Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Stroller Wagon Comparison

Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Stroller Wagon Comparison

Embark on exciting adventures with a spacious wagon designed to accommodate the entire family! Wagons have become increasingly popular for their numerous benefits. They offer a hassle-free solution for restless toddlers who desire more space and may not enjoy being confined to a stroller. For toddlers, a wagon signifies an adventure, while parents appreciate the peaceful ride, along with the added storage it provides. Whether you're tackling grocery runs or planning beach outings, a wagon could be the perfect solution for your family!

In this article, we will compare the Keenz XC+ Stroller Wagon and the WonderFold W4 LUXE Quad Stroller Wagon. Both wagons can accommodate up to four children and offer incredible features to simplify your life with multiple little ones.

Let’s take a look!  

 Keenz Xc+ Wagon vs. WonderFold W4 Luxe Wagon

Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Pricing

For current pricing, please see the respective product pages.

The Keenz XC+ includes:

  • All-terrain wheels
  • Snack tray
  • Extra storage space
  • Cushioned reclining and removable seats
  • Canopy system with blackout panels & UV Protection
  • Leather handlebars


The WonderFold W4 LUXE includes:

  • Canopy
  • Detachable basket
  • Pull strap
  • Seats
  • Vegan leather handlebar
  • All terrain XL wheels


Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Specifications 

Due to their high cargo carrying capacity (up to 326 pounds and 300 pounds respectively!), the Keenz XC+ and WonderFold W4 LUXE wagons are a little heavier than your average double stroller. Not to mention they hold double the amount of kids!

There is also a slight weight difference between the Keenz and the WonderFold. The Keenz XC+ is 9 pounds less than the WonderFold W4 LUXE. However, both are quite substantial and heavy so keep that in mind. If you are looking for light weight, I would consider a different model or the Veer XL.

Both stroller wagons hold more cargo weight than child weight. The Keenz XC+ holds 55 pounds per seat (220 pounds total) or 326 pounds of cargo; while the WonderFold W4 LUXE holds 99 pounds per 2 seat bench (198 pounds total) or 300 pounds of cargo. 

The Keenz XC+ and the WonderFold W4 LUXE are very similar in size when folded and unfolded. The Keenz XC+ is about 5.5” shorter in length when open and being used, however, when folded they are almost identical. Children sit high off the ground in both wagons, but the WonderFold does have a very cool feature that allows children to easily crawl into their seat thru a front zipper door! 

 Keenz vs WonderFold specifications

Wagon Weight

  • Keenz XC+: 54 pounds
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 63 pounds 

Wagon Weight Capacity

  • Keenz XC+: 220 pounds (55 pounds per seat)
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 198 pounds (99 pounds per 2-seat bench)

Wagon Cargo Capacity

  • Keenz XC+: 326 pounds
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 300 pounds

Wagon Open Dimensions

  • Keenz XC+: 43.5” L x 29.5” W x 39.75-56” H (Handlebar) or 56” H (Canopy)
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 49" L x 29" W x 36.5-44" H (Handlebar) or 49" H (Canopy)

Wagon Folded Dimensions

  • Keenz XC+: 24.25” L x 29.5” W x 44” H
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 20" L x 29" W x 44.5" H

Seating Surface Width (for 2 children on each side)

  • Keenz XC+: 20.5”
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 19.5”

Wheel Size 

  • Keenz XC+: 7.5” front wheels; 11.5” rear wheels
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 10” front wheels; 12” rear wheels

Warranty With Registration

  • Keenz XC+: 1 year
  • WonderFold W4 LUXE: 1 year


Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Features

The Keenz XC+ and the WonderFold W4 LUXE are wagons designed to hold 4 children with similar looks and features. They both push like a traditional stroller, however, the Keenz XC+ can be pushed or pulled from either direction because it has adjustable handles on both sides. The WonderFold W4 LUXE includes a pull strap if you wish to use it more as a traditional wagon.

Both wagons are very beautiful and well built. They are alike in that the seats on both wagons are elevated and can be taken out if needed. The footwells allow the children's legs to comfortably bend out of the way, and keeps their dirty shoes off the seats!

Below are the features that make them similar and different - as you can see they are more similar than different! 

