Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

In search of a stroller for your child that is sustainably stylish?

Look no further than the Joolz Hub+ and Silver Cross Reef, two artfully-designed strollers that prove you can have both form and function while doing your part to help the planet.

There's much to love about the Hub+ and Reef, which share many similarities besides their use of recycled plastic bottles. Compact, nimble, versatile, and sturdy - both strollers are ready to tackle your everyday adventures. 

The Hub+ is made by Joolz, the Dutch company known for their lifetime warranty and for their sustainable practices - including the planting of a tree for every stroller Joolz sells.

Launched in 2022, the all-new Reef from British company Silver Cross is a sustainably-made yet luxurious multi-terrain stroller designed with beauty and practicality in mind.

Let's see how the Joolz Hub+ and the Silver Cross Reef compare!

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Comparison Video

See how to fold your Joolz Hub+ and Silver Cross Reef, learn about differences in pricing and materials, and see what features sets these strollers apart in our Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison Video:

Joolz Hub+ Stroller

From the Dutch company that offers a lifetime warranty and plants a tree for every stroller sold, the Joolz Hub+ is a portable and practical everyday stroller solution.

Despite its large, terrain-ready tires and spacious, reversible toddler seat, the 24 pound Hub+ is light enough to carry over your shoulder with a built-in, padded strap.

From day one, you can use your Hub+ stroller with a newborn bassinet or infant car seat from one of several popular brands. For visibility after dark, two built-in LED lights near the storage basket help illuminate your way.

Silver Cross Reef Stroller

One of Silver Cross's two newest stroller offerings, the Silver Cross Reef is a multi-terrain stroller that is available alongside a lighter weight counterpart also launched in 2022, the Silver Cross Dune.

The Reef is the ultimate multi-terrain, 5-in-1 system; enhanced suspension keeps you strolling smoothly, while a host of features that let parents adjust the stroller with just one hand make multi-tasking look oh-so stylish.

Learn more about the Silver Cross Reef and how it compares to the Dune model in this video:

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Price

With additional integrated features on the toddler seat, the Silver Cross Reef is priced at $330 more than the Hub+.

Both brands offer discounted bundles when purchasing the stroller with its corresponding bassinet, which results in an even larger price difference for parents planning to use a bassinet with their stroller! With a $50 savings for the Reef and bassinet bundle and a $200 savings for the Hub+ and bassinet bundle, the Reef bundle is $550 more than the Hub+ bundle.

Stroller Price

Stroller Price with Bassinet

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Weight and Specifications

Thanks to a smaller frame that weighs 3.5 pounds less than the Reef, the Hub+ is easier to carry for longer distances. Additional features on the Reef such as the innovative Genius harness system and larger front tires contribute to the additional weight - but can improve comfort and handling. The Reef also has a slightly higher weight limit of 55 pounds, one of the highest weight capacities in this category.

Once folded, the Hub+ is approximately 20% smaller than the Reef thanks to smaller front wheels and a frame that is 3" narrower.

Stroller Weight

  • Joolz Hub+: 24 pounds
  • Silver Cross Reef: 27.5 pounds

Weight Capacity

  • Joolz Hub+: 50 pounds
  • Silver Cross Reef: 55 pounds


  • Joolz Hub+: 33" L x 21" W x 37.4-41"H
  • Silver Cross Reef: 33"L x 24"W x 39-44"H

Folded Dimensions

  • Joolz Hub+: 12" L x 21" W x 24.8" H
  • Silver Cross Reef: 28"L x 24"W x 12"H

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Features

Both the Hub+ and Reef have unique features you won't find on most strollers. For the Reef, that includes the Genius harness system that lets you raise and lower your child's harness with one hand. For the Hub+, that includes LED lights at the front and back of the basket to illuminate your way and provide visibility for added safety.

What makes both of these strollers ideal for city life or the suburbs? Below, we'll explore the features of each stroller component - from the basket to the seat to the canopy - to see what differentiates the Joolz Hub+ from the Silver Cross Reef.

Stroller Seat Features

Your child will be sitting in the included stroller seat for many years - most of the time you're using the stroller - so it is important to choose one that is highly adjustable and comfortable.

Both the Hub+ and Reef seats are comfortably padded, feature near-flat reclines that include an adjustable calf support and can be adjusted with one hand, and have extra large sun canopies to shelter your child from harsh sunlight.

The Reef stands out with several additions that you won't see on the Hub+ including a no-rethread, single-motion genius harness, quick-click magnetic buckle, and memory buttons to reverse the seat with one hand. While not essential, these added details are nice-to-have time savers that create a convenient experience for parent and child.

