Can the Nuna DEMI Next be a double stroller?

 Nuna DEMI Next configured as a double with car seat on top and toddler on bottom

Yes, the Nuna DEMI Next can be a double stroller! You can purchase it as a single stroller first (with included rider board), and buy a second seat later OR you can purchase it as a double stroller from the start.

The DEMI Next Double can be set up with two car seats, two bassinets, two identical toddler seats, or any combination of car seat, bassinet, or toddler seat! There are 25 different combinations!

Nuna DEMI Next with one bassinet and one seat, one car seat and one seat, and two seats

What's great about the Nuna DEMI Next as a double stroller is its unique stacked seat configuration. This design has some benefits over traditional in-line double strollers, such as:

1. It allows for a shorter frame that is easier to maneuver, turn and steer. 

2. Both children remain within parents' immediate eyesight and arms reach for effortless interaction with each little rider.

3. The DEMI Next include integrated adapters for the bottom seat, there are no additional adapters required to achieve a double configuration for two seated children.

4. Both seats can be fully reclined at the same time.

5. The second seat (called the Sibling Seat) is a replica of the main seat that comes included with the stroller. Both seats hold up to 50lbs!

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