Veer Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL | New Wagon Models

Mom pushing toddler and baby in the new Veer Cruiser City with the Switchback seat as well

Exciting news! Veer has two all NEW wagons: the Cruiser City for up to two kids and the Cruiser City XL for up to four kids!

 Product pictures of Veer Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL

These wagons are very similar to the Cruiser and Cruiser XL, but they have one BIG change. The bigger wheels are now on the same side as the handle! The Cruiser City wagons also have a lighter graphite frame. All regular Cruiser accessories except the storage basket and travel bag will fit the Cruiser City.

Cruiser City reverses the wheel configuration so the smaller swivel wheels are away from the person pushing and the larger heels are closest to the handle. Cruiser City pushes like a traditional stroller with exceptional maneuverability, but can still be pulled when needed over rougher terrain! The City Cruisers are ideal for families who enjoy strolling along sidewalks, paths, and exploring local attractions.

Couple pushing the Veer Cruiser City with car seat on car seat adapter and toddler in the other seat

Key differences between the Cruiser City and original Cruiser:

  • the bigger wheels are now closest to the handle
  • The smaller rotating wheels are now farther away from the person pushing
  • The wagons have a lighter graphite frame

 Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL from overhead view

The Cruiser City and City XL still offer all the well loved features of the original Cruiser including:

  • Easy to use one-touch foot brake and one-hand, compact fold
  • Contoured and vented seats with expandable footwell
  • Most compact fold and lightest in its class - 32 pounds for Cruiser City or 36 pounds for Cruiser City XL
  • 250 pound cargo weight capacity
  • 3-point harness on each seat - 2 for the Cruiser City and 4 for the Cruiser City XL
  • Hose cleanable with stain resistant fabric sidewalls
  • Meets all stroller safety standards
  • Can be pushed or pulled

Woman pushing three kids in Veer Cruiser City XL

Veer will continue offering both the Cruiser and Cruiser City in both regular and XL so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. If you are a family that uses your wagon on all different terrains, you may be better with the existing Cruiser. If you’re a family that plans to use the wagon as a stroller on mostly smooth surfaces and indoors often, the new Cruiser City may suit you best!

Veer Cruiser City XL unfolded and folded

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If you have any questions about the new Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL or what wagon is best for your needs, email us at or chat with us today!