Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser

Veer Cruiser vs Cruiser City Wagons: What's the Difference?

Whether you're embarking on parenthood for the first time or are seasoned parents expecting your third, fourth, or fifth child, you need to get familiar with Veer. As a leading innovator in the baby gear industry, Veer is making waves with their exceptional and versatile products designed to endure a lifetime of parenting. The journey began in 2017 with the unveiling of the Cruiser, a revolutionary stroller-wagon hybrid that left families intrigued - is it a stroller or a wagon?

The Veer Cruiser, a distinctive blend of stroller and wagon, garnered immediate recognition and innovation awards in 2017. But Veer didn't stop at the Cruiser; they charged ahead, expanding their product line to cater to adventurous families who love the outdoors. With a mission to "raise the wild in every child," Veer empowers parents to embark on adventures, stepping off the beaten paths, disconnecting from screens, and embracing nature together.

This mission is achieved through meticulously crafted, high-quality designs. While the original Veer Cruiser All-Terrain Wagon paved the way, Veer has recently introduced two new models tailored for urban families—the Veer Cruiser City and Veer Cruiser City XL. In this article, we'll compare all four Veer Cruiser models and explore why Veer is a must have for every family!

What are the advantages of a Veer Cruiser / Veer Cruiser City over a stroller?

Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

Veer Cruisers are engineered for enduring quality, presenting a departure from the conventional practice of families acquiring multiple strollers over the course of parenthood. Veer introduces an alternative—a single piece of gear designed to meet all parental needs. Both the Veer Cruiser and Cruiser City models are crafted to navigate all terrains while maintaining a compact fold that fits snugly into the trunk of a Mini-Cooper. Moreover, they seamlessly accommodate infant car seats and provide newborn-ready accessories like a bassinet or napping station.

With an impressive 55lb weight capacity per seat—higher than most strollers—and an overall cargo capacity of 250lbs, these exceptional vehicles are robust enough to carry your tribe and all your essentials wherever your parenting journey takes you. Veer Cruisers are not just strollers; they are unique workhorses built to accompany you throughout your entire parenting adventure. 

Even long after parents have finished toting their children in their Veer Cruiser, this system continues to be a valuable addition to the family, providing utility as a versatile wagon.

How many wagons are offered by Veer? 

Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

Veer has expanded its Cruiser lineup to include four distinct models: the original Cruiser, Cruiser XL, and the newly introduced Cruiser City and Cruiser City XL. The Cruiser and Cruiser City are compact, lightweight options with two seats, while the Cruiser XL and Cruiser City XL offer larger configurations, accommodating up to four seated children. Despite the XL models' increased size, they impressively weigh only 4 lbs more than their two-seat counterparts and maintain a compact fold that easily fits into any trunk.

All Cruiser models share a common DNA and core features. Let's delve into these shared characteristics:


Shared Features:

  • All Terrain Performance
  • Compact fold
  • Performance Handle Grip
  • Adjustable Handle Height
  • Expandable Footwell
  • Front Suspension
  • Robotically Welded Aluminum Frame
  • Large Rugged, Knobby, Polyeurethane Foam Tires
  • Large Wheel Fenders
  • Contoured and Vented Seats
  • Durable Water- and Stain- Resistant Fabric Sidewalls
  • Easy removable wheels
  • One-touch foot brake
  • Hose Cleanable


What's the difference between the Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser City models? 

Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

 Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

All four Veer Cruiser models are equipped with four never-flat, foam-filled all-terrain wheels. They feature a set of smaller, swivel wheels for effortless maneuverability and steering, complemented by two larger wheels to handle even the most challenging terrains. The Veer Cruiser and Cruiser XL share an identical design, differing only in size to accommodate either 2 or 4 children. Specifically engineered for rough terrain, these original All-Terrain wagons position their smaller wheels on the same side as the handlebar, with the larger wheels on the opposite side leading the way over rugged paths as the system is pushed forward.

These models offer versatile mobility options, allowing them to be pushed, pulled, or used with a push-along feature. The push-along feature enables parents to stand beside the system and push simultaneously, with the smaller swivel wheels leading the way—particularly useful in grocery stores or shops. The Cruiser and Cruiser XL are adept at off-roading, performing exceptionally well over rugged terrain such as sand, snow, and trails, with the ride becoming smoother as more weight is added to the system.

