What is a toddler learning tower?

Child in toddler learning tower preparing food on the counter

A toddler learning tower, also known as a kitchen helper, is a special piece of furniture designed to help young children participate in activities at counter or table height. It's like a step stool with safety features that's designed specifically for toddlers. The main idea is to allow toddlers to safely stand at a height where they can reach countertops, sinks, or tables, often in the kitchen.

These towers usually have a platform where the child can stand and a railing or barrier to prevent them from falling. They're built to be sturdy and safe, often with adjustable heights as the child grows. Toddler learning towers are meant to encourage independence and engagement by giving toddlers a safe and secure way to participate in cooking, crafting, or other activities that they might not be able to reach without help.

Parents can use toddler towers to involve their children in various tasks, making them feel included and helping them learn about the world around them. However, it's essential to supervise children while they're using the tower to ensure their safety.

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