Nuna TRVL dubl vs.Silver Cross Jet Double

Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double | Stroller Comparison

The baby gear market is flooded with countless stroller options, but premium choices in the lightweight double side-by-side stroller category have been scarce—until now! Nuna and Silver Cross have stepped in to meet this crucial need for parents with two little ones. With back-to-back releases from these globally trusted brands, families seeking a lightweight, easy-to-use double stroller can now consider the Nuna TRVL dubl or the Silver Cross Jet Double. This article will compare these two exciting new options to determine which is the best lightweight side-by-side double stroller.

Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double:


Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double

Why should parents consider a side-by-side double stroller?

In-line single to double strollers have rapidly gained popularity in the baby gear market, but traditional side-by-side options should not be overlooked. Side-by-side strollers offer significant convenience and ease of use. Firstly, they are easier to turn, steer, and maneuver, thanks to more evenly balanced weight distribution and shorter frames, making it simpler to navigate curbs and tight spaces. Secondly, they don’t require extra attachments or additional moving parts, eliminating the worry of losing seat adapters. Lastly, side-by-side strollers provide quick and easy one-piece folds, so you don't need to disassemble the stroller to fit it into your trunk. 

Can the Nuna TRVL dubl and Silver Cross Jet Double be used from birth? Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double:

The Nuna TRVL dubl and the Silver Cross Jet Double can both be used from birth with an infant car seat. However, the Silver Cross Jet Double seats are only approved for use from 3 months and up. In contrast, the Nuna TRVL dubl's seats have the ability to transition to "carriage  mode" creating the perfect nest for napping infants.

Are the Nuna TRVL dubl and Silver Cross Jet Double infant car seat compatible? Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double

Nuna TRVL dubl and Silver Cross Jet Double with Infant Car Seats

The Nuna TRVL dubl and the Silver Cross Jet Double can function as travel systems by pairing with an infant car seat. Both strollers feature a wider seat designed for infant car seat compatibility, but neither can hold two car seats simultaneously. The Nuna TRVL dubl doesn’t require an adapter and allows Nuna PIPA infant car seats to be directly connected by securing on top of the included armbar. In contrast, the Silver Cross Jet Double does require an infant car seat adapter, sold separately. This adapter offers versatility, allowing compatibility with a variety of best-in-class infant car seats from multiple brands.

Infant car seats compatible with the Nuna TRVL dubl:

The Nuna TRVL dubl is designed exclusively for travel system use with Nuna PIPA infant car seats. For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Nuna TRVL dubl refer >>> here

Infant car seats compatible with the Silver Cross Jet Double:

The Silver Cross Jet Double requires the Silver Cross Jet Infant Car Seat Adapter which is compatible with infant car seats from brands Clek, Cybex, Maxi Cosi and Nuna.  For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Silver Cross Jet Double refer >>>here

Is the Nuna TRVL dubl or Silver Cross Jet Double easier to use? Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double:

The Nuna TRVL dubl boasts several convenient features, including a push-button automatic fold and a no-rethread harness, contributing to its overall appeal. Its adapterless infant car seat compatibility allows for seamless car-to-stroller transitions, and the single rotating armbar offers quick in-and-out access for two little riders. However, while generally convenient, it can be challenging to remove an older sibling from the stroller when the infant car seat is attached.

On the other hand, the Silver Cross Jet Double features two separate arm bars, which can provide a smoother experience for an older sibling moving in and out of the stroller while an infant car seat is attached. Additionally, Silver Cross offers optional accessories, sold separately, to enhance its functionality. These accessories include a snack trayphone holder, and travel bag.

The Silver Cross Jet Double travel bag makes it an ideal choice for travel, providing peace of mind to parents by ensuring their beloved stroller is safely stored during transit.


