Easily turn your Cybex Mios into a travel system by attaching the Cybex Aton or Cloud Q Series car seat, with the use of the included Cybex car seat adapters. The adapters can stay attached when folding down the stroller.

The Cybex Cloud Q is the only infant car seat to recline into a flat position, which adds increased comfort when the Cloud Q is attached to the stroller (the additional recline cannot be used in the car). The Cybex Aton 2 features a load leg on the base that increases stability and a side-impact protection system that extends from the sides of the handle, as does the Cybex Aton M - which has a base with both a load leg and an anti-rebound panel for secure installation.

All three infant car seat series integrate Cybex's SensorSafe 2.0 technology into the chest clips, which alerts parents to help avoid potentially dangerous situations, like a child being left in a car, an unbuckled chest clip, unsafe temperatures or a child seated for too long.

How to use the Cybex Aton and Cloud Q on the Mios

To attach the car seat adapters, first remove the Mios stroller seat, then simply click each post adapter onto the correct side of the Mios frame—they will only attach one way. Face your Aton or Cloud Q car seat toward the handlebar, position over the post adapters, and push down until you hear both sides click into place. Ensure that the car seat is secure to the stroller by gently lifting up on the car seat handle.

Please note you must remove the car seat adapters when you are ready to start using the Mios stroller seat with your toddler—the stroller seat won't clip onto the frame with the adapters still attached. To take the car seat adapters off of the stroller frame, press the interior circular buttons of the post adapters and lift up.

See the Cybex video on the Mios, and shop the Cybex travel systems below!