The Cruiser City models are also available in two sizes, the Cruiser City can accommodate 2 children, while the Cruiser City XL can handle 4. The sole difference between the two City models lies in their size.

There is one notable feature that sets the Cruiser City models apart from the original Cruiser models. In the Cruiser City models, the larger wheels are positioned on the same side as the handlebar, with the smaller swivel wheels in the front leading the way when the system is pushed. This design allows parents to intuitively push the Cruiser City models, akin to a stroller. Despite this stroller-like functionality, the Cruiser City models retain their all-terrain capability. When facing rougher terrain, the systems can be pulled, with the larger wheels leading the way. Due to the placement of the smaller swivel wheels in the front, the push-along function featured on the Cruiser and Cruiser XL models is not necessary for the Cruiser City models. The omission of this feature is the only other difference between the Cruiser and Cruiser City models.

Which Veer Cruiser models will fit best in smaller trunks? Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

Veer Cruiser Folded

All Cruiser models are crafted to offer a compact and easily achieved one-handed fold. These systems not only fold into an impressively compact size, but the wheels can also be swiftly removed for an even more compact fold, ensuring a fit into even the smallest trunks. Trunk space constraints are not a concern, and lifting these systems is a breeze. Remarkably, they are lighter in weight compared to all of their "wagon" competitors, providing added convenience for users.

Dimensions and Specs: Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser City Folded

Open Dimensions:

Folded Dimensions:

Weight Capacity:

    Product Weight:

    Warranty: Veer offers a 2 year warranty for all 4 wagons.

    Are all Veer Cruiser models infant car seat compatible? Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

     Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser City with Infant Car Seat

    Veer has built all of their Cruisers with a seamless design for newborn use. Every Cruiser is compatible with infant car seats, offering a level of infant car seat compatibility that surpasses most stroller brands. With a range of adapters available, users can explore numerous options for pairing with different infant car seats. Furthermore, each Cruiser model provides four positions for placing the infant car seat, allowing it to be situated in the front or rear of the system and facing either direction in both locations. This versatility ensures optimal convenience and adaptability for parents with infants.

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    Does Veer offer accessories for all Cruiser models? Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser City XL

     Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser City


    When it comes to accessories, Veer has anticipated every parenting need and scenario. Each Cruiser/Cruiser City model includes two cup holders and a snack/drink tray, providing essential features right out of the box.

    However, all other accessories are available for separate purchase. Veer has carefully curated their accessory lineup, recognizing that every parenting journey is unique, and each family's lifestyle demands a specific set of needs. Regardless of the accessory, all items are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability that matches the longevity of the Cruisers themselves.

    Veer's accessory offerings cover a broad spectrum, addressing various needs and preferences. They include lay-flat newborn solutions, additional storage units, weather, sun, and bug protection, as well as unique color pieces to customize your ride. 


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    Veer CruiserCity XL vs. Veer Cruiser

    What Veer Cruiser model is best for my family? Veer Cruiser vs. Veer Cruiser XL vs. Veer Cruiser City vs. Veer Cruiser City XL


    If you've made it to the end of this article, it's clear that Veer has captured your interest! Now, the question is which Veer Cruiser system will be the perfect match for your family. The solution can be distilled into two key considerations: size and model.

    Step one: If you have one or two children, the Cruiser or Cruiser City might be all the wagon you need. However, for families with more than two children or those frequently hosting additional kids, the Cruiser XL or Cruiser City XL becomes a necessity.

    Step two: Choosing between the Cruiser and Cruiser City models is straightforward and depends on where you plan to use your system. If you prefer pushing your Cruiser like a stroller and predominantly visit places with smooth and paved surfaces—such as malls, museums, sidewalks, farmers markets, etc.—the Cruiser City or Cruiser City XL align with your lifestyle needs. On the other hand, if you're inclined to venture off the beaten path, exploring beaches, trails, and rougher terrain, the Cruiser and Cruiser XL are purpose-built for your adventurous pursuits.

    Regardless of your choice, exploring and considering Veer is a worthwhile endeavor for every family. Embracing Veer's vision of moving away from technology and into the world, relishing every adventure together, is a choice that would benefit every family.



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