Nuna Demi Next vs. Nuna Demi Grow | Stroller Comparison

Nuna Demi Next vs. Nuna Demi Grow | Stroller Comparison

Nuna is a name that has become synonymous with baby gear. Nuna has continued to be an industry leader in car seats year after year and now their strollers are gaining popularity among families nationwide. Convertible, single to double strollers have become a top pick for parents looking to make a smart investment in a stroller that will provide longevity and grow with their family. Nuna launched their first single to double stroller in 2018, the Demi Grow. The Demi Grow quickly made a name for itself and filled the double stroller void in Nuna's line up. Now, five years later, Nuna has perfected their single to double stroller with its new design the Demi Next! Read on to learn about the key upgrades that make the Demi Next a top pick in the world of convertible strollers.  Nuna Demi Next vs Demi Grow Stroller

How are the Nuna Demi Grow and Nuna Demi Next different from other convertible stroller options?

Both the Nuna Demi Grow and Nuna Demi Next are single stroller that have the ability to convert to a double stroller. Most single to double strollers convert to create an in-line tandem stroller. These in-line options consist of the main seat on the top of the stroller and the addition of a second seat to the front/bottom of the stroller frame. There are a few drawbacks to these inline designs: 

1. The front of the stroller cannot hold as much weight as the top, resulting in a lower weight limit seat at the bottom which forces parents to place their younger child out at the front of the frame with their older child riding at the top.

2. By design, in-line doubles have a longer stroller frame. With the added weight of a second child at the front of the stroller, these options can become challenging to turn and steer- hoping a curb can becomes a daunting task!

3. Most competing in-line options, require multiple adapters to create double configurations. For parents, this means more moving parts and pieces to keep track of. 

The Nuna Demi Grow and Demi Next convert to a double stroller by adding the second seat below the top seat in a "stacked" configuration rather than in-line.

Nuna Demi seat configurations vs competitors

Why is the stacked configuration of the Nuna Demi Grow and Demi Next better than an in-line configuration?

1. This design allows for a shorter frame that is easier to maneuver, turn and steer. 

2. Both children remain within parents' immediate eyesight and arms reach for effortless interaction with each little rider.

3. Both strollers include integrated adapters for the bottom seat, there are no additional adapters required to achieve a double configuration for two seated children.

4. Both seats can be fully reclined at the same time.

5. The second seat (called the Sibling Seat) is a replica of the main seat that comes included with the stroller. Both seats hold up to 50lbs!

 Nuna Demi Next double stroller

What do parents love about the Nuna Demi Grow and Nuna Demi Next?

Both the Demi Grow and Demi Next come boxed with two car seat adapters. Straight out of the box these options are twin ready! Either stroller can be pair with any Nuna Pipa infant car seat model to create a twin travel system. 

Both the Demi Grow and Demi Next come with a removable seat liner. When the seat liner is removed it exposes the strollers' summer seat, both stroller seats feature a mesh backing to provide maximum air flow.

The Demi Grow and Demi Next sit babies/toddlers much higher than most strollers. This elevated seating position creates better bonding and easier engagement during strolls. 


What are the new features of the Nuna Demi Next

Seat positions: Demi Grow vs. Demi Next

One of the main complaints from parents was the Demi Grows inability to position children in a fully upright position. While a generous recline allows for comfortable napping, curious toddlers enjoy a view of the world. The Demi Grow features 3 recline positions and even in its most upright position the seat remains at a reclined angle. The Demi Next, features 4 recline positions allowing the top seat to sit in a much more upright position than its predecessor. 

Nuna Demi Next vs Demi Grow Seat Incline

Seat liner: Demi Grow vs. Demi Next

Both the Demi Grow and Demi Next seats come with a removable seat liner. The Demi Grow seat liner features a zipper removal and has to be zipped back on. 

The Demi Next features a more streamlined approach utilizing Velcro to attach the seat liner into the seat. It is simply pulled off and placed back in again. The seat liner is now also made with Merino Wool that is softer to the touch, providing a more comfortable ride. 

