Best Strollers with Reversible Seats

Best Strollers with Reversible Seats

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    A reversible seat is a must-have feature for many parents looking for a stroller that will grow with their child.

    When your baby is young, you'll want the stroller seat to be parent-facing. That way, you can keep an eye on her—and vice versa! In the early months, babies are much more interested in (and comforted by) a parent's face than the scenery you're passing on your walk.

    That will change as your child grows older and more curious about the world around her. Most toddlers would prefer to sit forward-facing for a better view. Still, a stroller with a reversible seat can be useful if your older child is taking a nap.

    Which strollers have reversible seats?

    The majority of higher-end strollers from brands like UPPAbaby, Nuna and Bugaboo have reversible seats that can be parent-facing or forward-facing.

    It's less common for lower-priced strollers or lightweight travel strollers to have a reversible seat.

    No jogging strollers have reversible seats because the seat is built into the frame.

    With a few exceptions, most side-by-side double strollers don't have reversible seats for the same reasons. Most tandem double strollers have reversible seats, which can be an important feature if you want your newborn to face you and your toddler to face forward.

    Best Single Strollers with Reversible Seats

    Best Double Strollers with Reversible Seats

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    Best Strollers with Reversible Seats

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