Does the Doona recline?

Does the Doona recline?

The Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller does not have an adjustable recline like you might find on a full-sized stroller. However, as it is primarily an infant car seat, the Doona is designed with a near-flat position to keep baby supported at an ergonomic and comfortable angle.

Safe for use from birth with newborn babies as small as 4 pounds, the Doona can be used for many months, until your child reaches 35 pounds or 32 inches tall (whichever comes first).

Typically, your child will outgrow the Doona around age 1, so you'll need both a new stroller and a new car seat at that time. Unfortunately, there isn't another product like the Doona that works for an older child.

After your child has outgrown their Doona, you can select from a number of excellent convertible car seats for use in your vehicle. Read our Stroller Buying Guide to determine which stroller may work best for baby's next stage.

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