Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx

Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx | Stroller Comparison


Travel strollers have become an essential for every family! The advantages of a compact stroller are numerous. Traditionally, parents begin their parenting journey with a larger full-size stroller, serving as their "travel system" for use with an infant car seat. As their baby grows and their needs evolve, the exploration into a smaller, more portable stroller begins. However, the recent evolution of travel strollers has led to many being designed for infant car seat compatibility, making them an even more suitable everyday option from the day baby arrives!

These tiny, lightweight, and compact strollers are incredibly convenient for use in and out of the car. They take up minimal trunk space and provide easy travel experiences. Enter the Nuna TRVL, a best-in-class "travel-size" option with travel literally built into its name! The Nuna TRVL gained instant popularity upon its release and has swiftly become a go-to stroller for parents. It's only fitting that Nuna expands their TRVL lineup, offering parents more options in the micro-stroller category.

In this article, we will compare the newest addition to the Nuna Stroller Lineup, the Nuna TRVL lx, to the tried and true Nuna TRVL.

Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx

Can both the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx be used from birth?

The Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx come equipped with newborn capabilities, allowing them to be paired seamlessly with an infant car seat. The TRVL lx offers an added feature with a near-flat recline, its calf support can be raised to transform the seat into a carriage position, providing enhanced comfort and versatility for your little one.

What infant car seats are compatible with the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx?

Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx with infant car seat

Both the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx are compatible with all Nuna PIPA Series Infant Car Seats. TRVL Series Strollers provide direct infant car seat compatibility, offering parents ultimate convenience on the go. With an adapterless connection, it's as simple as reclining the stroller seat back and placing your infant car seat into position. The stroller bumper bar acts as an integrated adapter, securely locking the car seat into place. When it's time to transition, the infant car seat is easily released from the stroller with the touch of a lever located on the back of the car seat.

It's crucial to note that only Nuna infant car seats are compatible with both the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx strollers. While this might seem restrictive, it's worth mentioning that Nuna PIPA Series Infant Car Seats rank among the most popular and safest models in the US!


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Do the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx have the same features?

Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx

Both the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx showcase numerous signature Nuna features, such as their MagneTech secure snap harness buckles that automatically lock into place and a no-rethread harness for easy adjustments. A standout feature of the TRVL Series is their "self-fold" capability. With a simple touch of a button, both the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx seamlessly fold themselves, offering a remarkable level of convenience for parents on the move!

Shared features:

  • Opens and closes automatically with one hand and stands when folded for easy lifting
  • Compatible with all model years of Nuna PIPA series car seats, no adapters required
  • Progressive front and rear wheel suspension provides a smooth ride
  • MagneTech Secure Strap magnetic buckle automatically locks into place
  • No-rethread harness makes for easy height adjustments
  • Included carry bag can be used for gate-checking and features shoulder strap and zippered pocket
  • Water-repellent canopy provides UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Leatherette bumper bar and handlebar add style and comfort
  • Front wheels can swivel or lock
  • One-touch rear braking system
  • Stroller seat sits higher for easier access to storage basket

Features exclusive to the TRVL lx:

  • UPF 50+ water-repellant canopy with extended coverage and mesh paneling
  • Near flat recline and calf support that raises to convert seat into a carriage position
  • Multi-position shadow reel recline

Nuna TRVL lx Features


Are the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx the same size?

The Nuna TRVL lx is marginally larger and heavier compared to the TRVL. With larger wheels, the TRVL lx delivers improved overall performance, albeit with a slightly increased weight and larger folded size. Notably, the wheels come equipped with a quick release feature, facilitating a more compact fold.

Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx

Specs and dimensions: Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx

Open Dimensions:

Folded Dimensions:


  • Nuna TRVL13.6 pounds (without bumper bar or canopy)
  • Nuna TRVL lx14.6 lbs (weighed without canopy & bumper bar which weights approx. 2.4 lbs)

Wheel Size:

Recommended Use:


What's Included:

What accessories are available for the Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx?

Nuna TRVL and TRVL lx Accessories

Nuna has families covered with a range of accessories to enhance the functionality of their strollers. The accessories available for the TRVL are also fully compatible with the TRVL lx, providing consistent and versatile options for families.

What Nuna Trvl stroller is best for my family? Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx

Nuna TRVL vs. Nuna TRVL lx

The Nuna TRVL and Nuna TRVL lx are both excellent stroller options for families. The TRVL is the preferred choice for those in need of the smallest and lightest weight option offering seamless compatibility with Nuna PIPA Infant Car Seats. On the other hand, the TRVL lx, slightly larger and heavier, is an ideal match for families emphasizing performance and not overly concerned about an extra pound of weight. Ultimately, the best stroller option depends on the specific preferences and priorities of each family.



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