height for feeding, minimizing the risk of choking, and aides in their digestion. It also provides an opportunity for babies to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills as they practice grasping and self-feeding. Plus it involves them in cooking and family meal time!

It's important to use any "baby set" or harness with them at this stage. You can also make them more comfortable and supported by using included or optional seat cushions or pads for your model highchair. Note that not all have this option. 

How long will my child use a highchair? 

6-12 Months: Advancing Independence and Skill Development

As babies grow older, their feeding skills progress rapidly. They become more adept at self-feeding and handling finger foods. A highchair plays a pivotal role in supporting their developing independence and promoting self-regulation. It allows babies to experiment with various textures, practice using utensils, and engage in interactive mealtime experiences with their families.

At this stage you will still use the harness and likely the tray for easy cleaning.

 How long will my child use a high chair?

Beyond 12 Months: Continued Use for Safety and Mealtime Routine

While the exact duration of highchair usage varies from child to child, many babies continue to benefit from using a highchair for many years. In fact many of our highchairs transition to regular chairs, and actually hold an adult's weight! As toddlers transition to a wider variety of foods and family meals, a highchair provides a designated and safe space for enjoying mealtimes. It helps establish a consistent mealtime routine and reinforces positive eating behaviors.

At this stage you may or may not use the harness (dependent on your child), but most high chairs allow you to remove the tray and pull the highchair directly up to the table! That may be the preferred way at this stage. 

As your child grows, you can continue customizing their highchair. You can remove the harness, and use the chair as more of a booster at the table. Many highchairs can convert to a regular chair too! For example, the Stokke Tripp Trapp can hold up to a 242 pound adult!

For highchairs that turn into chairs, it’s important to consider the aesthetic you’re wanting from the beginning as these will be furniture pieces in your home for years to come!

 How long will my child use a high chair?

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