UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn

UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn

Searching for a travel system can be overwhelming! If your must have list consists of lightweight, compact, travel ready, and easy to fold then the UPPAbaby Minu V2 or Nuna TRVL may be the perfect stroller for you! Add on a compatible infant car seat and you’re ready to jet off! Both of these travel strollers are beautifully designed to make both everyday life and life on the go easier. You can read a detailed comparison of these two strollers here.

In this article, we will specifically compare these two strollers as travel systems - meaning with an infant car seat attached. We will look at the UPPAbaby Minu V2 with the Mesa Max and the Nuna TRVL with the PIPA urbn.

UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max

Check out our video reviewing the UPPAbaby Minu V2!

The UPPAbaby Minu V2 is UPPAbaby's most compact stroller geared towards parents who are on the go often - whether that means jet setting across the country or daily errands - or have limited room in their car or home. Even though it is small and compact, it is mighty! The roomy underseat basket holds up to 20 pounds and it can even hold two children with the use of the PiggyBack board accessory! The Minu V2 can also become an easy travel system with the purchase of a compatible car seat, as well as the coordinating adapters.

UPPAbaby offers two different car seats that work with the UPPAbaby adapters for the Minu V2 - the Mesa V2 and the Mesa Max. You can see a comparison post of these two different car seat models here. These have replaced the original Mesa car seat.

Both car seats click on the stroller with the use of adapters and the stroller can be folded with the adapters attached. However, for this comparison we will focus on the Mesa Max only.

The Mesa Max came to stores in early 2023 and has a new base that adds two leading safety features: a steel-reinforced load leg and an anti-rebound panel. Both features work to stabilize the base in a crash, limiting movement to prevent head and neck injury.

Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn

Check out our video reviewing the Nuna TRVL!


Weighing less than 14 pounds, the Nuna TRVL is Nuna’s most compact stroller that fits all Nuna PIPA infant car seats without adapters, and even folds all by itself! Folding the TRVL involves a simple, one-handed motion: press and slide the folding button on the handlebar, and the stroller automatically folds to a standing position. The Nuna TRVL may be the perfect solution for busy on-the-go parents whether that’s traveling or everyday errands or for grandparents that want ease and comfort. 

In this comparison we will be looking at the Nuna PIPA urbn car seat that is sold only in combination with one of three strollers - the TRVL, TRIV Next, or Nuna MIXX Next. This new, innovative infant car seat attaches easily to the Nuna TRVL stroller without any need for an adapter, and installs without a base in your vehicle! Simply untuck the rigid latches from underneath the car seat and click them into your car’s ISOFIX - the latch system built into your car’s seat.

UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn Price

When purchased as a travel system, the UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max (plus adapters) cost $25 less than the Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn depending on what color you choose. Both strollers come with a bumper bar, and the TRVL also comes with a carry bag. Included with the Mesa Max is the car seat and updated base. The PIPA urbn includes the car seat with built in rigid latch, so no base is required or compatible. 

    UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn Weight and Dimensions

    Although both the Minu V2 and Nuna TRVL are compact travel strollers of similar size, the TRVL does weigh about 3 pounds less than the Minu V2. As far as the seat size, the Minu V2 seat is going to allow a little more headroom underneath the canopy.

    The car seats also vary quite a bit in weight as Nuna is known for its lighter weight infant car seats. The PIPA urbn is about 2.9 pounds less than the Mesa Max, which can feel significant when carrying it. However, the Mesa Max has higher weight and height limits than the PIPA urbn so it will last your baby a little bit longer before having to upgrade to a convertible car seat!


    • TRVL: 13.6 pounds (excluding bumper bar and canopy)
    • PIPA urbn: 7 pounds (excluding infant insert and canopy)

    Weight Limit

    Height Capacity

    • Mesa Max: 32 inches / also outgrown if baby’s head is within 1” from top of car seat
    • PIPA urbn: 29 inches / also outgrown if baby’s head is within 1” from top of car seat


    • Minu V2: 35.5"L x 20.25"W x 41"H
    • TRVL: 44"H x 32.5"L x 20.25"W

    Folded Dimensions

    • Minu V2: 12"L x 20.25"W x 23"H ( 11.5" L without bumper bar)
    • TRVL: 11"H x 24"L x 20.25"W

