Silver Cross Jet4 vs. Silver Cross Jet 5

Silver Cross Jet 4 vs. Silver Cross Jet 5 | Travel Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross  is one of the oldest stroller brands in the world and consistently enhances its product lineup year after year. Among its offerings, the Silver Cross Jet has emerged as a highly popular travel stroller, and has received several upgrades since its initial launch. Now, Silver Cross has introduced the Jet 5, the most impressive version to date. In this article, we will compare the Jet 4 and Jet 5, highlighting all the new and exciting improvements.


Why do parents love the Silver Cross Jet?

Silver Cross Jet  5


The Silver Cross Jet has maintained its core DNA through every iteration. This compact travel-sized stroller folds small enough to fit into an overhead bin. It includes a bumper bar that doubles as a trolley handle when the stroller is folded. In its folded state, the Jet resembles a carry-on suitcase and can be easily wheeled up the aisle of a plane before being stored overhead.

The Jet's ability to pair with an infant car seat to create a travel system further enhances its utility. However, the true standout feature of the Jet is its fully flat recline. Most travel strollers do not recline to a flat position, making them unsuitable for newborns without the addition of a car seat. The fully flat recline of the Jet makes it suitable for use right from birth. Additionally, the flat positioning is much more preferable for babies than the positioning in an infant car seat. Furthermore, the Jet boast an impressive weight capacity of 55 lbs!

What car seats are compatible with the Silver Cross Jet?

Silver Cross Jet  5 with Nuna PIPA

The Silver Cross Jet is compatible with infant car seats when used with the Silver Cross Jet Infant Car Seat Adapter. This adapter allow the Jet to pair with various industry-leading infant car seats from brands like Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, and Nuna. For a full list of Silver Cross Jet infant car seat compatibility, refer here.

The Silver Cross Jet also stands out due to its ability to be folded with the adapter attached. When folding, the adapter's middle tension bar is simply removed to execute the fold with the adapter included.

*All generations of the Silver Cross Jet share the same infant car seat compatibility 


What's new with the Silver Cross Jet 5? Silver Cross Jet 4 vs. Silver Cross Jet 5:

Silver Cross Jet 4 vs. Silver Cross Jet 5

The Silver Cross Jet 4  introduced some exciting upgrades to its predecessor, the Jet 3. The most significant change was the switch to using all sustainable materials, solidifying Silver Cross's commitment to the environment. Additionally, a crease-free material was introduced to ensure the Jet always looks fresh. Both of these upgrades have also carried over to the Jet 5.

As expected with a new generation, the Jet 5 includes even more impressive enhancements. The Jet 5 boasts a larger, sculpted seat, providing babies and toddlers with the most comfortable Jet ride.  Additionally, the wheel size has increased, offering a more durable push and premium suspension. The Jet 5's bumper bar has also been upgraded and is now compatible with the Silver Cross Snack Tray.

Silver Cross Jet 5 Full Feature List:

  • Larger, sculpted seat is more spacious to better comfort baby
  • Updated bumper bar is snack tray compatible
  • Bigger, durable wheels for premium suspension
  • Stroll from birth to 55 lbs
  • Aircraft cabin-approved
  • Freestanding, compact fold with pull-along handle
  • Magnetic Genius™ buckle for advanced safety and comfort
  • Anti-crease jersey sustainable fabric crafted from recycled plastic bottles
  • Lightweight at just 15.7lbs
  • Freestanding, compact fold with pull-along handle
  • Travel system capable
  • Protective travel cover and rain cover included
  • Attach the Silver Cross Snack Tray (sold separately) to Jet 5's bumper bar to encourage independent eating on-the-go and keep crumbs at bay.
Silver  Cross Jet 5 Fully Reclined

Are the Silver Cross Jet 4 and Jet 5 the same size? Silver Cross Jet 4 vs. Silver Cross Jet 5:

With the new upgraded features integrated into the Jet 5 it is slightly larger and heavier than the Jet 4 . However, the upgrades are worth the minimal growth in size.

Open Dimensions:

Folded Dimensions:


Is the Silver Cross Jet 5 better than the Silver Cross Jet 4?

Silver  Cross Jet 5 with Snack Tray

We think it's safe to say that the upgrades introduced in the Jet 5 make it the best Jet yet! The enhanced seat, upgraded wheels and suspension, and snack tray compatibility make it a best-in-class travel stroller option. 



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