Nuna Convertible and Booster Car Seats

Nuna Convertible and Booster Car Seats

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    Nuna offers four car seat models for toddlerhood and beyond: the Nuna RAVA convertible seat, the REVV rotating convertible car seat, the Nuna EXEC all-in-one seat, and the Nuna AACE booster seat.

    The Nuna RAVA convertible car seat earns rave reviews for both its safety and its convenience. The RAVA can be used rear-facing from birth and then forward-facing until your child reaches 65 pounds. The RAVA's steel frame and industry-leading rear-facing weight limit keep your child safe, while its quick installation, washable fabrics and easy adjustability keep life simple for parents.

    New for 2021, the REVV rotating convertible car seat features a convenient twist - a true 360 degree swivel that allows the car seat to rotate toward your car door so that you can help your child in and out without hurting your back.

    Released in 2019, the Nuna EXEC is an all-in-one car seat that can be used as a rear-facing and forward-facing convertible car seat before transitioning to a high-back booster seat. In booster form, the EXEC accommodates a child up to 120 pounds, making it the one-and-only car seat your family may ever own.

    The Nuna AACE is a seatbelt-positioning booster seat that grows with your child from pre-schooler to pre-teen, from 40 to 120 pounds. Start with the AACE as a high-back booster seat, then remove the back when your child needs a little boost.

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    4 products
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