Cybex Gazelle S 2 vs. Cybex e-Gazelle S Stroller Comparison

Cybex Gazelle S 2 vs. Cybex e-Gazelle S Stroller Comparison

If you're planning to expand your family or having twins, you may want to consider a convertible stroller. Convertible strollers are single stroller that can adapt and become double strollers either right away or years down the road when a sibling comes into the picture. One of the most versatile convertible strollers on the market is the Cybex Gazelle. With over 20 configurations, the Gazelle S 2 seamlessly transitions from a single to a double stroller with no additional adapters required!

Woman pushing Cybex Gazelle double stroller

Why choose Cybex

Cybex originated in Germany, and has become an industry-leading baby gear brand. At the core of their product development lies the "Innovation Principle": a fusion of distinctive design, unparalleled safety, quality, and intelligent functionality. 

Cybex strollers are known for their sleek and stylish designs. They offer modern and attractive aesthetics, appealing to parents who value both functionality and fashion. Cybex is also one of the industry leaders in integrating advanced technology within the baby gear world. For example, their SensorSafe system on their car seats provides alerts to caregivers when potential dangerous situations arise, like if the child is left in the car or the child unbuckles the buckle. Now Cybex is unveiling their second stroller with electric support - the e-Gazelle S - making pushing uphill and on different terrains a breeze. Let's take a closer look at the Gazelle line!

What is the Cybex Gazelle S 2 stroller? 

The Gazelle S 2 is Cybex's only convertible stroller, seamlessly transitioning from a single to a double stroller for siblings or twins—with no additional adapters required. You can use the Gazelle in single mode with the reversible toddler seat, a Gazelle S Cot, or an infant car seat from Cybex or several other popular brands. Unique to the Gazelle: the stroller includes a shopping basket that easily attaches to the upper position - just move the stroller seat to the lower position!

As a double stroller, the Gazelle offers plenty of flexibility for siblings or twins, offering more than 20 configurations and a 50-pound weight capacity per seat. Plus you can even add the Cybex Gazelle S Kidboard (sold separately) so a third child can come along for the ride!  

Cybex Gazelle shown with basket, two seats, one car seat and one seat

What is the Cybex e-Gazelle S strolller?

The Cybex e-Gazelle S stroller is basically the same stroller as the regular Gazelle S 2, however, it has added technology and has electric powered assist technology! The e-Gazelle S makes traveling up or downhill a breeze - intuitively controlling the power with a user-friendly lever integrated into the handle. The stroller also includes specialized uneven surface support making even the roughest terrain a smooth ride. And that's not it! There's also an automatic rocking function that gently sways the stroller back and forth to soothe your child - perfect for when stopped at a restaurant! 

Like the regular Gazelle S 2, the e-Gazelle S is a convertible stroller and has over 20 different configurations! Perfect for siblings close in age or twins. Let's explore the similarities and differences in terms of features and specifications. 

close up of e-Gazelle handle with the electric controls

What are the similarities between the Cybex Gazelle S 2 and the e-Gazelle S strollers?

The Cybex Gazelle S 2 and e-Gazelle S strollers share most of the same features. 

Cybex Gazelle S 2 vs. Cybex e-Gazelle S

Cybex Gazelle S 2 and e-Gazelle SFull Features List:

  • One-pull seat harness system - making it faster and easier to adjust
  • Independent back and leg adjustments offer multiple configurations, allowing you to position your child for comfort
  • Ergonomic near flat recline
  • Supports 20+ configurations using stroller seats, carrycots, car seats or shopping baskets
  • Removable shopping basket can be used in the upper position, providing extra storage 
  • Extra-large, easy access underseat basket holds up to 30 pounds
  • Premium design with an all-aluminum frame with taupe finish, leatherette handlebar and bumper bar, and high-quality fabrics
  • Extendable XXL sun canopy with mesh window and a UPF 50+ rating
  • One-hand height-adjustable handlebar offers comfortable steering for all users
  • All-wheel suspension with integrated frame shock absorption system provides a smooth ride over a variety of surfaces
  • Easily converts from a single to double stroller without additional adapters
  • Folds with both seats attached

What are the differences between the Cybex Gazelle S 2 and the e-Gazelle S strollers?

The Cybex e-Gazelle S stroller has some additional features due to the nature of it being an electric powered stroller. 

Cybex e-Gazelle S with bassinet and with two seats

Additional features of the e-Gazelle S: 

  • Smart assist mode: Forward power and downhill brake assist mode helps control how much assistance you need with the convenient lever on the handlebar, no phone application required for use
  • Rocking feature: Choose between three gentle settings to soothe your child
  • Smart safety: Includes a two-step safety delay start mode
  • Shopping basket holds 25 pounds versus 22 pounds

Are the Cybex Gazelle S 2 and e-Gazelle S the same size?

Let's look at the specifications for the two strollers as these vary a bit too. The e-Gazelle is significantly heavier due to the battery and other electrical components needed, and it has a bit larger footprint overall.

Single Stroller Weight

  • Gazelle S 2: 28.4 pounds
  • e-Gazelle: 32.4 pounds

Double Stroller Weight

  • Gazelle S 2: 35.9 pounds
  • e-Gazelle: 39.9 pounds


  • Gazelle S 2: 41.3” L x 25.4” W x 43.1” H
  • e-Gazelle: 42.3" L x 26" W x 43.3" H

Folded Dimensions

  • Gazelle S 2: 32.5" H x 25.4” W x 12” L
  • e-Gazelle: 32.3” H x 26" W x 15.3” L

What's Included

  • Gazelle S 2: Stroller frame + stroller seat, infant car seat adapters, bumper bar, cup holder, rain cover, shopping basket
  • e-Gazelle S: e-Gazelle Stroller Frame + stroller seat, infant car seat adapters, bumper bar, cup holder, rain cover, shopping basket, charger, battery pack

Cybex offers a 2 year manufacturer warranty for both strollers.

  Cybex Gazelle S 2 Configurations

What infant car seats are compatible with the Cybex Gazelle S 2 and e-Gazelle S strollers?

Both the Cybex Gazelle S 2 and e-Gazelle S strollers offer compatibility with a range of infant car seat models, giving parents the flexibility to create their preferred travel system. Each stroller comes equipped with infant car seat adapters, which not only work seamlessly with Cybex infant car seats but also support other leading car seat brands. Cybex also makes infant car seat adapters (sold separately) for other popular car seats for the Gazelle strollers. 

For a full list of infant car seats compatible with BOTH Cybex Gazelle strollers refer >>>here 

What is the best Gazelle? The Cybex Gazelle S 2 or the e-Gazelle S?

There is no "best Gazelle" - it's really dependent on what Gazelle is best for your lifestyle. Since they are so similar, it really comes down to if you need the electric features of the e-Gazelle S. If you live in a hilly neighborhood or one with a lot of uneven terrain, there's no question the e-Gazelle is going to make your life easier! However, if you live in the suburbs and have mostly flat, paved roads, then you'll be just fine with the regular Gazelle S 2!

Another consideration are age and weight of the children riding. The heavier the kids, the more the e-Gazelle S will make a difference in terms of ease of pushing. This may be hard to predict if you are purchasing the Gazelle from the beginning of your parenting journey though. Also, good to remember the e-Gazelle is a few pounds heavier and a bit larger than the regular Gazelle S 2 so making sure it fits in with your lifestyle is essential. 

There is no question either Gazelle stroller is a wise investment! Either of these strollers is sure to make the parenting journey smooth and enjoyable, no matter where the stroll may lead!


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