2021 Cybex Cloud Q SensorSafe Release Date

2019 Cybex Cloud Q SensorSafe Release Date

Wondering about the newest Cybex Cloud Q infant car seat?

We will update this page if Cybex announces any changes for 2021, even though functional changes for car seats are infrequent from year to year. 

The Cloud Q saw an update in 2019 with the added SensorSafe technology in the chest clip of the car seat. Using a receiver in your car and a smartphone app, SensorSafe alerts parents to potentially unsafe situations, such as a child left behind in a car, an unbuckled chest clip, temperatures that are too hot or too cold, and too much time spent in the car seat.

The Cybex Cloud Q continues to be the only car seat on the market that reclines outside the vehicle, keeping your infant in the most ergonomic and comfortable flat position while strolling.

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