Does the Nuna TRVL dubl or Silver Cross Jet Double have better features? Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double:

Both the Nuna TRVL dubl and the Silver Cross Jet Double are packed with luxury features designed to provide a comfortable ride for both passengers and pushers. Both strollers feature independently multi-position reclining seats, adjustable footrests, extendable UPF50+ sun canopies, built-in suspension, and large under-storage baskets with a 22lb weight capacity. Read on for a full list of their nearly identical features.


Nuna TRVL dubl Features:

Nuna TRVL dubl Features
  • Travel system ready—attach any PIPA™ series infant car seat to the wider seat without an adapter
  • Removable and rotating armbar spans across both seats for easier ins and outs
  • Folds easily with 1 hand, push button and it automatically comes to standing fold
  • At 25.2 lbs it's lightweight for a double and easy to tote with armbar when folded
  • Self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ buckles automatically lock into place
  • 3 to 5-point no-rethread harness makes adjustments easy
  • Quick-engaging 1-touch rear-wheel braking system provides scuff-free security
  • Front swivel wheels with swivel locks for more comfortable strolls on uneven terrain
  • Seats and canopies are completely independent of one another for customized strolls for two
  • Shadow Reel recline™ provides 1-handed independent recline adjustments with a more upright option
  • Near flat recline and calf support that raises to convert seats to a carriage position for keeping the littlest babies extra cozy
  • UPF 50+ water-repellent canopies are extendable and feature a flip-out eyeshade and peek-a-boo window
  • Durable footrest provides a resting place for tired feet
  • 2-position adjustable calf support for growing legs
  • Slender enough to fit through standard doorways and Disney-compliant
  • Exceptional maneuverability
  • All-wheel suspension and durable EVA foam-filled tires are ready for any terrain
  • Easy access extra-large storage basket holds up to 22 lbs
  • Luxe leatherette accented pushbar and removable armbar lend style to your stroll
  • Included rain cover for when the weather doesn't cooperate 

Silver Cross Jet Double Features:

Silver Cross Jet Double Features
  • Easily folded to self-stand on its wheels
  • Can be pulled along suitcase style, then stored away in the optional travel bag accessory to protect your stroller on-the-go
  • Compact fold for the trunk of your car or the gate of a plane
  • Slim design fits through standard-size doorways and is also approved for use at Disney parks
  • Each seat is designed for comfort both in height and sculpted support
  • Independent deep reclines for each seat
  • Magnetic Genius™ buckles clicks together in three easy steps and provides advanced safety and protection
  • Durable wheels with premium suspension
  • Flip-flop friendly brake 
  • The seats feature independent adjustable calf supports, offering comfort for growing legs
  • Under seat storage basket that holds up to 22 lbs
  • Anti-crease, soft jersey fabrics, crafted using recycled plastic bottles, ensure your Jet Double is always looking its best
  • UPF50+ extendable sun canopies
  • Vegan leather armbar and pushbar accents provide a luxurious and soft touch
  • Included rain cover
  • Remove the Jet Double bumper bar to attach your infant carrier of choice to the wider seat

Is the Nuna TRVL dubl or Silver Cross Jet Double more compact? Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double:

Nuna TRVL dubl and Silver Cross Jet Double folded

The Silver Cross Jet Double is lighter weight compared to the Nuna TRVL dubl by a little over five pounds, it is also overall more compact both in its open and folded size.

Dimensions and Specs: Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double:


Open Dimensions:

Folded Dimensions:

Recommended use:



What is the best lightweight side-by-side double stroller? Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double:

Nuna TRVL dubl vs. Silver Cross Jet Double

The Nuna TRVL dubl and Silver Cross Jet Double are refreshing additions to the world of baby gear, filling a much-needed void in the US stroller market. Both strollers are wise investments for parents of two, ensuring that life on the go is easy and enjoyable for everyone. Families seeking the lightest weight, most travel-friendly option may find the Silver Cross Jet Double to be the best fit. Meanwhile, parents in need of a lightweight, easy-to-use everyday double stroller will appreciate the convenient features thoughtfully crafted into the Nuna TRVL dubl. Either way, we highly recommend both of these premium, innovative options!


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