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Veer Switchback Seat: Why it's the most versatile baby gear product!

In 2017, Veer made their entrance onto the baby gear scene with the introduction of their hybrid stroller wagon, the Cruiser. Since then, they've garnered significant attention for their innovative approach to baby gear. Their motto: "We exist to raise the wild in every child." Veer is dedicated to providing top-quality gear to active parents, empowering them to embark on adventures with their little ones by their side. They firmly believe that parenthood shouldn't mean sacrificing an active lifestyle. Veer encourages families to embrace the great outdoors and venture off the beaten path together, inspiring them to "veer" away from the mundane and swap screen time for exploring the wonders of the natural world.

Since 2017, Veer has broadened its product line to accommodate the diverse needs of parents who prioritize an active lifestyle. The heart of their range is the Switchback Seat, meticulously crafted with children in mind, seamlessly integrating into and enhancing each of their systems. In this article, we'll explore the versatility of the Switchback Seat and how Veer fulfills all outdoor needs for parents.

What is the Veer Switchback Seat?

Veer Switchback Seat


The Switchback Seat transcends the typical role of a stroller seat, boasting versatility that extends to multiple functions and the ability to seamlessly click into any of Veer's mobility frames, offering a total of 6 uses!

The conventional stroller design typically emphasizes the stroller frame and its performance. Most stroller seats follow a similar pattern, constructed from plastic and fabrics, occasionally incorporating premium materials for added comfort for young passengers. While Veer indeed prioritizes crafting high-performing frames capable of navigating rough terrain, they also dedicate significant attention to seat design. Their emphasis on child comfort ensures that young adventurers remain comfortable throughout the entirety of their day's journey.

What makes the Veer Switchback Seat different from other stroller seats?

Veer Switchback Seat

Breaking away from the conventional stroller seat mold, the Switchback Seat prioritizes child comfort. Given Veer's emphasis on exploring beyond paved sidewalks and roads, shock absorption becomes paramount. While most all-terrain strollers incorporate shock absorption systems within their frames, Veer takes it a step further by integrating this technology directly into the stroller seat. The Switchback Seat features an energy-absorbing exoskeleton within its bottom and back, along with dual seat dampeners for impact absorption. Each energy-absorbing component provides up to 10mm of deflection. This represents a truly remarkable innovation, unlike any stroller seat ever introduced in the baby gear industry.

Veer Switchback Seat

Alongside its cushioned ride, the Switchback Seat offers additional comfort features. Its ventilated back ensures continuous airflow for temperature regulation. With the ability to recline to 4 positions, a multi-position calf-support, and an extendable high canopy with peek-a-book window, it provides ample sun protection and customizable positioning.

For parents, cleaning and maintenance are exceptionally convenient. The seat liner can be quickly and easily removed and is machine washable. Moreover, the seat itself is hose washable, making it easy to give it a quick rinse after a day well spent outside!

How can the Veer Switchback Seat be used for mobility?

Veer Switchback Seat on Veer Cruiser City

The Veer lineup consists of six transportation systems, all compatible with the Switchback Seat. These include the Cruiser and Cruiser XL, the Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL, and the &Roll and &Jog stroller frames. The Cruiser and Cruiser City are Veer's hybrid stroller-wagons, available in both two-seater and four-seater options. The Cruiser (2 seats) and Cruiser XL (4 seats), are designed for rough terrain, offering robust performance. On the other hand, the Cruiser City (2 seats)  and Cruiser City XL (4 seats), feature an intuitive stroller-like push, excelling in urban environments with great maneuverability.

The &Roll is a more traditional stroller, equipped with air-filled all-terrain wheels and the flexibility to convert from a single to a double stroller, accommodating two children. The &Jog serves as Veer's All-Terrain Running Stroller.

Veer Switchback &Bike

Beyond these six transportation systems, the Switchback Seat can also be paired with a bike (Veer Bike Mount and Rack sold separately), allowing children to partake in every cycling excursion.

Can the Veer Switchback Seat be used beyond transportation?

Veer Switchback Seat

The versatility of the Switchback Seat goes beyond transportation, greatly enhancing its value. Equipped with straps, it can be paired with a dining chair, transforming into a portable booster high-chair. Additionally, it can be combined with the &Chill, a stand that converts the Switchback Seat into a camping chair, beach chair or baby lounger.

What are the features of the Veer Switchback Seat?

