The Cybex Priam3 and E-Priam Electric Stroller are compatible with the Cybex Aton and Cloud Q Series car seats. Use a Cybex infant car seat, the Priam Carry Cot, or the stroller seat to stroll with your little one.

In 2019 Cybex introduced their e-Priam, the first electric-powered stroller, combining the luxurious design of the Cybex Priam3 stroller with smart sensors similar to those found in an e-bike.

The sensors integrated into the e-Priam's handlebar detect how hard you're pushing or pulling, triggering motors in the rear axle to assist as you're strolling uphill, downhill or over uneven terrain. This makes the e-Priam a breeze to navigate over hills and surfaces like cobblestones, snow or gravel, while still functioning like a regular stroller when the strolling is smooth.

See the video below on the features of Cybex's e-Stroller.

How to use the Cybex Aton and Cloud Q on the Priam

Simply use the included Cybex Priam3 car seat adapters to attach the Cybex Aton or Cloud Q car seats to the stroller frame. The adapters can stay attached when folding down the stroller.

Click each post adapter to the correct side of the Priam frame, after first removing the stroller seat, then face your car seat toward the handlebar. Insert the post adapters into each side of the car seat handle, and push down until you hear both sides click into place. Ensure that the car seat is secure to the stroller by gently lifting up on the car seat handle.

Please note you must remove the car seat adapters when you are ready to start using the Priam stroller seat with your toddler—the stroller seat won't clip onto the frame with the adapters still attached. To take the car seat adapters off of the stroller frame, press the interior buttons of the post adapters and lift up.

Watch the video on how to attach your Cybex car seat to the Priam, and shop the Cybex travel systems below!