Seat features shared by Hub+ and Reef:

  • Reversible to face forward or face parent
  • Multiple recline positions adjustable with one hand
  • Near-flat recline angle
  • Adjustable calf support angles
  • Included, swing-out bumper bar
  • Zip out canopy extension
  • Thick harness padding for added comfort

Seat features unique to the Hub+:

  • Water-repellant canopy fabrics
  • Reflective canopy detailing on select colors
  • Calf support has integrated footrest for support

Seat features unique to the Reef:

  • Genius harness system raises and lowers harness in one motion with one hand at the back of the seat
  • Magnetic harness buckle
  • Memory buttons for reversing seat to allow one-handed removal
  • Hinging seat back allows for full-flat recline
  • Additional seat and harness padding with built-in head support
  • Flip-out eyeshade further extends canopy
  • Included sun sail attaches to provide more coverage when parent-facing
  • Built-in, padded carry handle on underside of seat when folded

    Stroller Frame Features

    Both strollers are built to combine portability with durability. From premium, lightweight frames to superbly engineered suspension to an easily adjusted handlebar, the frames of the Hub+ and Reef provide solid foundations that allow you to stroll with confidence. Joolz and Silver Cross have designed each stroller with the highest quality materials and engineering.

    Frame features shared by Hub+ and Reef:

    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • Telescoping handlebar to multiple height settings
    • Four-wheel suspension
    • Lockable front swivel wheels
    • Stands upright when folded
    • Easy to access storage basket

    Frame features unique to the Hub+:

    • LED lights at front and back of basket for low light visibility
    • Flexible basket lip makes loading easier
    • Long, padded shoulder strap for carrying

    Frame features unique to the Reef:

    • Tone-on-tone matte and gloss details coordinate with stroller fabrics
    • One-handed fold keeps your other hand free

      Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

      Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Bassinets

      Both the Silver Cross Reef and Joolz Hub+ can be purchased with their corresponding bassinet as a discounted bundle. Since neither brand manufacturers their own infant car seat, these bundles could be a cost-effective solution for parents who do not plan to purchase an infant car seat or don't wish to purchase and use adapters to fit another brand of car seat onto the stroller frame.

      The Joolz Hub+ Bassinet, also called a carry cot, is not designed for overnight use, and is designed to create a newborn-safe space on the stroller that provides shelter and space for supervised nap time during the day. The Silver Cross Reef First Bed Bassinet is overnight sleep approved and has the option of purchasing a stand separately for in-home use - plus, parents have the option of also using a more compact bassinet designed for the Reef's sister stroller, the Dune, if a more travel friendly, space saving cot is preferred.

      Ideal for parents who live in walkable cities, travel frequently, or don't plan to use an infant car seat on the stroller, adding a bassinet to either stroller creates a newborn-ready, lay-flat space for baby's developing head and neck. Plus, both bassinets offer a breathable space that's comfortable no matter what season your baby is born. For cold weather, included aprons, soft mattresses, secure siding, and canopy coverage shield baby from harsh elements, while in warm weather adjustable ventilation and mesh panels at baby's head and in the canopy keep them cool and dry.

      The Silver Cross Reef stroller and bassinet can be purchased as a bundle for a savings of $50, while the Joolz Hub+ stroller, bassinet, and infant car seat can be purchased as a bundle for a savings of $200.

      Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison 

      How to fold the Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef

      Both the Silver Cross Reef and Joolz Hub+ can be folded with the toddler seat facing in either direction, and fold down in just a few steps.

      Once folded, the Reef and Hub+ can stand upright so they are easy to store or stash in your trunk. Plus, both have a way to carry the stroller when folded - the Hub+ has a long, padded carry strap, while the Reef has a padded carry handle integrated into the seat itself.

      Is one easier to fold than the other? Both the Hub and Reef involve a couple steps to fold, but this can be done quickly and - with a little practice - with ease when time is of the essence.

      How to fold the Joolz Hub+

      To fold the Joolz Hub+angle the seat back so it is parallel to the frame, then push in and lift up on the folding tabs at either side of the frame to lower.

      Grab the middle axle of the stroller and push the front wheels back to stand the Hub+ upright. If the toddler seat was forward-facing, you'll want to fold the calf support in half at this point as well.

      A built-in, padded shoulder strap makes the Hub+ easy to carry for long distances.

      To unfold the Hub+, open the stroller outwards at the handlebar and front of the frame, and raise the seat back into place.