    Seat Back Height

    Seat to Canopy Height

    Seat Depth

    • Minu V2: 9” - with calf support it's 14"
    • TRVL: 10” - with calf support it’s 15”

    Wheel Size

    • Minu V2: 5” front; 7” rear
    • TRVL: 5” front; 6.1” rear

      UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn Configurations 

      UPPAbaby Minu V2 / Mesa Max

      The Mesa Max attaches to the UPPAbaby Minu V2 with the use of adapters. The adapters are sold separately for $24.99 and attach to each side of the Minu V2 frame. To use, recline the Minu V2 seat, and then attach the car seat on each adapter. To remove the car seat from the stroller, you only have to press the button on top of the car seat handle bar and pull up! Truly one handed. Pop the car seat into the car seat base or use the seatbelt to buckle it in using the European style installation, and you’re ready to go!

      To use the UPPAbaby Minu V2 from birth you will need to either connect a compatible car seat or purchase the UPPAbaby Bassinet. The same car seat adapters will also work with the UPPAbaby Bassinet. Once your baby is about three months old, they can begin using the stroller seat.

      Nuna TRVL / PIPA urbn

      The Nuna PIPA urbn does not need an adapter for use on the Nuna TRVL. You simply recline the stroller seat, and the PIPA urbn or other compatible PIPA, clicks onto the included belly bar. To remove the car seat, you squeeze a lever in the back of the car seat and pull up with the handlebar at the same time. When you are ready to get in your car, you swivel the rigid latch out from underneath the seat, find the ISOFIX latch on your vehicle seat and click each side in! It couldn’t be any easier. There is no base for the PIPA urbn, and no base will work with it. It is always installed baseless. For cars that don’t have latch, you can buckle it in with the seatbelt using the European style installation method. You can also choose to do both (very few car seats allow you to do both methods at the same time).

      To use the Nuna TRVL stroller with a newborn you will need to use a compatible Nuna PIPA car seat. There is no bassinet for the TRVL. The TRVL seat can be used with your baby when they are about three months old. 


      UPPAbaby Mesa Max vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Installation 

      Mesa Max Installation

      The Mesa Max can be installed in a matter of seconds, with helpful indicators to signal a safe installation. First, ensure the car seat is level by checking the indicator on the side - there is a bubble on the Mesa Max.

      Push the orange buttons to release the Latch connectors, then attach them to the anchors in your car. The connectors automatically tighten for a secure fit, and indicators change from red to green when you push down on the base.

      Make sure you extend the load leg to the floor of your car, checking for the green indicators on the top and bottom of the leg to ensure proper positioning.

      The Mesa Max can also be installed using only the vehicle seatbelt, allowing you to ditch the heavy base for travel and taxis. It offers European-style installation, which involves threading the vehicle seatbelt over and behind the seat. Additionally, the carry handle can rotate forward to prevent rebounding. This style of installation mimics the use of a load leg and makes the rebound much less. 

      Nuna PIPA urbn with pipaFIX Rigid Latch Connector Installation

      The PIPA urbn can be installed in a matter of seconds, with helpful indicators to signal a safe installation.

      The PIPA urbn is installed using the steel-reinforced pipaFIX™ rigid latches that are built into the car seat. There is no base required for the urbn, and it is not compatible with PIPA™ series base or RELX™ base.

      You simply hinge the attached pipaFIX™ rigid latches forward from under the car seat, find the latch in your vehicle, line them up and click them on to attach. You can then adjust the angle of the seat if needed using the indicator line on the side of the car seat. That’s it!

      You can also install the PIPA urbn using the European-style installation method. You can choose to do both install methods at the same time as well - a feature not seen on most seats. This style of installation mimics the use of a load leg and makes the rebound much less.

      UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL Next and PIPA urbn Colors 

      The Minu V2 comes in five colors. You can choose the color of your stroller and mix it with any color of the Mesa Max. 

      Minu V2: 

      • Greyson Charcoal Melange
      • Stella Silver Melange
      • Charlotte Blue Melange
      • Emelia Green Melange
      • Jake Charcoal Melange

      Mesa Max: 

      • Anthony White Grey Marl
      • Noa Navy Melange
      • Jake Charcoal Black
      • Gregory Blue Melange*
      • Greyson Charcoal Melange*

      *merino wool fabric

      The Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn are sold as a one box travel system and is offered in three colors. 

      Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn:

      • Caviar black
      • Hazelwood gray
      • Lagoon teal

        UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn Features

        Features the Minu V2 / Mesa Max and Nuna TRVL / PIPA urbn share

        • Multi-position drawstring seat recline
        • Adjustable calf support
        • Included, swing-out bumper bar
        • No-rethread harness
        • Canopy with zip out extension
        • Ventilated canopy window
        • All-wheel suspension
        • Easy fold
        • Extendable canopy on car seat
        • Both car seats can be installed without a base
        • Both car seats come with an infant insert and can be used starting at 4 pounds 

        Features unique to the Minu V2 / Mesa Max

        Minu V2 stroller:

        • Can carry two children with the use of the PiggyBack board accessory
        • UPPAbaby offers a bassinet that is approved for overnight sleep
        • UPPAbaby offers more accessories such as a snack tray
        • Hand-stitched, real genuine leather on the handlebar and belly bar
        • Easy access zippered storage pocket on back of seat 
        • More colors offered
        • More room under canopy
        • Roomy storage basket holds up to 20 pounds

        Mesa Max:

        • No-rethread harness eliminating the need to take apart the harness system as baby grows 
        • Higher limits: 4-35lb / 32” / head 1” from top of car seat
        • Anti-rebound panel that stabilizes the base in a rear-impact collision
        • Steel-reinforced, adjustable load leg limits forward rotation in a frontal crash, reducing the risk of head and neck injury

        Features unique to the Nuna TRVL / PIPA urbn

        TRVL stroller:

        • Self folding
        • Easy magnetic buckles
        • Luxe leatherette bumper bar and handlebar
        • Included carry bag can be used for gate-checking and features shoulder strap and zippered pocket

        PIPA urbn:

        • Weighs just 7 pounds
        • Attaches to the Nuna TRVL with no adapter needed
        • Hand-sewn leather-look carry handle
        • Only installs baseless with new innovative attached rigid latch
        • “Sky Drape” - unzips out of canopy and attaches quietly with magnets to the end of the car seat providing even more shade coverage
        • Ventilation and large peak-a-boo window
        • Integrated magnetic buckle holders help keep straps out of the way when buckling baby in
        • GREENGUARD Gold certified

          UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max vs. Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn Bassinet 

          A bassinet does not come with either the Minu V2 or TRVL - both stroller seats are approved for use once your baby reaches three months old - and Nuna does not offer a bassinet for the TRVL. However, UPPAbaby’s full size, overnight approved bassinet does work with the Minu V2 with the use of the same car seat adapters. 

          The UPPAbaby bassinet is $199.99, and a stand for your home is available to purchase for $159.99.

          A bassinet allows your baby to lie flat on her back rather in her slightly-curved positioning in an infant car seat. The UPPAbaby bassinet is well-ventilated with mesh panels, which allow for more air flow than the hot, protective foam of a car seat, and keep baby completely shaded from the sun. It also includes a UPF 50+ visor that extends from the canopy and a hard bottom that allows it to be placed anywhere, making it convenient to bring along for a restaurant nap or an overnight at a hotel.

          UPPAbaby also offers a bassinet stand, which many parents use to create baby's first crib at their bedside. The stand still comes in handy after the baby outgrows the bassinet around 6 months. The UPPAbaby bassinet stand (purchased separately for $149.95) can be paired with a fabric insert for its next life as a laundry hamper.

          Bassinet Dimensions

          • UPPAbaby bassinet: 25"H x 17"W x 31"L

          Bassinet Height and Weight Limit

          • UPPAbaby bassinet: 20 pounds or until baby can push up on hands and knees (whichever comes first)

            UPPAbaby Minu V2 vs. Nuna TRVL Stroller Fold

            Folding the Nuna TRVL and UPPAbaby Minu V2 couldn’t be easier! Both of them allow you to fold the stroller with one hand while holding your baby with the other.

            Both strollers also stand when folded, making them easy to lift without having to bend to the ground. The TRVL can be carried from its bumper bar, while the Minu V2 has a built-in strap for carrying the stroller from your shoulder. Both the Minu V2 and TRVL fold easily and compact enough to fit in small spaces. They are perfect for taking up minimal space in your car or home!

