2020 Agio Z4 Release Date

2020 Agio Z4

Looking for the 2020 Agio Z4 stroller?

Keep an eye on this page as we announce all 2020 updates to the Agio Z4 stroller in late October.

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About the Agio Z4

The Agio Z4 is the perfect stroller for a family looking for an easy to use full size stroller with beautiful detailing and sophisticated style.

Made in Italy by Peg Perego, the Agio Z4 is exclusive to boutique retailers like Strolleria. The Agio collection boasts premium fabrics, leatherette detailing and quality engineering.

The Z4 is lighter and more compact than many other strollers in its class without sacrificing any features. With a width of 20 inches, the Z4 is also narrow enough to navigate sidewalks and store isles while still providing a comfortable ride for baby.

The Agio collection also has an industry leading warranty of 5 years ensuring your family will have a stroller that lasts as long as you need it.

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