Can I purchase the Nuna PIPA urbn car seat separately?

Woman installing PIPA urbn in the car

No - unfortunately the innovative Nuna PIPA urbn is not sold separately. The PIPA urbn is only available when purchased as a travel system with either the DEMI Next, MIXX Next, TRIV Next, TRVL, or TRVL lx. It is actually a one box item - it's boxed together with the stroller!

If you're interested in the Nuna PIPA urbn car seat, but already have a full size stroller, many parents opt to choose one of the TRVL models with the urbn. This way you have your full size stroller, travel size stroller, and car seat - everything you will need! 

The PIPA urbn is a baseless infant car seat that has built in rigid latch. It effortlessly installs in your car in just two quick clicks or can be installed with the vehicle seat belt! Perfect for families on the go! 

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