      How to fold the Silver Cross Reef

      To fold the Silver Cross Reef, you'll need to fold the seat in half, then fold up the frame. First, raise the seat recline up to a 90-degree angle, then push down on the glossy button at the top so you can fold the seat over on itself. Next, lower the handlebar, press the centered safety tab to the right and lower the handlebar toward your feet until it locks at the side.

      It's easy to lift the Reef once folded thanks to its padded carry handle integrated into the underside of the seat, and it also stands upright when folded. Because the Reef balances on all four wheels when it is folded, the handlebar will stay clean and avoid scratching because it does not rest on the ground.

      To unfold, push the locking tab inwards and lift up on the frame, then raise the stroller seat.

      Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

      Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Fabrics and Materials

      In a move to reduce plastic pollution, both Joolz and Silver Cross have chosen sustainable outer fabrics that are both premium and made with recycled plastic bottles for these two stroller models.

      Additionally, vegan leather details on the Hub+ and Reef add a contemporary look. Textured, matte leatherette on the Joolz Hub+ creates a comfortable grip with visual interest, while the soft leather-look of the Silver Cross Reef details also include piping and leatherette accents throughout the seat for a luxurious touch.

      Seven fashions are available for the Joolz Hub+:

      • Timeless Taupe
      • Gorgeous Gray
      • Sage Green
      • Brilliant Black
      • Marvellous Green
      • Awesome Anthracite
      • Navy Blue

      Three fashions are available for the Silver Cross Reef:

      • Orbit Black
      • Neptune Blue
      • Earth Brown

        Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Car Seat Compatibility

        Since neither Silver Cross nor Joolz manufacture their own infant car seat model in the U.S., adapters will need to be purchased to attach a car seat from one of the four compatible brands. Thanks to the similar design of their adapters, both the Hub+ and Reef are compatible with the same selection of infant car seats from brands known for safety, comfort, and ease of use.

        With purchase of this car seat adapter, turn your Hub+ frame into an instant travel system.

        Car Seats Compatible with Joolz Hub+

        • Clek Liing
        • Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, and Cloud Q
        • Maxi-Cosi Mico series
        • Nuna PIPA, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite LX, and PIPA Lite RX

          With purchase of car seat adapters, turn your Silver Cross Reef stroller frame into a travel system with purchase of one of the infant car seats listed below.

          Car Seats Compatible with Silver Cross Reef

          • Clek Liing
          • Cybex Aton, Aton Q, and Cloud Q
          • Maxi-Cosi Mico 30, Mico Max, and Coral XP
          • Nuna PIPA, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite LX, and PIPA RX 

          Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef vs. Pros and Cons

          So which stroller is best for you: the Joolz Hub+ or the Silver Cross Reef? Let's review the benefits and drawbacks of each to help determine which will best suit your family.

          Joolz Hub+

          The lightweight, midsize 3-in-1 stroller from Joolz, the Hub+ is a great choice for parents that don't want to compromise quality but live in a large, busy city where space is valuable and stairs are an everyday occurrence.


          • Narrower by 3", and 3.5 pounds lighter with seat attached
          • Costs $330 less than the Silver Cross Reef - and $550 less as a bassinet bundle
          • Long, padded shoulder strap is easier to carry longer distances and up stairs
          • LED lights at front and back of basket aid visibility
          • Approximately 20% smaller when folded
          • Outer fabrics are sustainably made with recycled plastic bottles
          • Lifetime warranty gives peace of mind


          • Harness must be manually rethreaded
          • Cannot fold with one hand
          • Narrow basket space might limit storage capacity
          • No additional sun coverage when rear-facing
          • Bassinet is not overnight approved

          Joolz Hub+ vs. Silver Cross Reef Stroller Comparison

          Silver Cross Reef

          For an ultra-luxurious experience that combines beautiful detailing, convenient design features, and easy handling over varied terrain, the Silver Cross Reef has it all though it comes at a premium price.


          • Can fold with one hand
          • Larger front tires help absorb more bumps
          • Choice between two bassinets, an ultra compact bassinet or larger overnight-approved model
          • Outer fabrics are sustainably made with recycled plastic bottles
          • Harness adjusts with one hand at the back of the stroller seat
          • Magnetic buckle secures in seconds
          • Memory buttons to reverse or remove seat with one hand
          • Includes additional sun sail for coverage with rear-facing seat
          • Additional 5 pounds of seat capacity


          • Costs $330 more than Hub+, and $550 more when purchasing the bassinet bundle
          • Footprint is 3" wider and weighs 3.5 pounds more with seat attached
          • Smaller selection of colors
          • 3 years of warranty coverage versus the Joolz' lifetime warranty

          Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller Comparison


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