Can you run with baby jogger city mini / city mini gt?

Can you run with baby jogger city mini / city mini GT

No, the Baby Jogger City Mini series, including the City Mini 2, City Mini GT, and City Mini GT2 single and double strollers, are not designed for jogging or running.

Baby Jogger got its start in 1984 with the first jogging stroller solution for active parents with a toddler! However, despite the brand name, most of Baby Jogger's many current stroller offerings are not intended for use while jogging or running.

We do not recommend using the Baby Jogger City Mini series strollers for jogging or running for a number of reasons.

Let's look at features commonly found on jogging strollers to see how they differ from the City Mini strollers.


Jogging strollers include a few common features - some, but importantly not all, are seen also on the City Mini and City Mini GT strollers.

Tires seen on jogging strollers are air-filled and quite large to absorb maximum shock, just like you would see on a bicycle, and most have a single front wheel for added maneuverability. Jogging strollers also feature an aerodynamic stroller seat that is built into the frame of the stroller, rather than the removable and reversible seat. In this way, the City Mini series appears similar to a jogging stroller, but that is not its design.

Strolleria recommends running with a stroller that has been designed and tested for the unique demands of jogging.

Can you run with baby jogger city mini / city mini gt


In appearance, the City Mini series shares some similarities to a jogging stroller: the seats are built into the stroller frame, which has a triangular, three-wheel design, much like a jogging stroller.

The GT models even have all-terrain tires, and all version of the City Mini series have durable wheels and suspension. However, the wheels are foam-filled rubber, not air filled, and the product design does not take higher speeds into account - jogging and running speekds apply unique forces to the wheels and frame of your stroller not seen when walking.

You'll want much larger, air-filled tires on your stroller when jogging to make sure the stroller is safely absorbing shock - additionally, you'll want to check the tire pressure of a jogging stroller regularly, as you would with a bicycle. Strollers designed for running will provide a safer and more comfortable ride compared to a stroller with foam-filled rubber or plastic wheels.

The Baby Jogger City Mini strollers are an excellent choice for everyday situations, built with high quality materials so your family can use this stroller for many years. The City Mini models will make outings with your little ones more comfortable and convenient, are durable enough to handle walking over bumpy terrain and from the city to the suburbs.

However, if you plan to jog or run with your toddler in the seat, we recommend choosing a secondary stroller designed specifically for jogging to ensure that you and your child are safe and comfortable.


Yes, Baby Jogger makes one jogging stroller model, available as a single or double stroller - the Summit X3.

With the option to use the Summit X3 single or double from birth at walking speeds (by purchasing a pram or infant car seat adapter separately), a conveniently-placed gradual hand brake, option to remotely lock or swivel the front wheel, and a large storage basket, Baby Jogger has designed their jogging stroller to seamlessly transition from running errands to going for a run!

Can you run with baby jogger city mini / city mini gt

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