How long can you use the UPPAbaby bassinet?

How long can you use the Uppababy bassinet?

The UPPAbaby Bassinet for Vista V2, Cruz V2, Minu V2, and Ridge can be used from birth until your baby weighs 20 pounds or can push up on hands and knees, typically up to 3-6 months of age.

Compatible with all three of UPPAbaby's full sized strollers, the Vista / Vista V2, Cruz / Cruz V2, and Ridge, plus the compact Minu / Minu V2 travel stroller, the UPPAbaby Bassinet is a convenient and comfortable space for your baby's first few months in a stroller. With a soft, covered, and washable mattress included and structured siding, the UPPAbaby Bassinet can not only be used on their strollers (with purchase of adapters for certain models and configurations) but also in-home or on the go.

Approved for overnight sleeping, the bassinet can be used in your home with a uniquely designed wooden Bassinet Stand that can double as a hamper with purchase of inserts once your baby has outgrown the bassinet.

How long can you use the Uppababy bassinet?

Where does my baby sit once they've outgrown the stroller bassinet?

Once your baby has outgrown the bassinet, typically between 3 months and 6 months of age, your baby is ready to use the toddler seat included with purchase of your UPPAbaby stroller.

UPPAbaby advises that parents wait to use the stroller toddler seats until your baby is at least 3 months old, to ensure their head and neck support is developed enough to be seated upright or slightly reclined. The bassinet provides a fully flat position ideal for a newborn, along with ventilation under the mattress, zip off apron, and adjustable, extendable canopy with ventilation for protection from the elements or cooling on hot days.

Until your baby has outgrown the bassinet, the alternative with each stroller for a newborn is to attach a compatible infant car seat, such as the UPPAbaby Mesa V2 or Mesa Max infant car seats.

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