4 moms MamaRoo Baby Swing vs. RockaRoo Baby Rocker

The MamaRoo and RockaRoo are both innovative baby swings designed by the same company 4moms. The MamaRoo is known for its natural rhythms and motions while the RockaRoo is a modern version of a traditional swing with a compact footprint and lightweight design. There is a significance price difference between the two, but let’s take a look at their features and other differences!

toddler visiting baby sibling in MamaRoo

With the MamaRoo, you can combine 5 different motions and 5 different speeds until you find the just-right movement for your little one. The motions replicate the natural up-and-down, and side-to-side movements parents make when calming or entertaining their babies. The MamaRoo also has four different sounds to choose from or you can even connect the MamaRoo to your phone via Bluetooth and stream your baby’s favorite tunes! The MamaRoo holds a baby up to 25 pounds, and features an adjustable seat recline, easy to clean machine-washable fabrics, an overhead mobile with removable toys, and a choice of three colors.  

baby enjoying the 4moms RockaRoo

The RockaRoo is perfect for smaller spaces and also features easy to clean fabrics. However, unlike the MamaRoo, the RockaRoo offers a smooth, front-to-back gliding motion that babies love in a compact and modern design. You can choose from five ranges of motion to find your baby's favorite. Another big difference is the RockaRoo does not include any built-in sounds. However, it does include an overhead mobile with removable interactive toys. 

Please note neither products are safe for sleep, and if your baby falls asleep it's advisable to move them to a safe sleep space.

What one's right for your family? It's impossible to know what your baby will prefer, but most babies love both 4moms products! However, if you have a smaller space, the RockaRoo may be a better fit.

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