Top 10 Baby Carriers | Comprehensive Guide for All Families

Babywearing stands as a time-honored tradition and one of the earliest methods of transporting infants! While strollers are often deemed essential, babywearing offers parents unparalleled closeness with their little ones, fostering precious bonding moments.

Drawing from my personal journey with my two kids, I didn't initially embrace babywearing with my first child. However, with my second child, I dove into babywearing right from the start, mostly out of necessity to keep up with my active two-year-old! It didn't take long to understand why so many parents swear by Baby Carriers. Having my baby snug against me as I navigated through daily routines created countless treasured moments every parent should experience. Babywearing not only fosters bonding but also offers ultimate convenience, allowing parents to keep their little ones close while staying hands-free. Whether on the move or at home, Baby Carriers are invaluable. During those times when the baby just doesn't want to be put down, parents can simply slip on their carrier, comfort their little one, and tackle tasks simultaneously!

Baby Carriers have evolved significantly over time! With many brands presenting their unique designs, some even offering extensive carrier lines, there's now an abundance of styles, fabrics, and sizes available. This diversity ensures there's an option to suit every parent's distinctive preferences. Mesh carriers crafted from breathable materials cater to active outdoor families, while carriers providing enhanced support and multiple carry positions are ideal for those embracing extended babywearing into toddler years. Additionally, there are more structured carriers tailored for adventurous families keen on exploring hiking trails. In this article, we'll explore our top ten favorite carriers, highlighting their versatility and introducing parents to options that align with their specific lifestyle needs!

Nuna CUDL Clik


What are the top 10 Baby Carriers?

 Check out our list of our top 10 favorite Baby Carriers:

What are the best Baby Carriers for newborns? BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini vs. Mushie Baby Wrap vs. Stokke Limas Baby Carrier:

Best Carriers for Newborns

When planning for babywearing with a newborn, parents will want to consider a few key factors. Firstly, ensure that your baby meets the specific weight requirements for safe usage. Additionally, choose a carrier that offers adequate neck and head support, as well as positioning that doesn't strain the baby's hips. Bonding during the newborn phase is crucial, so opt for a carrier that facilitates direct contact with your baby, avoiding those with a layer of fabric between you. A minimalist carrier tailored for use in the first year will offer optimal fit and support. Explore our top picks for this stage below.

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini
  • Use: 0-12 months, 7 to 24 lbs and 21 to 30"
  • Carrying positions: 3 front carry positions: newborn facing in, infant facing in and infant facing out.
  • Fabrics: Offered in 4 fabric options: Woven, 3D Mesh, 100% Cotton and 3D Jersey. All fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and machine washable
  • Key features: 
    • Soft fabrics
    • Easy to use
    • Adjustable head support
    • Supports baby's back and hips
    • Lightweight and small enough to pack in diaper bag
    • Unique design offers frontal unfastening to gently lift out sleeping baby
    • Comfortable for parents!

    Mushie Baby Wrap

    Mushie Baby Wrap
    • Use: 8 to 33lbs
    • Carrying positions: Multiple carrying positions can be achieved with different wrapping techniques
    • Fabric: Organic Cotton/ machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • Universal fit
      • Built in pocket
      • Breathable to prevent overheating

    Stokke Limas Baby Carrier

    Stokke Limas Baby Carrier
    • Use: 7 to 33lbs
    • Carrying positions: front carry, back carry and hip carry
    • Fabrics: Organic Cotton  / OEKO-TEX Standard 100 /  machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • Lightweight and snug fit
      • Ergonomic support
      • Easily adjustable to accommodate baby's growth
      • Combination of wrap style and structured style carriers
      • Spreadable shoulder straps for even weight distribution
      • Padded shoulder inserts for premium comfort
      • Small enough to carry in diaper bag

    What are the best Baby Carriers for parents on-the-go? Tushbaby Hipseat Carrier with Tushbaby Snug Attachment vs. BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One:

    Best Baby Carriers for On-the-Go

    Parents who are always on-the-go prioritize convenience, utility, and comfort in their choice of baby carriers. For those who rely on child wearing to manage their day-to-day routine, selecting a carrier that accommodates baby's growth is a smart move. Explore our top picks tailored for busy parents!

    Tushbaby Hipseat Carrier with Tushbaby Snug Attachment

    Tushbaby HipSeat Carrier with Snug Attachment

    The Hipseat Carrier can be used alone to provide extra support for parents carrying their little ones, however for parents in need of a hands free option the Snug Attachment can be added on for ultimate convenience. We recommend purchasing both together for maximum utility for parents on-the-go!

    Tushbaby Hipseat Carrier


    BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One

    BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One
    • Use: 0-3 years, 8-33lbs and 21 to 39"
    • Carrying positions: 4 total positions: front carrier: newborn, infant facing in, facing out and back carry.
    • Fabrics: Offered in 3D Mesh or Cotton /  Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 / machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • Easy to use! Quick to put on
      • Ergonomic and comfortable
      • Sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps relieve pressure on wearers back and shoulders.
      • Built in support for newborns with adjustable head support
      • "Hip-healthy,"  gives correct support to baby's hips
      • Many adjustments, including height adjustable to accommodate child's growth from birth to 3 years old.


