Black Friday WonderFold Sale 2022

Black Friday WonderFold Sale

Strolleria is an authorized WonderFold retailer offering the W Luxe, W Elite, and X series Double and Quad stroller wagons with free shipping.

Questions about the Black Friday sale on the WonderFold wagons? Contact Strolleria by starting a live chat, e-mailing us at or calling 480-442-9433.

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About WonderFold

The WonderFold stroller wagons provide parents with a hassle-free solution for everyday outings that require just a little more horsepower. By offering a comfortable place for each child to sit and storage for essentials from grocery trips to soccer matches, the WonderFold stroller wagons transform outings with multiples.

All of WonderFold's stroller wagons, from the heavy-duty W4 Luxe Quad to the nimble X2, include the essentials and beyond.

Featuring a removable sun canopy, adjustable handlebar (or pull handle!), 5-point safety harness, storage space, and hearty all-terrain wheels you'll need when crossing sand or grass, the WonderFold line of stroller wagons has something for every family.