Can I Take a High Chair with Me when Traveling? | Portable Chair

Couple with their child walking through the airport

Taking a high chair with you when you travel can be difficult. It will depend on whether you’re traveling by plane or car and what high chair you own. You can certainly pack a high chair in your car if space permits and your high chair can be easily disassembled, but taking a high chair on a trip via airplane is going to be challenging.

If you are wanting to bring a high chair when traveling, we recommend simplifying things and getting a more convenient travel high chair such as the Bombol or the guzzie+Guss Perch portable hanging high chair!

The Bombol pop-up booster high chair folds flat to the size of a menu when you don't need it, then pops open to become a sturdy, comfortable seat for your child to use on-the-go, starting at 6 months. It’s the most compact booster chair on the market, and easy to take on all your adventures.

Bombol pop-up booster high chair

The guzzie+Guss Perch portable hanging high chair. It’s a space saver at home and yet folds up easily for travel or storage. The Perch has a 5-point harness and works for a child from 4 months and up!

guzzie+Guss Perch Portable Hanging High Chair Regular price

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