2022 Cybex Priam4 Release Date

2022 Cybex Priam4 Release Date

The 2022 Cybex Priam4 strollers are being released in Spring 2022!

Cybex is introducing two new models, the Priam4 and e-Priam2.

Select colors of the Priam4 are available to pre-order at Strolleria.com with expected ship date in early April, with more colors and fashions to come including the e-Priam2.

Have questions about Cybex products? Contact Strolleria at customercare@strolleria.com or 480-442-9433.

About Cybex Priam4

The Cybex Priam4 is a beautiful and durable stroller perfect for any family. This stroller features beautiful leatherette details and customizable luxurious fabric options to match any style. This stroller also offers four different frame colors; rose gold, black and chrome with black or brown leatherette. For use with an infant simply attach a carrycot or compatible infant car seat. The Cybex Priam4 also offers a simple one handed fold and stands when folded to make storage simple and compact.

New for the Priam4, a world-first one-pull harness system allows parents to secure their child quickly and easily - simply place your child in the seat, fasten the clips, close the buckle, pull the harness to fit, and you’re good to go. Because securing and adjusting to fit are combined into one step, you can ensure your child will always have a properly fitting harness with less time and adjustments. Other features include easier assembly than previous models and cup holder placement closer to parents.

About Cybex e-Priam2

The Cybex e-Priam2 is the first electric-powered stroller, combining the luxurious design of the Cybex Priam4 stroller with the smart technology and convenience of an e-bike.

Smart sensors integrated into the handlebar detect how hard you're pushing or pulling, triggering motors in the rear axle to assist as you're strolling uphill, downhill or over uneven terrain. 

As a result, the e-Priam2 is a breeze to maneuver over hills and surfaces like cobblestones, snow or gravel, while functioning like a regular stroller when the strolling is smooth. The e-Priam2 can handle hills with a grade of up to 25 percent—steeper than the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco.

Use the Rocking feature to soothe your child with a gentle back-and-forth motion, and choose between two support modes: Eco to save battery power or Tour for maximum power on hills or rough ground.

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