Check out the full list of Veer Veer Switchback Seat Features:

  • 0+ years with Infant Insert
  • All-terrain Performance
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Bumper bar
  • Built-in straps to use as feeding booster
  • Fits all Switchback frames and adapters
  • Dual seat dampeners for impact absorption
  • One-click, 4 position recline
  • One-click, 3 position calf support
  • Exoskeleton seat bottom and back absorbs impact
  • Color kits
  • Seat inserts for various seasons and terrain (available 2023)
  • Cozy, machine or hose washable softgoods
  • Extra extendable high canopy with peak-a-boo window
  • Snap on snack/drink tray optional
  • Hose washable

 Veer Veer Switchback Seat dimensions and specs:

  • Seating Area Height: 19.5"
  • Seating Area Width: 11.5" (at front), 12.5" (at back)
  • Seating Area Depth: 9.5"
  • Inside Canopy Clearance: 23"
  • Seat Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 50 lbs

Veer Switchback Seat with Cruiser:

Veer Switchback Seat with Cruiser


Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser City Features:

  • Push, pull or pull alongside; lockable handle for easy pushing (pull alongside feature only for Cruiser models not Cruiser City models)
  • 2-contoured, vented passenger seats with 3-point safety harnesses
  • Accommodates an infant car seat with adapters (sold separately)
  • Interior mesh storage pockets and molded-in cubby for drinks, snacks and toys
  • Two swivel wheels for exceptional maneuverability
  •  Adjustable height handle
  • Easy to engage in one-touch break
  • Built-in foot-well for comfort, collapsible for extra compact folding
  • Single-hand fold and self-standing
  • Quick-release wheels for extra small storage
  • Airplane-grade aluminum frame for strength and longevity
  • Precision-engineered all-terrain suspension, frame, and tires
  • Low friction bearings and large, knobby rear tires with fenders for all-terrain comfort

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Veer Switchback  &Roll:

Veer Switchback &Roll


Veer &Roll Features:

  • All-terrain performance
  • Accommodates your Infant Car Seat with purchase of adapter sold separately
  • Accommodates bassinet sold separately
  • Attach up to 2 Switchback seats, infant car seats, or 1 bassinet (sold separately)
  • Tunable rear schocks
  • Front suspension
  • Robotically welded aluminum frame
  • Extra-large never flat tires for easy maneuverability
  • Moisture resistant, performance handle grip
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Extra large storage basket with zipper pouches
  • Foot brake
  • Hose cleanable
  • JPMA safety certified

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Veer Switchback  &Jog:

Veer Switchback &Jog

Veer &Jog Features:

  • All-terrain performance
  • Accommodates an infant car seat with purchase of adapters
  • Accommodates a newborn bassinet, sold separately 
  • Accommodates Switchback seat, sold separately
  • Tunable rear shocks
  • Robotically welded aluminum frame
  • Moisture resistant, performance handle grip
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Deceleration hand brake
  • Locking front swivel wheel with micro tracking adjust
  • Extra large never-flat foam filled tires for easy maneuverability
  • One-handed open and fold
  • Extra large storage basket with zipper pouches
  • Foot brake
  • Hose cleanable
  • Compatible with a cup holders sold separately
  • JPMA safety certified

Veer Switchback &Chill:

Veer Switchback &Chill

Veer &Chill Features:

  • Quickly assembles and stores in &Roll or &Jog baskets
  • One-click, 4 position recline
  • One-click, 3 position calf support
  • Lightweight aluminum


Veer Switchback &Bike:

Veer Switchback &Bike

Veer &Bike Features:

  • Compatible with universal mount or quick release systems
  • Uses Switchback System's 1-click connect and release system
  • Utilizes Switchback Seat's 2 suspension systems
  • Use without Switchback Seat for gear hauling
  • Foot guards
  • Light reflector for safety
  • Hose cleanable
  • JPMA safety certified


Why should families opt for a Veer Switchback System?

Veer Switchback Seat

Veer recognizes the diversity of families and understands that needs vary, evolving as children grow and develop. Many families following the traditional path of baby gear purchasing often end up with a collection of strollers. The ability of the Veer Switchback Seat to seamlessly integrate with every transportation system within the Veer ecosystem offers parents both convenience and value. With one seat capable of meeting every need for life on-the-go and for those precious slow moments. Additionally, Veer provides an array of accessories à la carte, further expanding the functionality of each system to cater to the unique needs of every family dynamic and lifestyle. Whether parents are expecting their first baby or embarking on adventures with a crew of kiddos, Veer products are designed to enrich every exploration.


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