Can I jog with the UPPAbaby VISTA?

Can I jog with UPPAbaby Vista?

No, the UPPAbaby VISTA is not designed for jogging or running, so it is not a jogging stroller. 

The UPPAbaby line includes several stroller models, but UPPAbaby does not make a jogging stroller.

Although the VISTA is designed with ultra-durable all-terrain tires, including the option to lock or swivel the two front wheels, we do not recommend using the UPPAbaby VISTA as a jogging or running stroller for a few reasons.

Let's look at features commonly found on jogging strollers to see how the VISTA is different.


Jogging strollers include a few common features not seen on the UPPAbaby VISTA.

The tires on a jogging stroller are large and air-filled to absorb maximum shock, similar to those on a mountain bike, and most have a single front wheel for added maneuverability. 

Jogging strollers also feature a more aerodynamic stroller seat that is built into the frame of the stroller, rather than the removable and reversible seat as seen on the VISTA. 

Strolleria recommends running with a stroller that has been designed and tested for the unique demands of jogging.

Can I jog with UPPAbaby Vista

Is the UPPAbaby VISTA safe for running?

The UPPAbaby VISTA has large, foam-filled rubber tires that create a smooth ride with excellent durability, but they are not designed to withstand the shock of running.

You'll want even larger, air-filled tires for a jogging stroller for maximum shock absorption. You'll need to check the tire pressure regularly, as you would with a bicycle, but jogging strollers will provide a safer and more comfortable ride compared to a stroller with foam-filled rubber or plastic wheels.

Additionally, the VISTA comes with a toddler seat that can be removed with the click of a button and turned to face you or the world. The VISTA also converts to a double stroller by adding a second seat to the front of the frame.

On the VISTA, the seat is not built into the stroller frame but rather attaches at two points on the side of the frame. As a result, you may experience more movement of the stroller seat if running with the stroller, so your child is less protected from bumps and jostling along the way.

Ultimately, the UPPAbaby VISTA is an excellent choice for an everyday stroller that can grow with your family for many years, make everyday errands more comfortable and convenient for you and baby, and be durable enough to handle walking over bumpy terrain.

However, if you plan to jog or run with your toddler in the seat, we recommend selecting a secondary stroller designed specifically for jogging to ensure that you and your child are safe and comfortable.


No, at this time UPPAbaby has not included a jogging stroller to their line up. Read this page to see which UPPAbaby stroller is right for you.

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