UPPAbaby Vista Rumble Seat V2+

2023 UPPAbaby RumbleSeat vs. 2024 RumbleSeat V2+ | Comparison

New product releases are consistently thrilling, and even minor updates can have a significant impact! UPPAbaby has unveiled a latest product that holds great promise for families contemplating an investment in the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. In this article, we will present the newly launched UPPAbaby Vista Rumble Seat V2+ and provide a comprehensive comparison with the Rumble Seat V2, emphasizing the enhancements and distinctions.

What is a Vista RumbleSeat?

Let's begin with the fundamentals: What exactly is a Rumble Seat? The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller stands out as a top choice among growing families nationwide. Its popularity is attributed to its versatility, seamlessly transforming from a single to a double stroller—a valuable investment for parents expecting their first child and a desire to quickly expand their family. The Vista initially comes with a primary/toddler seat and a bassinet. The main seat is designed for the top position of the stroller, while the bassinet can be positioned on the top or at the lower/front of the frame. Additional lower adapters are needed to hold the bassinet in the lower/front position. This configuration will accommodate an infant from birth to 6 month and a toddler.

However, when the need arises for accommodating two seated children on the Vista stroller, a second seat becomes essential. This additional seat is known as the Rumble Seat. Specifically crafted to fit the front/bottom of the Vista stroller frame, the Rumble Seat is slightly smaller than the main top seat. This size difference is a crucial consideration based on safety tests and the supported size and weight capacity of the front of the Vista frame. In summary, the Rumble Seat is incorporated into the Vista stroller to transform it into a double stroller, catering to the needs of parents with two children.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 with Rumble Seat V2+

Now that we have that covered, let's dive into the exciting upgrades to the Vista RumbleSeat V2+!


What's new with the UPPAbaby RumbleSeat V2+? UPPAbaby RumbleSeat V2 vs. UPPAbaby RumbleSeat V2+:

The UPPAbaby RumbleSeat has unfortunately had its drawbacks - the most notable being that it's weight limit has always been significantly lower than the main seat. This lower weight limit resulted in older children quickly outgrowing the lower position, forcing parents to move their older children to the upper, larger main seat and transition their younger/smaller child to the further away, lower, front position. This is obviously not the ideal double stroller configuration, parents prefer to keep their younger child close. UPPAbaby has addressed these weight capacity limitations in their new RumbleSeat design. 

Without further adieu, here's what's new!! The RumbleSeat V2+ introduces an increase in weight capacity, now accommodating up to 40lbs compared to its predecessors' 35lb weight limit. Moreover, it is now built taller and wider, providing assurance to fit a child up to 3.5 years of age (based on 95th percentile statistics). Notably, the RumbleSeat V2+ incorporates additional comfort-enhancing features. These features are also present in the Vista V2 main stroller seat, ensuring intuitive use for parents.

UPPAbaby Rumble Seat V2+

RumbleSeat V2+ Features

New features:

  • Multi-position adjustable footrest
  • Adjustable canopy, easily adjust the height to provide extra head space
  • Improved adapters with larger hubs for quick and easy attachment 
  • The new RumbleSeat V2+ adapters will also be compatible with UPPAbaby infant car seats and the UPPAbaby Bassinet. They will be sold separately as well as being included with the RumbleSeat V2+ purchase. (Previously, the Mesa/Bassinet adapters were a different design from the RumbleSeat adapters, resulting in parents swapping out their adapters to accommodate the different components. These new adapters provide ease of use and streamline configuration changes.)

Features carried over from previous model:

  • Reversible for both parent and world facing orientations
  • One-handed, multiple position recline
  • Extendable canopy with mesh panels
  • Non-rethread, sliding harness
  • Includes bumper bar, bug shield and quick attachment adapters

The new RumbleSeat V2+ is priced higher than the RumbleSeat V2. The RumbleSeat V2 will continue selling until sold out and once depleted the RumbleSeat V2+ will be the sole RumbleSeat option. 

The welcomed enhancements introduced in the RumbleSeat V2+ contribute to making the Vista V2 an even more attractive choice in the realm of single-to-double strollers.


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