Babyzen YOYO Stroller with Nuna PIPA Car Seats

Babyzen YOYO Stroller with Nuna PIPA Car Seats

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    The Babyzen YOYO+ and YOYO2 strollers are compatible with all Nuna PIPA infant car seat models with the use of a car seat adapter.

    There are six Nuna PIPA car seat models, the PIPA, PIPA RXPIPA Lite, PIPA Lite RPIPA Lite LX, and PIPA Lite RX.

    Please note the PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R and PIPA Lite LX can not be installed without their car seat base, which means you will have to travel with the car seat base as well. The original PIPA, PIPA RX, or PIPA Lite RX may be a better choice for traveling with the Babyzen YOYO because they can be installed with only a seatbelt.

    Additionally, the YOYO2 Connect accessory that turns a 2022 YOYO2 into a double is not car seat compatible.

    See our comparison of the Nuna PIPA Series Infant Car Seats to learn more about the differences between the five car seat models. 

    How to Use the Nuna PIPA on the Babyzen YOYO

    To attach your Nuna car seat to the YOYO frame, you will need to purchase this car seat adapter.

    Attach the car seat adapters by sliding them on through the front side or back side of the stroller frame. Once your adapters are connected to the frame, you can connect your PIPA to the adapters.

    The adapters consist of two parts: The lower portion can remain installed on the frame while the stroller is folded, while the upper portion must be removed before folding.

    See this video for a look at how to attach the adapters to the Babyzen YOYO frame.

    You can use the Nuna PIPA on the Babyzen YOYO frame alone, or you can attach the car seat on top of the YOYO seat or carrycot fabrics. The Babyzen YOYO frame is sold separately if you want to begin using the stroller with only the frame and car seat.

    See all car seats compatible with the Babyzen YOYO for a complete list of Babyzen YOYO travel system options.

    Shop the Babyzen YOYO, Nuna PIPA series and Babyzen car seat adapters below!

    5 products