Differences Between Nuna MIXX2 and Nuna Jett Collection Stroller

It's easy to get a little confused when looking at the Nuna MIXX2 strollers. In addition to offering the MIXX2 stroller in Berry, Caviar and Indigo, Nuna also offers the same stroller in two special editions: the Jett Collection and the Suited Collection, both of which come with bassinets.

The Jett Collection is the best deal on a Nuna MIXX2 stroller. It's on sale for $579.95 at Strolleria—less than the price of the MIXX2 stroller alone! 

The Suited Collection is a noticeably different version of the stroller, featuring upgraded tweed fabric, a covered basket and a footmuff/seat liner. But the differences between the regular Nuna MIXX2 stroller and the Jett Collection stroller are harder to spot.

Here, we'll explain the differences between the Nuna MIXX2 and the Nuna Jett Collection stroller.

Is the Jett stroller the same as the MIXX2?

Yes—and no.

Functionally, the Jett stroller is exactly the same as any other color of the MIXX2. And on its website, Nuna refers to the Jett stroller as a MIXX2.

But the Jett Collection was released prior to the other MIXX2 strollers, initially as a special edition of the MIXX. The success of the Jett Collection, which featured leather handlebars and upgraded wheels, led Nuna to create the same stroller as MIXX2. However, the box of the Jett Collection stroller says MIXX.

As a result, there are some cosmetic differences on the Jett that have since been changed for the other MIXX2 colors. Most people don't notice the differences, but discerning parents will spot the following variations.

Seat Back 

On the back of the stroller seat, the Jett version includes printed safety information that has since been removed from all other MIXX2 strollers. The back pocket is also smaller, though still big enough to hold a phone.

There is no printed information on the other MIXX2 stroller colors, and the back pocket is larger to hold more essentials.

The photo on the right shows the Suited Collection stroller, which has different fabric but the same seat back design as the other MIXX2 colors.

differences between nuna mixx2 and nuna jett collection stroller

Sides of Seat Fabric

The Jett stroller does not have fabric on the sides of the seat, near the buttons used to remove the seat from the frame.

On all other colors of the MIXX2, that portion of the seat is covered in fabric for a cleaner look.

differences between nuna mixx2 and nuna jett collection stroller


The Jett Collection consists of the MIXX2 stroller and matching bassinet together in one box.

But what if you want the Caviar, Indigo or Berry MIXX2 stroller and a bassinet?

The only bassinet you can purchase separately is the Jett color. The MIXX2 bassinet is not available in other colors, so the Jett bassinet won't match perfectly with the basket of your stroller.

If you'd like to use a bassinet, your best bet is the Jett Collection or Suited Collection.


Strolleria offers all versions of the Nuna MIXX2 stroller. If you have questions about either collection, feel free to contact us at 480-442-9433 or customercare@strolleria.com.

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