    What are the best Baby Carriers for ease of use? Lalabu Simple Wrap vs. Nuna CUDL Clik:

    Best Baby Carriers for Ease of Use

    Prospective parents contemplating babywearing might feel overwhelmed by intricate carrier designs with numerous buckles and bulk. However, there's no need for hesitation, as there are styles crafted for utmost simplicity, catering to parents seeking an uncomplicated approach to babywearing. We showcase two options below: Lalabu adopts a minimalist mindset with a hybrid wrap/carrier style, while Nuna's magnetic buckles offer ease of use along with integrated features to prepare parents for any scenario or weather conditions they may encounter during the day.

    Lalabu Simple Wrap

    Lalabu Simple Wrap
    • Use: 13 to 28lbs (3 months to 2 years)
    • Carrying positions: 3 positions, front facing in, front facing out, back carry
    • Fabrics: Polyester, rayon, spandex blend /  machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • Easy to use
      • Soft stretchy fabrics
      • Headrest for added support
      • Simply clip at waist, put arms through straps and tuck baby in
      • Softness and comfort of wrap yet simplified wear
      • Stream lined design, no bulkiness!
      • Provides stability and form within a wrap style
      • Adjustable waist strap
      • Wide shoulder straps for premium comfort


    Nuna CUDL Clik

    Nuna CUDL Clik
    • Use: 8  to 35lbs, birth to about 3 years
    • Carrying positions: 4 carry positions: newborn mode, forward carry facing in, forward carry facing out and back carry
    • Fabrics: Mesh fabric /  machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • 4 MagneTech secure snap™ buckles: self-guiding magnetic buckles that automatically lock into place and ensure easy and secure attachments.
      • Easily adjustable head support
      • Padded shoulder and waist straps, evenly distribute weight providing wearers comfort and support.
      • Easily adjustable to accommodate babies from birth to 3 years
      • Mesh fabric allows airflow keeping baby cool
      • Sun hood provides baby with shade
      • Integrated breeze cover protects from elements
      • Removable zippered wristlet pouch, featured on waistband
      • Two GOTS-certified organic cotton bibs
      • Acknowledged as "hip-healthy"


    What is the best Baby Carrier for active parents? BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Free - 3D Mesh:

    Active parents eager to include their baby in their daily calorie burn through walks around the neighborhood, beach strolls, or trail explorations will need a carrier that offers both breathability and extra support. 

    BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Free - 3D Mesh

    BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Free - 3D Mesh

    • Use: 0 to 15 months, 7 to 25lbs and 21 to 33"
    • Carrying positions: 3 carrying positions, newborn, front facing in and front facing out.
    • Fabrics: 3D Mesh (100% polyester) / OEKO-TEX Standard 100 / machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • Ergonomic for baby and wearer
      • User friendly
      • Flexible
      • Offers back support, waist belt and padded shoulder straps
      • Offers correct support for baby's back, legs and hips: Acknowledged as "hip-healthy"
      • Adjustable seat
      • Adjustable head and neck support
      • Designed to make longer baby wearing sessions comfortable
      • 3D Mesh is light and provides airflow and breathability


    What is the best Baby Carrier for toddler use? BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony - 3D Mesh:

    Parents who prefer using their baby carrier over a stroller and intend to continue babywearing into the toddler years will require a carrier with a high weight capacity and advanced support to minimize back stress. 

    BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony - 3D Mesh

    BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Harmony - 3D Mesh

    • Use: 0-3 years, 7 to 40lbs and 21 to 39"
    • Carrying positions: 4 carrying positions: newborn, front facing in, front facing out and back carry
    • Fabrics: 3D Mesh (100% polyester) / OEKO-TEX Standard 100 / machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • High-tech breathable fabric
      • User friendly
      • Flexible
      • Ergonomic for baby and wearer
      • Offers correct support for baby's back, legs and hips: Acknowledged as "hip-healthy"
      • Adjustable seat
      • Adjustable head and neck support
      • Padded, foam filled shoulder straps and back support- designed to make longer baby wearing sessions more comfortable by redistributing weight away from shoulders and back and relieving lower back stress.
      • Two position pressure-relieving waist belt

    What is the best Baby Carrier for family adventures? Thule Sapling:

    For adventurous families, a standard everyday carrier might not suffice. Outdoor-loving parents who relish spending their days on trails and exploring nature can rely on Thule to provide the ultimate carrier for their little adventurers!

    Thule Sapling

     Thule Sapling

    • Use: 6 months and up (must be able to sit up unsupported), 16 to 40lbs, Max height 48"
    • Carrying positions: 1 position, back carry
    • Fabrics: Recycled polyester and free from PFCs / machine washable
    • Key features: 
      • Comfortable child seat with full leg support
      • Easy adjustable torso and hip belt
      • Side panel opens for easy and quick child removal
      • Ventilated sitting area for airflow
      • Deployable UPF 50 sunshade
      • Fully ventilated backpanel keeps parent comfortable and cool
      • Hydration compatible design features drink tube exit port in the gear compartment (reservoir sold separately)
      • Integrated 22L gear storage compartment

    What is the best Baby Carrier?

    BabyBjorn Carrier Mini

    No matter your needs or lifestyle, there's undoubtedly a baby carrier available that will be a perfect fit for you! As showcased in this article, carriers come in a wide array of fabrics, fits, sizes, and styles. There are carriers tailored for newborns through the first year, carriers for toting toddlers, extra breathable options for active families, structured carriers ideal for hiking, and even carriers that double as diaper bags! While we can't definitively say which is the best, we hope this article assists you in determining which one is best suited for you and your family! 

    Lalabu Simple Wrap



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