            It's easy to get the hang of folding either stroller—especially the TRVL, which is designed to fold on its own.

            How to fold the Nuna TRVL

            To fold the TRVL, slide the handlebar button with your thumb while pressing with your fingers. Simply let go, and the stroller completes the fold for you. Repeat the same motion to open the stroller with one hand.

            To fold the TRVL with the Nuna PIPA urbn (or other Nuna PIPA model) attached, you simply remove the car seat by pressing the button on the back of the car seat while lifting it off the stroller. Then the stroller can fold just the same!

            How to fold the UPPAbaby Minu V2

            Folding the Minu V2 involves a similar slide-and-press motion with the handlebar button, then pushing the stroller downward until it's locked and standing. To unfold, undo the hinged lock on the side of the frame and lift the stroller back into place.

            To fold while using the Mesa Max (or any other compatible car seat), simply remove the car seat by pressing the gray button on the top of the Mesa Max’s handlebar and lift up. The stroller will fold with the adapters attached, but for the most compact fold you'll want to remove them. 

            UPPAbaby Minu V2 vs. Nuna TRVL Accessories

            Accessories help you customize your stroller for the weather, your child's age and your own convenience, too. UPPAbaby offers more accessory options than Nuna, including a ride-along board for an older sibling, snack tray, and bassinet.

            UPPAbaby Minu V2 accessories include:

            Nuna offers the following accessories for the TRVL:

              Benefits and Drawbacks

              So which travel system is better: the UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max or the Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn? Only you can decide which is best for your family, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.

              UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max


              • Has a compatible bassinet that is safe for overnight sleep
              • More accessories offered
              • Compatible with infant car seats from several brands, including the UPPAbaby Mesa Max and Mesa V2
              • 3-year warranty is one year longer than Nuna warranty
              • Can add a PiggyBack board on it for your older child to ride along as well
              • More color options than TRVL
              • Mesa Max has a no-rethread harness eliminating the need to take apart the harness system as baby grows 
              • Mesa Max has higher limits before outgrown 
              • Anti-rebound panel and load leg safety features on Mesa Max 


              • Stroller is heavier by about 3 pounds and does not fold as compactly 
              • To unfold the stroller you will need to unlock it first then unfold it versus the one step unfold of the TRVL
              • Does not self fold
              • Harness buckle is not magnetic like that of TRVL
              • Requires adapters (additional purchase) to attach car seat
              • Mesa Max is 9.9 pounds versus 7 pounds for the PIPA urbn 

              Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn 


              • Opens and closes automatically with one hand and stands when folded for easy lifting
              • Stroller weighs about 3 pounds less 
              • Includes magnetic harness buckle for faster entries and exits
              • No adapter needed when using the Nuna PIPA line of car seats
              • PIPA urbn only weighs 7 pounds 
              • PIPA urbn has built in rigid latch with a 2-second steel-reinforced pipaFIX rigid latch installation making set up swift, simple and above all – safe
              • Sky Drape on the PIPA urbn - more ventilation and coverage 
              • GREENGUARD Gold Certified on all colors and fabrics 


              • No adapters are made for other brands' car seats
              • Fewer color options than Minu V2
              • Fewer accessories are available, compared with Minu V2
              • No bassinet option
              • 2-year warranty is shorter than 3-year UPPAbaby warranty
              • Lower weight and height limits on the PIPA urbn 


                If you're deciding between the UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max and the Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn, it may come down to the little details and what set up makes your life easier. For example, do you have an older child that may need to hitch a ride on the back of the stroller or do you have a snack obsessed toddler who needs a snack tray? Then the Minu V2 and Mesa Max may be the right choice for you! Or do you travel a lot, use multiple cars or take ride shares often? Or have someone that needs the simplest fold possible? Then the TRVL and PIPA urbn may be perfect for you! 


                Strolleria is dedicated to making the baby gear buying experience less overwhelming for parents. 

                If you have more questions about the UPPAbaby Minu V2 and Mesa Max and the Nuna TRVL and PIPA urbn debate, feel free to contact us at 480-442-9433, start a live chat, or email us at customercare@strolleria.com.