Tavo Pets | Maeve Pet Car Seat | Small Flex vs. Medium Flex vs. Medium Rigid

Tavo Pets | Maeve Pet Car Seat | Small Flex vs. Medium Flex vs. Medium Rigid

Tavo Pets is a new line from Nuna and we are here to tell you all about it! Nuna is known for their premium baby gear, offering luxury and best-in-class safety and comfort. They have taken their signature touches and incorporated them into a line specifically designed for pets. Because... why shouldn't all members of the family travel safe!

Tavo Pets Maeve Pet Car Seat models

What is the Maeve Pet Car Seat?

The Tavo Pets Maeve Pet Car Seat is available now to extend passenger safety to your four legged friends!

It is offered in three sizes and a variety of color options. The Maeve Pet Car Seat includes two components: its carrier, and its corresponding base. The carrier is resemblant of a bassinet and it clicks in and out of its base in a similar fashion to infant car seat use. 

The Maeve carrier can be used in the car, on-the-go; at home, as a safe place and comfy bed; or paired with its corresponding stroller frame, Roscoe. Now you can safely take your precious pet everywhere you go!

Tavo Pets Car Seat and Stroller Travel System

What safety features does the Maeve Pet Car Seat provide? 

The Maeve base with Five-Second True Lock Installation is loaded with impressive safety features.


  • Base attaches to the vehicle’s rigid latch anchor bars for a secure, simple installation.  
  • Colored indicators turn green to provide clear confirmation when locked into the vehicle seat.  
  • Stability leg adjusts to the height of your vehicle seats, and an indicator turns green when properly engaged.  
  • An energy-absorbing, high-strength load leg extends from the front of the base to the vehicle floor.  
  • In the event of impact, the stability leg decreases rotation and reduces movement of the carrier.  
  • Easily adjustable base positioning adapts to the depth of your vehicle seats.  

 Tavo Pets Maeve Car Seat Base

The Maeve carrier is also designed with safety in mind.


  • Lightweight yet durable EPP foam surrounds your pet, absorbs energy, and disperses impact.  
  • A unique guard featuring Tailor tech™ memory foam that absorbs energy and offers enhanced Side Impact Protection (SIP) secures easily onto the carrier frame.  
  • MagneTech secure snap™ buckles quickly secure the canopy and provide frustration free access.

Is the Maeve Pet Car Seat Comfortable?

Your pet will enjoy a luxury ride in this spacious, yet cozy pod that features a comfortable mattress pad with plush cover. The Maeve canopy provides mesh ventilation panels so airflow is never a concern and UPF 50+ protection. 


  • Designed to provide a home-away-from-home which can reduce anxiety.   
  • Flexible mesh ventilation panels on canopy allow for airflow and a view to the world for your pet.  
  • Peek-a-boo window for checking in and seeing out.  
  • Canopy opens on either side and is easily removed for the ultimate customized space.  
  • Rubberized feet minimize movement as your pet jumps in and out at home.  
  • Premium vegan leather accents for a luxe touch.

Tavo Pets Maeve Car Seat with base

Does the Maeve Pet Car Seat include flame retardants?

Maeve fabrics are naturally flame resistant and free of chemical flame retardants!


How is the Maeve Pet Car Seat cleaned?

Pets can be messy! Tavo Pets has thought this through and each Maeve Pet Car Seat comes boxed with two liner and mattress cover sets and two mattress pads. The covers are easily removed (zipper) and machine washable! The mattress pads can be rinsed and wiped clean.


What comes included with the Maeve Pet Car Seat?

Regardless of what size Maeve Pet Car Seat you select, each box comes with everything you needs to keep your pets happy and safe on the move!

In the box:

  • Carrier & Canopy​Side Impact Protection Guard​
  • (1) Durable Liner​
  • (1) Plush Liner​
  • (2) Mattress pads​
  • (1) Long interior leash​
  • (1) Short interior leash​
  • (1) Leash storage bag
  • Vehicle Base with Latch Guides


What the difference between the Small Flex, Medium Flex and Medium Rigid Maeve Car Seats?

The Maeve Pet Car Seat is offered in three models to accommodate pets of all sizes! The Small Flex and Medium Flex feature a flexible, soft carry strap while the Medium Rigid features a structured carry handle- covered in vegan leather. The Medium Rigid Maeve Car Seat is the largest of the three options. 


Which Maeve Pet Car Seat is the best for my pet? Size and Dimensions:

 Tavo Pets Maeve Pet Car Seat - Small Flex

  • Open Dimensions: L 22.5 x H 18.25 x W 16 in
  • Weight: Carrier + Canopy 7.8 lbs Carrier + Canopy + SIP 9 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 20 lbs

Tavo Pets Maeve Pet Car Seat - Medium Flex

  • Open Dimensions: L 30.6 x H 21 x W 16 in
  • Weight: Carrier + Canopy 10.8 lbs Carrier + Canopy + SIP 12.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 25 lbs

Tavo Pets Maeve Pet Car Seat - Medium Rigid

  • Open Dimensions: L 30.6 x H 23.75 x W 18.4 in
  • Weight: Carrier + Canopy 11.8 lbs Carrier + Canopy + SIP 13.4 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 30 lbs

Tavo Pets Maeve Pet Car Seat Base

  • Dimensions: L 25.5 X W 12.8 X H 5 in
  • Stability leg: H 10.5 - 20.9 in
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs

Why should I get a Maeve Pet Car Seat?

Passenger safety shouldn't be exclusive to children and adults. Pets are a beloved part of the family and deserve protection and comfort too! For families that love to take their pets along for every trip and adventure, the Maeve Pet Car Seat is a must have.  

Tavo Pets Maeve Car Seat


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