UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller Comparison

UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller Comparison

UPPAbaby strollers are ubiquitous at the zoo, the playground and your neighborhood sidewalks—and now, you'll see them zip by on jogging paths and hiking trails, too.

In 2021, UPPAbaby launched the Ridge, its first stroller built for running and all-terrain adventures. The Ridge has features that set it apart from other jogging strollers like a mountain bike-style disc brake system and foam-filled wheels that will never go flat.

Bumbleride is a smaller, family run company out of San Diego, but has been around since 2004. They are known for their eco-friendly strollers geared towards parents living active lifestyles. The Bumbleride Indie is the perfect compromise for parents who want a stroller that's safe for jogging yet convenient for everyday use. Although it features sturdy, air-filled tires for running, the Bumbleride Indie is more compact than most jogging strollers—especially when you fold it in a single step. Plus, the Bumbleride Indie is one of the most eco-friendly strollers on the market.

In this post, we'll compare the UPPAbaby Ridge with the Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller.

UPPAbaby Ridge vs Bumbleride Indie Jogging Strollers

UPPAbaby Ridge

After the success of strollers like the single-to-double Vista, UPPAbaby entered the jogging stroller market with the Ridge in 2021.

The Ridge differs from most jogging strollers because its tires are not air-filled. The foam-filled rubber wheels made by car tire manufacturer Kenda are durable and shock-absorbing, but you won't need to inflate them on the go.

The Ridge can be used for your baby's first walks by attaching a car seat like the UPPAbaby Mesa models or adding a bassinet (if you already own an UPPAbaby stroller, it's the same one that comes with the Vista and is compatible with the Cruz).

Watch the video below to see the Ridge in action.

Bumbleride Indie

The Indie is Bumbleride's popular hybrid stroller, designed for both running and everyday life.

The 12" air-filled tires on the Indie make it lighter and less cumbersome than a typical jogging stroller, most of which have bulkier 16" rear wheels. In fact it only weighs 24 pounds! The Indie is approved for use with a newborn (for walks, not jogs), and offers a bassinet option as well. 

The Bumbleride Indie is one of the most eco-friendly strollers on the planet. Bumbleride uses 28 recycled water bottles per stroller to create the 100% recycled polyester fabrics used for most colors, as well as an innovative solution dye process that uses 89% percent less water.

Bumbleride strollers are free of fire retardants, PVC, phthalate and other chemicals. Fabrics are water-resistant, thanks to PFC-free durable water repellant, and plastic components are made from 25% recycled fishing nets.

See the Bumbleride Indie in action below:


UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Price

For current pricing, please see the respective product pages: 

The purchase of the Ridge includes the stroller, wrist strap, and water bottle holder. The Indie comes with the stroller, air pump, wrist strap, and foldable bumper bar.

UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Jogging Strollers

UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Weight and Specifications

Most jogging strollers are pretty bulky and heavy partly because they have the largest tires to handle trails and uneven terrain.

However, the Bumbleride Indie is an exception because its tires are smaller (12" in diameter for both front and back tires, compared with the 16" rear tires on the Ridge). That gives the Indie a weight savings of 5+ pounds! In fact, the Indie is about 4-8 pounds lighter than most jogging strollers on the market. It’s a great solution for those parents that want the option to jog, but don’t want a huge jogging specific stroller.

The Bumbleride Indie also offers a smaller footprint than the Ridge, with a reduced length of about 1.5 inches and reduced width of 1.5 inches. The Indie is more compact when folded as well.

Stroller Weight


Folded Dimensions

    UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Seat

    Jogging strollers— UPPAbaby and Bumbleride included—are among the best options for older or larger toddlers because of their high weight limits and ample seat sizes.

    The seat on Ridge is slightly larger than that of the Indie measuring a half-inch taller with 1.5 inches more head room under the canopy. The Indie has a bit bigger footwell/footrest though.

    Seat Dimensions

    Seat to Canopy Height

    Footwell (calf support plus footrest)

    • UPPAbaby Ridge: 12" long / 13.5" wide at the widest part (the footwell/footrest gets narrower)
    • Bumbleride Indie: 13.5" long / 14.5" wide

    Both the UPPAbaby Ridge and Bumbleride Indie can be reclined to a range of positions using a drawstring on the back of the seat.

      UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Weight and Height Limit

      Check with your pediatrician on when it's safe to begin running with your baby, as every child differs in their development. But most experts don't recommend jogging until the baby is at least 6-8 months old and has gained the head and neck strength to sit up independently. However, for walks these strollers are perfect!

      While both seats of the UPPAbaby Ridge and Bumbleride Indie are not recommended for jogging with newborns, one big difference is that the Indie stroller seat is infant-ready with no attachments needed for walks. The seat of the UPPAbaby Ridge cannot be used from birth without the use of a compatible car seat or the UPPAbaby bassinet.

      Both strollers offer a bassinet option, which is a huge bonus since bassinets are less common for jogging strollers!

      The Ridge and the Indie both have a 55 pound weight limit, and should fit most kids until they’re around age 4.

      Recommended Minimum Age

      • UPPAbaby Ridge: 3+ months for walking in stroller seat (from birth in car seat or bassinet); consult pediatrician for jogging recommendations
      • Bumbleride Indie: from birth for walking in stroller seat, car seat, or bassinet; consult pediatrician for jogging recommendations

      Weight Limit

      Height Limit

        UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Wheels and Suspension

        One of the biggest differences between the UPPAbaby Ridge and the Bumbleride Indie is the wheels - both size and type. The Ridge is unusual among jogging strollers in that its tires are filled with foam, not air.

        The Indie has air-filled tires that provide rebound and shock absorption, similar to a mountain bike. The heavy-duty rubber wheels on the Ridge—manufactured by Kenda, a maker of auto tires—are filled with EVA foam, a material used in sports equipment and exercise mats.

        Serious runners may prefer the performance of air-filled tires, but the advantage of the foam-filled wheels on the Ridge is convenience—you'll never need to pump up the tires or worry about getting a flat on the go. Plus the Ridge has bigger back tires, which will make for a smoother run. The Indie will do beautiful on uneven terrain, and handle light jogging, but may not be the best for serious runners.

        If you have the Indie, you'll need to keep the tires inflated amid temperature changes and occasionally replace the inner tubes or tires in the event of a puncture.

        Both strollers have all-wheel suspension to absorb shock along a run or over rough terrain. However, the Ridge has a responsive two-stage suspension system, consisting of two differently-sized springs within the frame that adapt to the weight of the child or the difficulty of the terrain.

        Wheel Size

          UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Jogging Strollers

          UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Brakes

          You don't want to worry about a runaway stroller when you're jogging down a steep hill. The UPPAbaby Ridge is equipped with a hand brake that allows you to decelerate on hills or rough terrain. The Bumbleride Indie does not have a hand brake, which may be a deal breaker for avid runners or those who live in hilly areas.

          Both the Ridge and Indie have a foot-activated parking brake when you're ready for the ride to stop. The UPPAbaby Ridge has two color-coded, stop-and-go foot brakes on opposite side of the strollers.

          Unique to the UPPAbaby Ridge are disc brakes, as seen on high-performance mountain bikes, that offer better responsiveness and greater stopping power than the drum brakes on most jogging strollers.

          UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Configurations

          Neither stroller can be used for jogging until 6-8 months or whenever your pediatrician advises. However, the Bumbleride Indie can be used from birth for walks as it lies flat for a newborn. This is pretty rare for a stroller, yet alone an all-terrain/jogging stroller. UPPAbaby recommends waiting to use the Ridge for walking until your infant is 3 months old and has gained a little head and neck strength. If you attach an infant car seat, you can use the strollers with a newborn. See the next section for a list of car seats compatible with each stroller.

          Both the UPPAbaby Ridge and Bumbleride Indie have a bassinet available for purchase as well. This is a great option to have as it allows your baby to face you the first few months and enjoy a safe, flat sleep environment.

          If you already own an UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz as your everyday stroller, you can repurpose your bassinet: The same bassinet fits the Ridge with the purchase of adapters. The bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping, making it a safe spot for your baby to continue her nap after your walk.

          Car Seats Compatible with UPPAbaby Ridge and Bumbleride Indie

          You can create a convenient travel system with the UPPAbaby Ridge or Bumbleride Indie (but note that experts don't recommend running with a car seat attached).

          Both strollers are compatible with a number of infant car seats, however, all compatible car seats require the purchase of car seat adapters.

