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Looking for a stroller to last a lifetime? That's the promise of Joolz, one of the only manufacturers on the market that offers a lifetime warranty on its stylish, high-quality strollers.

The Dutch company offers four models: the single-to-double Joolz Geo2, the sophisticated Joolz Day3, the city-friendly Joolz Hub and the airplane-ready Joolz Aer.

While the Aer stands apart as a tiny travel stroller, it can be tough to decide between the three full-sized Joolz strollers. The Geo2 offers the flexibility to grow with your family, but the Day3 offers additional more features and a smaller size at a similar price. Meanwhile, the Joolz Hub is a more compact alternative with features that add convenience for urban families.

Which Joolz stroller is right for you? We'll explain the differences between the Joolz Geo2, Joolz Day3 and Joolz Hub in this in-depth comparison.

joolz geo2 vs day3 vs hub stroller comparison

Joolz Geo2

Joolz Day3

Joolz Hub

Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Price

Joolz strollers are competitively priced with other luxury stroller brands, with pricing ranging from $679 for the Joolz Hub to $1,049 for the Joolz Geo2.

The similarly-priced Joolz Geo2 and Day3 strollers come with bassinet fabrics, which can be attached to the seat frame in place of the stroller seat fabrics. The Hub bassinet is sold separately for $199.

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Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Weight and Dimensions

The Joolz Hub is the lightest of the three full-sized Joolz strollers, weighing 4-6 pounds less than the Geo2 and Day3. The Hub is also the most narrow by 2-3 inches, which helps for navigating tight spaces.

With its capacity to carry two children, the Geo2 is the largest Joolz stroller—weighing 2-6 pounds more than the Day3 and Hub and extending by an extra 4 inches in length.

Stroller Weight

  • Joolz Geo2: 31 pounds
  • Joolz Day3: 29.1 pounds
  • Joolz Hub: 25 pounds

Weight Limit

  • Joolz Geo2: 50 pounds for upper seat; 38 pounds for lower seat
  • Joolz Day3: 50 pounds
  • Joolz Hub: 50 pounds


  • Joolz Geo2: 37"L x 24"W x 37-42"H
  • Joolz Day3: 33"L x 23"W x 39-44"H
  • Joolz Hub: 33"L x 21"W x 38-42"H

Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub How to Fold

With three different strollers come three different folds—each with their own benefits and drawbacks, too.

Joolz Geo2 Fold

For most double strollers, you'll need to remove the lower seat before folding, but the Joolz Geo2 is the rare model that folds with both seats attached to the frame for easier storage in your trunk or closet. At 37 pounds, the Geo2 is a bit heavy with both seats attached, but the exposed bumper bar makes the stroller easier to lift.

The Joolz Geo2 stroller folds flat, with the wheels collapsing under the frame, when you pull the triggers on each side of the stroller. Take a look at folding the single version of the Geo2 in the video below.

Joolz Day3 Fold

The Joolz Day3 stands when folded, allowing you to more easily lift the stroller into your car without bending and straining your back.

Press the triggers on the sides of the frame to fold the seat backward, then push the front wheels underneath the frame until the stroller is locked and standing. The Day3 unfolds in one quick motion when you pull the bumper bar and the bottom of the stroller. Check out the fold and unfold of the Day3 in the video below.

Joolz Hub Fold

The Hub is the most compact of the three Joolz strollers when folded, and it's the only model that includes a strap for carrying the stroller on your shoulder.

In a unique feature, the Hub seat folds into the frame when parent-facing (many strollers only fold when the seat is facing forward). Pull the triggers on the side of the frame to lower the handlebar, then pull the front wheels underneath the frame. When folded, the Hub stands at an angle, compared with the upright standing fold of the Day3.

Unlike the Geo2 and Day3, the Hub doesn't lock automatically when folded; you'll need to attach a clip to the side of the frame to keep the stroller in place. Check out folding the Joolz Hub in the video below.

Folded Dimensions

  • Joolz Geo2: 39"L x 24"W x 22"H (both seats attached)
  • Joolz Day3: 37"L x 23"W x 17"H
  • Joolz Hub: 26"L x 21"W x 13"H

Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub How to Fold

    Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Wheels and Maneuverability

    All three Joolz strollers have all-wheel suspension to ensure easy pushing for you and a comfortable ride for your baby.

    The Geo2 and Day3 strollers have larger wheels built for tackling terrain like grass, dirt and gravel. The smaller wheels of the Joolz Hub that make the stroller lighter are more intended for city use than uneven terrain.

    Wheel Size

    • Joolz Geo2: 7.5" front wheels; 11.8" rear wheels
    • Joolz Day3: 7" front wheels; 12" rear wheels
    • Joolz Hub: 6.3" front wheels; 10.3" rear wheels
    Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub

    Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Feature Differences

    When it comes to features, what are the differences between Joolz strollers?

    The Geo2 stands out as the only Joolz stroller that converts to a double. Parents can start using the stroller for one child, then add the Geo2 expandable set when a sibling comes along. The expandable set consists of a second seat frame, along with both seat and bassinet fabrics that allow you to build the stroller to your family's needs.

    In single mode, the Joolz strollers share many of the same qualities. But they differ in size, wheels and fold (as explored above), as well as in features like the storage capacity, seat height and canopy.

    Storage Capacity

    In addition to more space for a second child, the Geo2 also has more storage capacity, holding up to 22 pounds in its spacious underseat basket—double the capacity of the Day3 and Hub baskets.

    Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Stroller Comparison

    Adjustable Footrest

    The Day3 adjustable footrest that can be lengthened as your child grows taller, while the Hub footrest rotates up and down to offer a range of comfortable positions. The footrest on the Geo2 is not adjustable.

    Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Stroller Comparison

    Seat Height

    Both the Geo2 and Day3 have a table-height seat so you can use your stroller as a high chair at a restaurant, a feature not included on the Hub.

    Canopy and Ventilation

    On the Geo2 and Day3, you can open a flap on the back of the canopy to reveal a large ventilated panel that helps your baby stay cool in either the stroller seat or bassinet. The back of the bassinet has a ventilation panel for additional airflow.

    You can also unzip the Hub canopy to add a ventilation window, but it's smaller than those seen on the Day3 and Geo2. The Hub bassinet has ventilation in the canopy, but not in bottom of the bassinet itself.

    Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Stroller Comparison

    Car Seats Compatible with Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub 

    The Joolz Geo2, Day3 and Hub are compatible with the same infant car seat models using adapters sold separately. Simply replace the stroller seat with the car seat adapters, then click your car seat onto the adapters when you're heading out.

    Because the Geo2 can support a car seat on either the upper or lower position of the stroller (or for twins, both!), Joolz offers an upper car seat adapter and a lower car seat adapter.

    All three strollers are compatible with these car seats:

    Car Seats Compatible with Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub

    Joolz Geo2 vs. Day3 vs. Hub Colors

    All three Joolz strollers come in the timeless colors Classic Blue and Gorgeous Gray. The Day3 adds a Brilliant Black option with black frame, and the Hub also has a fourth color, Marvellous Green.


    • Classic Blue
    • Gorgeous Gray


    • Classic Blue
    • Gorgeous Gray
    • Brilliant Black


    • Classic Blue
    • Gorgeous Gray
    • Brilliant Black
    • Marvellous Green


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