Woman pushing Cybex Libelle 2 and man pushing Babyzen YOYO2

Cybex Libelle 2 vs. Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller Comparison

Traveling with a little one is hard, but your stroller can make the experience a lot easier! Travel strollers weigh less than your average everyday stroller, but the best ones are lightweight without skimping on quality, comfort, and maneuverability.

More than a decade ago, Babyzen introduced its game-changing YOYO, a stroller that offered full-sized features like all-wheel suspension and car seat compatibility—while folding compactly enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane.

Today, there are a multitude of other travel strollers on the market, including the Cybex Libelle 2. The Cybex Libelle 2 is the lightest ultra-compact stroller in the Cybex line. It has one of the smallest folds in the world, making it easy to bring on all your adventures whether that’s by car, train, plane, or ship!

In this article we will put the Cybex Libelle 2 and the Babyzen YOYO2 head to head for a comparison!

Cybex libelle 2 next to Babyzen YOYO2

Cybex Libelle 2

The Cybex Libelle 2 is Cybex’s lightest ultra-compact stroller. The Cybex Libelle 2 has a unique design and fold, unlike any other travel stroller on the market. It folds into a space-saving, self-standing package that’s carry-on compliant and easy to store in the overhead bins of planes and trains or in a small space in your car.

The Cybex Libelle 2 weighs only 13.7 pounds and has many features seen on full size strollers such as car seat compatibility, adjustable leg rest, and extra large sun canopy! 

Cybex Libelle 2 folded up

Babyzen YOYO2

The Babyzen YOYO2 was born in France, where its sturdy frame and all-wheel suspension can tackle anything from grassy parks to cobblestone streets.

The YOYO2 folds in a flash and can be carried by an integrated shoulder strap, then stored in its included carry bag.

Use the same frame to attach three different seat options to the stroller: the 0+ Newborn Pack for a soft bassinet that folds with the stroller, the Babyzen Bassinet for a hard-bottomed bassinet that can be used on the ground, or the 6+ Color Pack, which includes the seat fabric to be used when your baby is sitting upright.

See the YOYO2 in the video below.

Cybex Libelle 2 vs. Babyzen YOYO2 Price

The Cybex Libelle 2 is one of the more affordable travel stroller options and comes with car seat adapters. The YOYO2 6+ Complete stroller comes with the stroller frame, canopy and seat fabrics (6+ Color Pack), and carry bag. 

To see the current pricing of the Cybex Libelle 2, click here.

To see the current pricing of the YOYO2, click here.

Cybex Libelle 2 vs. Babyzen YOYO2 Specifications

The Cybex Libelle 2 and the Babyzen YOYO2 are very similar in size and weight. The Libelle 2 does fold slimmer though. Another notable difference is the Libelle 2 has an attached leg rest unlike the YOYO2 - you can purchase a leg rest accessory for it though.

Let’s take a look at all the specs below!

Open Dimensions

  • Libelle 2: 28.7” L x 20.5” W x 40.9” H
  • YOYO2: 39" L x 17" W x 41" H

Folded Dimensions

  • Libelle 2: 13.6” L x 7.8” W x 20.6” H
  • YOYO2: 20" L x 17"W x 7" H

Product Weight

  • Libelle 2: 13.7 pounds
  • YOYO2: 13.6 pounds

Weight Limit

  • Libelle 2: 55 pounds
  • YOYO2: 48.5 pounds

Seat Back Height

  • Libelle 2: 19”
  • YOYO2: 17”

Seat to Canopy Height

  • Libelle 2: 23”
  • YOYO2: 24”

Seat Depth

  • Libelle 2: 7.5” / with footrest extended: 13"
  • YOYO2: 10”

Leg Rest Length

  • Libelle 2: 5.5”
  • YOYO2: no leg rest included

Wheel Size

  • Libelle 2: 5” front / 5.5” rear
  • YOYO2: 5.25” for all

Basket Weight Capacity

  • Libelle 2: 11 pounds
  • YOYO2: 11 pounds

Cybex Libelle 2 folded side by side with Babyzen YOYO2

Cybex Libelle 2 vs. Babyzen YOYO2 Configurations and Bassinet

Bassinets aren't required for using the stroller with a newborn, but they are recommended for a few reasons.

