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With its timeless style and quality, the Silver Cross brand has been a favorite of the British royal family since 1877.

But these days, strollers need to be both fashionable and functional—which is why the 2021 Silver Cross Wave is undergoing a few updates that improve the stroller's ease of use and longevity for growing families.

The new Wave manages to be 4.4 pounds lighter than the previous model while also carrying a higher weight limit. It holds 55 pounds in both the upper and lower seats, making the 2021 Wave the highest-capacity double stroller on the market.

The 2021 Silver Cross Wave is now in stock at Strolleria, but some families may opt for the older model: Last year's Silver Cross Wave is $300 off at Strolleria while inventory lasts.

In this post, we'll explore all the differences between the 2021 Silver Cross Wave and the previous Wave model, last updated in 2019 and current through 2020.

2021 Silver Cross Wave vs. 2020 Silver Cross Wave Stroller Comparison

2021 Silver Cross Wave Release Date

The 2021 Silver Cross Wave is now available at Strolleria. The stroller comes in four colors: Charcoal, Zinc and Indigo, as well as the Eclipse Collection version. This special edition introduces both the Wave's functional updates and a new look, with a glossy black frame, luxurious two-tone woven fabrics and polished rose gold accents on the stroller's wheels and branding points.

Silver Cross Wave 2 vs. Silver Cross Wave Stroller Comparison

2021 Silver Cross Wave vs. 2020 Silver Cross Wave Price

The price of the Silver Cross Wave is not changing for the 2021 model.

With its premium fabrics and updated features, the Eclipse Collection version of the 2021 Silver Cross costs $100 more than the previous Silver Cross Wave.

While inventory lasts, the 2020 Wave is on sale at Strolleria for $999—a discount of $300.

2021 Silver Cross Wave vs. 2020 Silver Cross Wave Weight and Dimensions

The main differences between the 2021 Silver Cross Wave and 2020 Silver Cross Wave come down to weight.

Because of its new lighter-weight wheels, the chassis for the 2021 Wave weighs 4.4 pounds less than the previous model. That makes total weight of the 2020 version to 26.4 pounds, which brings the stroller in line with competing single-to-double strollers like the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 and Nuna Demi Grow.

The 2021 Wave also has a higher weight capacity for the Tandem Seat, the seat that connects to the lower portion of the frame for a second child. While the Tandem Seat previously held 45 pounds, the 2021 version now accommodates kids up to 55 pounds in both upper and lower seats.

For many tandem strollers, the bottom seat has a lower weight capacity compared with the top seat. That can pose challenges for families with larger toddlers who have to be seated closer to the parent, with the younger baby sitting farther away.

With a high weight capacity on both seats, the 2021 Wave is a great choice for twins or families with a larger toddler.

Chassis Weight

  • 2021 Wave: 22 pounds
  • 2020 Wave: 24.2 pounds

    Stroller Weight

    • 2021 Wave: 26.4 pounds (22 pounds for chassis)
    • 2020 Wave: 30.8 pounds (24.2 pounds for chassis)

    Weight Limit

    • 2021 Wave: 55 pounds per seat
    • 2020 Wave: 55 pounds for upper seat; 45 pounds for lower tandem seat


    • 2021 Wave: 43"L x 23"W x 37-43"H
    • 2020 Wave: 44"L x 24"W x 37-43"H

    Folded Dimensions

    • 2021 Wave: 37"L x 23"W x 15"H
    • 2020 Wave: 38"L x 24"W x 15"H

    Silver Cross Wave 2 vs. Silver Cross Wave Stroller Comparison

    2021 Silver Cross Wave vs. 2020 Silver Cross Wave Configurations

    Both the 2021 Silver Cross Wave and the 2020 Silver Cross Wave offer the same 30 configurations for a single child, siblings or twins.

    Both versions of the Wave are packaged with the stroller and bassinet in one box, enabling the stroller to immediately be used as a double when you add the bassinet to the lower position. 

    Purchasing the Tandem Seat for the lower position allows parents to use the bassinet or an infant car seat on top.

    While the configurations are the same between models, the 2021 Wave offers a bit more flexibility because it has an even weight limit of 55 pounds on both seats, while the Wave accommodates 55 pounds for the upper position and 45 pounds for the lower position.

    Take a look at the configuration options in the graphic below.

    2021 Silver Cross Wave vs. 2020 Silver Cross Wave Colors and Fabrics

    The Silver Cross Wave is made with some of the most luxurious materials you'll find on any stroller, like a chassis made with durable magnesium-alloy and hand-stitched leather accents.

    Silver Cross introduced four new colors for the 2021 Wave: Charcoal, a dark gray; Zinc, a light gray; Indigo, a navy blue; and the Eclipse Collection special-edition featuring black fabrics with rose gold details. The fabrics on the Eclipse Collection stroller are two-toned and texturized for a premium look and feel.

    For all 2021 Wave models, the included seat liner is now made of bamboo, a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that can help keep your child cool in warm weather.

    See the color options for the 2021 Silver Cross Wave and 2020 Silver Cross Wave below.

    2021 Wave

    • Eclipse special edition (black with rose gold accents)
    • Charcoal
    • Indigo 
    • Zinc

    2020 Wave

    • Granite
    • Sable
    • Slate

    2021 Silver Cross Wave vs. 2020 Silver Cross Wave Included Accessories

    Both versions of the Wave come with a bassinet as well as several accessories, including a cup holder, seat liner and two sets of rain covers and bug covers.

    The 2021 Wave includes a couple of upgrades: The bassinet apron cover now zips on, instead of attaching with snaps, and the seat liner is made with bamboo—a breathable and moisture-wicking fiber—compared with the cotton seat liner on the previous Wave.

    But the 2021 Wave is missing one accessory that's included the previous version: an apron for the main stroller seat. The apron serves as a lightweight footmuff suitable for mild spring and fall temperatures (see the Silver Cross premium footmuff for a more insulated version that will keep your child cozy in winter weather).

    2021 Wave

    • Chassis
    • Main seat
    • Bassinet with apron
    • Bamboo seat liner
    • Rain covers (2)
    • Mosquito nets (2)
    • Bumper bars (2)
    • Cup holder
    • Tandem connectors

    2020 Wave

    • Chassis
    • Main seat with apron
    • Bassinet with apron
    • Seat liner
    • Rain covers (2)
    • Mosquito nets (2)
    • Bumper bars (2)
    • Cup holder
    • Tandem connectors


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