          Car Seats Compatible with UPPAbaby Ridge

          Car Seats Compatible with Bumbleride Indie

            Uppababy ridge vs Bumbleride Indie Strollers

            How to Fold UPPAbaby Ridge and Bumbleride Indie

            The UPPAbaby Ridge offers a one-handed fold and stands when folded to protect the fabric and make for easier loading into your car. The Ridge folds with a push and twist of a button (located under a seat flap at the front of the stroller) and locks automatically when folded.

            The Bumbleride Indie folds easily as well, but requires a two-handed, two-step fold. First you fold the bumper bar down, then you squeeze the levers on each side of the handlebar. The stroller then folds down on its own and locks automatically. The Indie can also stand when folded.

             UPPAbaby Ridge vs Bumbleride Indie Stroller Fold

            UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Colors and Materials

            If you walk or run year-round—rain or shine—you might appreciate how rain and snow bead off the UPPAbaby Ridge and Bumbleride Indie. Both strollers are waterproof and ready for the elements. 

            Both jogging strollers also include reflective details for better visibility—an important feature when you're on the move.

            Bumbleride is behind some of the most eco-friendly strollers on the planet, made with sustainable manufacturing processes and recycled fabrics that are free of fire retardants and other harmful chemicals.

            The Indie is no different and offers these eco-friendly features:

            • Health checklist: OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. Free from PFAS, Fire Retardant, PVC, BPA, Phthalates, Polyurethane Foam, Chlorine, Vinyl and Formaldehyde
            • Eco Checklist: PFAS free, recycled materials and solution dye
            • PFAS free durable water repellent
            • Eco Fabric made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified 100% recycled PET (65 plastic water bottles per stroller)
            • Black colorway uses innovative solution dye process that conserves approximately 25-40 gallons of water per stroller
            • Dusk colorways uses a soft-to-the-touch, poly/wool blend certified by the Responsible Wool Standard
            • 25% of plastic frame components sourced from recycled fishing nets

            For a look at current UPPAbaby Ridge colors, click here.

            For a look at current Bumbleride Indie colors, click here.

            UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Accessories

            Customize your jogging stroller with accessories that add convenience (like a console for your keys and phone), weather protection (like a rain cover or cozy footmuff) and fun (like a tray for a mid-run snack break).

            The UPPAbaby Ridge and Bumbleride Indie are unique in that they offer a ride-along board that allows your older child to stand behind the stroller (on a walk, not a run!). Most other jogging strollers do not have this accessory.

            Accessories Compatible with UPPAbaby Ridge

            • Car seat adapters
            • Parent console
            • Performance rain shield
            • Sun and bug shield
            • Bumper bar
            • Cup holder
            • Piggyback ride-along board
            • Snack tray

            Accessories Compatible with Bumbleride Indie

            • Bassinet
            • Car seat adapters
            • Snack pack
            • Infant insert
            • Parent pack
            • Travel bag
            • Seat liner
            • Mini-board toddler board
            • Cold weather footmuff
            • Rain cover

              UPPAbaby Ridge vs. Bumbleride Indie Pros and Cons

              So which is better: the UPPAbaby Ridge or the Bumbleride Indie?

              Only you can decide which stroller best fits your family's needs, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.

              UPPAbaby Ridge


              • Foam-filled wheels with heavy-duty rubber exterior are durable but will never go flat
              • Hand-operated disc brake system offers better control and stopping power compared to traditional drum brakes
              • Bigger back wheels handle terrain and serious running better
              • Canopy has more ventilation than the Indie
              • Clip-on water bottle holder included with purchase
              • Lower price point than Indie


              • Serious runners may prefer the performance of air-filled tires over foam-filled wheels
              • Fewer compatible car seat options
              • Not as eco-friendly as the Indie

              UPPAbaby Ridge Jogging Stroller

              Bumbleride Indie


              • Lighter by over 5 pounds
              • Smaller fold
              • Perfect compromise for parents who want a stroller that's safe for jogging yet convenient for everyday use
              • One of the most eco-friendly strollers on the market
              • Runners may prefer the rebound and performance of air-filled tires, compared with Ridge foam-filled wheels
              • Compatible with wider range of infant car seat brands
              • Wider array of color options
              • Approved for walks with newborn without any additional accessories needed


              • Higher price point than Ridge
              • Air-filled tires will require inflation and may require replacement of tubes or tires
              • Smaller tires may not handle terrain or serious running as well
              • No handbrake 

              Bumbleride Indie Stroller


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