A bassinet allows a baby to lie completely flat, rather than in a slightly upright position in the car seat, which allows for open airways and a better-supported head and neck. Bassinets are also more ventilated than car seats, which tend to make babies sweaty with their protective foam.

The Cybex Libelle 2 does not offer a bassinet option for your newborn, but it does come with car seat adapters for Cybex car seats. Cybex now offers a couple lie flat infant car seats so your baby would be in a more optimal position while in this stroller without needing a bassinet!

If you're planning to use your stroller during baby's first months, the Babyzen YOYO2 offers a few options, but they are all additional purchases. It can be paired with a compatible infant car seat with the car seat adapters. The YOYO2 also offers two additional configurations for a newborn when you attach the hard-bottomed YOYO Bassinet or the soft, foldable 0+ Newborn Pack. It can also become a double by pairing it with the YOYO Connect frame!

The soft Babyzen 0+ Newborn Pack folds with the stroller and includes a harness. The structured Babyzen Bassinet can be used off the stroller if you're visiting a friend or a restaurant, and it doesn't require a harness. However, neither are approved for overnight sleep.

Babyzen YOYO2 with bassinet and without and folded

Have two little ones? The Babyzen YOYO2 now has the option to become a double stroller with the addition of the YOYO2 Connect! The YOYO2 Connect can be easily attached at the back of YOYO2 thanks to its patented instant connection system, and turns it into a double stroller! 

YOYO2 Connect double stroller shown with two little ones

Cybex Libelle 2 vs. Babyzen YOYO2 How to Fold

Cybex Libelle 2

The Cybex Libelle 2 does require two hands to fold. First find the two white buttons on each side of the handlebar and push with your thumbs. Then lean forward into it and push the stroller down. Next, turn it in towards itself. The white latch keeps it together in a nice little package.

To open it up, you unlatch the white latch and push the buttons, popping it up and open!

Babyzen YOYO2 

Folding the YOYO2 takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be impressed with just how compact it becomes! To fold the YOYO2, first press the white buttons at the top of the frame to collapse the handlebar and canopy. 

Then, find a red tab and black button located on the underside of the stroller. Press the button while pulling the tab, then grab the metal bar to allow the stroller to collapse and lock in place.

See how to fold the Babyzen YOYO in this video

Cybex Libelle 2 folded and Babyzen YOYO 2 folded

Cybex Libelle 2 vs. Babyzen YOYO2 Colors

For current colors of the Cybex Libelle 2, click here.

For current color and frame options of the Babyzen YOYO2, click here.

Car seats compatible with Cybex Libelle 2 and Babyzen YOYO2

The Cybex Libelle 2 comes with car seat adapters and only works with Cybex car seats.

The Babyzen YOYO2 does not come with car seat adapters, but they can be purchased, and they work with more car seat brands.

Car Seats Compatible with Babyzen YOYO2

Cybex Libelle 2 vs. Babyzen YOYO2 Pros and Cons

So which stroller is better: the Cybex Libelle 2 or the Babyzen YOYO2? They’re very similar sizes, and are both great travel strollers that fit into overhead bins. However, they also offer some differences. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Cybex Libelle 2


  • Comes with car seat adapters
  • Has an adjustable leg rest, which in turn offers a deeper seat than the YOYO2
  • Weight limit is 6.5 pounds more than the YOYO2
  • Has a one-pull easily adjustable no rethread harness
  • More affordable option


  • Cannot use any other car seats besides Cybex
  • No bassinet offered
  • Does not offer a way to turn into a double stroller like the YOYO2 Connect
  • Handlebar design may not be as comfortable for all parents

Babyzen YOYO2


  • Can be used with a second child with the Babyzen Board or YOYO Connect frame
  • Has a shoulder strap for easy carrying when not in use
  • Can be purchased as a standalone frame for use with a car seat or bassinet
  • Removable machine washable fabrics
  • Storage pouch on the back of the canopy
  • Leatherette handlebar


  • Does not have no-rethread harness seen on Libelle 2
  • No leg rest included (included with Libelle 2)
  • More expensive than the Libelle 2 


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