Keenz XC+ picture with baby and WonderFold W4 Luxe picture with car seat attached

Features shared by Keenz XC+ and WonderFold W4 LUXE:

  • Holds up to 4 children (55 pound weight limit per seat)
  • Adjustable-height handlebars
  • Footwells for comfort 
  • Large all-terrain tires 
  • All-terrain suspension
  • Some storage built into the wagon
  • Raised, removable and reclining cushioned seats
  • 5-point harnesses included
  • Canopy systems with UV protection
  • Storage underneath the seats and on back of the wagon
  • Steers like a traditional stroller
  • Removable washable fabric 
  • Wagon can be used without the bench seats if needed for more cargo room 
  • Mesh sides for airflow
  • Additional accessories offered 

Features unique to the Keenz XC+:

  • Holds up to 326 pounds of cargo
  • Dual leather handlebars
  • Removable snack / drink tray included with purchase 
  • Optional side blackout panels that roll to cover the mesh sides
  • Canopy has optional blackout panel
  • Cannot be used with a baby in the seat under 6 months old

Keenz XC+ with 3 kids

Features unique to the WonderFold W4 LUXE:

  • Holds up to 300 pounds of cargo
  • 5-point magnetic harness seats
  • Offers newborn configurations with a car seat adapter
  • A zippered door that allows kids to climb in and gives parents easy access to storage
  • Vegan leather handlebar 
  • The canopy can slide on the canopy frame depending on where the sun is hitting
  • More accessories offered than the Keenz XC+

  Keenz 4 seater vs WonderFold 4 seater folded

Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Accessories 

The Keenz XC+ and WonderFold W4 LUXE include a good amount of accessories! You may not even need to purchase anything additional.

The Keenz XC+ includes the stroller wagon, canopy with blackout panels and UV protection, basket, dual leather handlebars, removable seats with 5-point harnesses, snack and drink tray.

The WonderFold W4 LUXE comes with the stroller wagon, canopy with UV protection, detachable basket, pull strap, and removable seats with 5-point harnesses.

Additional accessories available for purchase for the Keenz XC+:

  • Parent console
  • Dual canopy system
  • Cup and phone holder
  • All weather cover
  • Mosquito netting
  • Tray
  • Waterproof handmuffs

Accessories available for the WonderFold W4 LUXE:

  • Snack tray
  • Parent console 
  • Cargo net for the side of the wagon
  • Rain cover 
  • Mosquito net 
  • Wind cover 
  • Winter cover
  • Dust cover
  • Travel cover
  • Floor mat
  • Shopping basket 
  • and more!  

Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Fold

Despite their large frame, the Keenz XC+ and WonderFold W4 LUXE wagons fold compactly with relative ease. They can both be folded with the seats and canopy attached.


Folding the Keenz XC+

To fold the Keenz XC+ simply fold in the side cargo pockets. Then find the trigger buttons on the middle of each side of the wagon and press buttons while pulling up. Then pull the wagon frame together until the latch clicks in place. That’s it! (For an even flatter fold, remove the pieces connecting the seats to the frame.)


Folding the WonderFold W4 LUXE

To fold the WonderFold W4 LUXE, first fold the handlebar down, and unlock the canopy rods at each of the four corners. Then, lower the canopy rods down into the frame.

Hidden under a storage pocket flap at the center sides of the wagon is a latch; push down on the latch so it slips over the locking tab and lift up on the frame with both hands to fold. To secure, attach the lock at the bottom of the wagon.


Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Colors

For current Keenz XC+ colors, please click here.

For current WonderFold W4 LUXE colors, please click here.

Keenz XC+ being pushed with multiple children and the WonderFold W4 Luxe with multiple kids 

Keenz XC+ Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Pros and Cons

So which is better, the Keenz XC+ or the WonderFold W4 LUXE? While only you can decide which one is just right for your lifestyle and family, here are some benefits and drawbacks that we see between these models.

Keenz XC+ 


  • Can push or pull easily with dual leather handlebars
  • 9 pounds lighter than the WonderFold W4 LUXE
  • Comes with removable child snack/drink tray
  • Canopy has optional blackout panel
  • Optional blackout panels that can be unrolled on the sides of the wagon to cover the mesh sides
  • Holds up to 326 pounds of cargo


  • No infant car seat adapter or way for a child under 6 months old to ride in wagon
  • Does not fold with the canopy attached
  • Canopy cannot adjust for sun or taller children


WonderFold W4 LUXE Wagon


  • Newborn ready with infant car seat adapter
  • Zip open door for easy access for children to crawl in
  • Folds with canopy attached
  • Adjustable canopy positioning for sun or taller children
  • Special edition designs like the VW4 Volkswagen Edition


  • Pull handle sold separately, only a lightweight strap included
  • 9 pounds heavier
  • No blackout canopy included 

 Special edition VW4 Volkswagen edition WonderFold being pushed at the beach


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