Footwell: Demi Grow vs. Demi Next

The footwell featured on the Demi Grow is made entirely out of fabric. Nuna moved to a plastic footwell for the Demi Next, this change allows children to step into the stroller seat themselves. It is also much easier to keep clean!

Storage basket: Demi Grow vs. Demi Next

Both the Demi Grow and Demi Next feature a generous storage basket, while the size of the basket has not changed the weight capacity has drastically increased. The Demi Grow basket can only hold up to 10lbs, the Demi Next basket can hold up to 22lbs!

Nuna Demi Next storage basket

Canopy: Demi Grow vs. Demi Next

One of the biggest changes is seen in the canopy. Both canopies are extendable and offer 50+ UPF protection. The front of the Demi Grow canopy features a zipper front opening where a napping shade can be pulled out and down to create more coverage. The Demi Grow comes boxed with a mosquito net canopy, a nice accessory, but ultimately more work for parents to swap between the two.

The upgraded Demi Next Canopy features a zipper at the top, when unzipped and fully extended a new ventilation panel is revealed providing both airflow and visibility. Similar to the Demi Grow, the Demi Next still features a zipper on the front of the canopy where another extension is stored. However, Nuna has now integrated the mosquito net here. Parents no longer have to swap out the canopy for bug protection!

Configurations: Demi Grow vs. Demi Next

The most exciting change to the Demi is to its configurations. The Demi Next offers even more configurations now that it comes boxed with a ride-on-board!

Nuna Demi Next configurations 

Demi Next Ride-On-Board

The Demi Next Ride-On-Board is the most exciting accessory offered by Nuna and it comes boxed with the Demi Next stroller! 

The Demi Next Ride-On-Board, clicks directly into the integrated lower adapters (used for the second seat) and features two swivel wheels, it can hold up to 50lbs and can be flipped into the storage basket when not in use. It can also be folded with the stroller. 

The positioning of the ride-on-board, allows for older children to hitch a ride and dote over their new sibling!

 Nuna Demi Next Ride-On-Board

Out with the old in with the new: Nuna Demi Next Features

  • Forward and rear-facing seat options
  • One-touch rear-wheel braking system for scuff-free shoe control
  • Custom dual suspension™ provides a nice, smooth ride
  • Wide, swivel-lock front wheels make it a master of smooth riding motion
  • One-hand adjustable calf support and footrest to accommodate growth
  • Self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ buckles automatically lock into place
  • Quick-release 3 to 5-point harness makes it easy to fasten them in
  • Fenders and built-in hub caps protect from dirt and debris
  • Easily removable premium Merino wool insert provides ultra-soft comfort
  • Eye-to-eye connection is easier with the elevated seat level
  • Rotating and removable armbar fits kids of all sizes
  • Water-repellent UPF 50+ Aire protect canopy™ protects from the elements
  • Built-in privacy drape and ventilation panels in the canopy for ideal airflow
  • All-season seat keeps baby cozy in winter and easily converts to mesh in summer
  • Tires are tough, foam-filled, and ready for any terrain
  • No-rethread harness makes it easy to adjust for comfort and growth
  • Large basket with 22 lb capacity holds everything you need for the journey
  • Adjustable pushbar with luxe leatherette accents to accommodate varying heights
  • Included rain cover for when the weather doesn't cooperate
  • Compatible with the DEMI next sibling seat and DEMI next bassinet


Nuna Demi Next Specs and Dimensions:

Weight: 26 lbs (without insert, canopy, armbar, or rider board)

Dimensions: L 39.5 in  W 24 in  H 43.5 in

Folded Dimensions: L 23.5 in  W 24 in  H 35 in

Use: From birth to 50lbs

Warranty: 2 years


Is the Nuna Demi Next worth the buy?

Nuna made some major improvements when designing the Demi Next! With the changes to the canopy, footwell, seat liner, seat positioning and the addition of a ride-on board; it is apparent that Nuna has perfected the Demi stroller! Not only is the Demi Next an upgrade to the Demi Grow, but it is a top contender in the world of single to double strollers and worth every penny!

 Nuna Demi Next Single to Double Stroller


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