Can I turn my child forward-facing at two years old?

Clek Foonf rear facing

Two-years old is the absolute minimum you should think about turning your child forward-facing. You should aim to keep your child rear-facing until they max out the limits on their seat with a goal of 4 years old. Once your child reaches age 4, their head, neck, and spine can better withstand the force of a crash - their bones ossify around age 4. Many of the convertible car seats we sell are rated for 50 pounds rear facing. By turning your child too early, you're essentially not maximizing the features you've paid a premium for.

Turning your child too early is risky and can be deadly in a crash. They are at risk of internal decapitation, as well as other serious injuries. For more detailed information plus videos demonstrating why it's important to keep you child rear-facing, visit here

The simple answer: children are much safer rear-facing (like 500%!) so we don't recommend turning your two-year old forward-facing unless they have outgrown the rear-facing limits. 

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