Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios

Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios | Stroller Comparison

Struggling to find the perfect "just right" stroller? Are full-size strollers too big, while compact ones feel too small? Perhaps a mid-size, lightweight option is the solution you've been searching for! Bugaboo and Cybex provide ideal choices for parents seeking a blend of functionality and convenience. The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios offer the features of full-size strollers in a lightweight and relatively compact design.

Realizing the existence of the mid-size stroller category can be a relief, yet choosing between the top options in this class can pose a challenge. In this article, we compare two of our favorites to assist in deciding which one is the optimal choice for your family!


Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios

Does the Bugaboo Dragonfly or Cybex Mios have better features? Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:

Both of these mid-size strollers boast features that parents often seek in full-size strollers. The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios share numerous common features, such as: all-wheel suspension, reversible stroller seat, one-handed fold mechanism, compatibility with infant car seats, and UV-protected, ventilated canopy. Explore their comprehensive list of features below:

Features: Bugaboo Dragonfly

  • One-hand compact fold with patented self-stand design, fold with seat included
  • Lightweight (17.4 lbs) to carry over your shoulder or pull like a trolley
  • 22 lbs of underseat basket, plus extra rear pocket for even more storage
  • Full suspension and new urban wheel design for smoother rides in the city
  • Sustainably built to last with bio-based material, reducing CO2 footprint by 21%
  • Reversible and adjustable seat, fully reclinable with just one hand
  • Padded 5-point safety harness can be adjusted for height
  • Extendable UPF 50+ sun canopy has a pop-out visor and peek-a-boo panel
  • Suitable from 6 months to approx. 4 years (max. 50 lbs)
  • Car seat compatibility with dedicated adapters (sold separately)
  • The handlebar grips are made of 100% vegetarian leather
  • Designed in the Netherlands and built in Bugaboo's own factory

Features: Cybex Mios

  • One-pull harness helps you secure your child in seconds with just one hand
  • Reversible seat allows child to face parent or face forward
  • Accommodates a Cybex infant car seat or the Mios3 carry cot
  • Stroller folds with one hand and stands when folded
  • Breathable mesh in seat helps keep child cool in warm weather
  •  All-wheel suspension helps provide a smooth ride
  • Narrow width of less than 20" helps families navigate tight spaces
  • 3-position recline can be adjusted with one hand
  • Premium leather handlebar is adjustable
  • Premium leather bumper bar can be opened from either side for easy access to seat
  • Adjustable leg rest is backed with mesh
  • UPF 50+ canopy features zip-out extension and ventilated mesh window
  • 5-point harness with comfortable padding
  • Front swivel wheels can be locked for stability on rough terrain
  • Storage basket holds 11 pounds

How do the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios compare in weight and size? Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:

What is the best mid-size stroller option? Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:


The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios weigh nearly the same, but the Cybex Mios boasts a smaller overall footprint and slightly more compact fold. Conversely, the larger size of the Dragonfly accommodates a larger storage basket, capable of holding approximately twice as much weight as the Mios. Additionally, the Dragonfly features larger wheels all around, enhancing performance over rough sidewalks and unpaved paths. 

Specs and Dimensions: Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:


Stroller Weight


 Folded Dimensions

Basket Weight Capacity

 Seat Back Height

 Wheel size

 Warranty Period

 Recommended Use

  • Bugaboo Dragonfly: 6 months to 50 lbs (from birth with bassinet or infant car seat)
  • Cybex Mios: 3 months to 55 lbs (from birth with cot or infant car seat)

Does the Bugaboo Dragonfly or Cybex Mios offer more configurations? Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:

Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios

The stroller seats of both the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios do not provide a fully flat recline, making them unsuitable for use from birth. It's recommended that babies have full neck control before transitioning to their stroller seats. However, the Bugaboo Dragonfly can be purchased as a bundle with its corresponding bassinet, while Cybex offers the Mios Cot, sold separately, which can be added to create a newborn-friendly system. Bassinets or cots provide the ideal environment for extended periods of stroller use for newborns. Additionally, both strollers come with infant car seat adapters, allowing them to be paired with various infant car seats for use as a "travel system."

Both the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios boast reversible stroller seats, allowing little ones to either face the world or their parents. However, a standout feature of the Dragonfly is its ability to fold with the seat facing in either direction. Additionally, the Dragonfly can be folded with its bassinet attached, achieving a compact fold even with the bassinet in place. On the other hand, while the Mios fold can technically be performed with the seat in the parent-facing orientation, the locking mechanism will not be engaged. Attempting to force a locked fold in this position may damage the stroller. It is advised to fold the stroller with the Mios seat in its world facing position.

The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios are both strictly single strollers; neither can be converted to serve as a double stroller. However, the Dragonfly has integrated adapters that allow easy pairing with the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+, enabling accommodation for two children. Unfortunately, Cybex does not offer a ride-on board option for the Mios. 

Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios


What infant car seats are compatible with the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex MiosBugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:

The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios share similar compatibility with infant car seats. Additionally, both strollers come with included infant car seat adapters, providing significant value right out of the box!

For a list of infant car seats compatible with the Bugaboo Dragonfly refer >>>here

For a list of infant car seats compatible with the Cybex Mios refer >>>here 

What accessories are offered for the Bugaboo Dragonfly or Cybex MiosBugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:

Both Bugaboo and Cybex provide accessories that enhance the functionality of their Dragonfly and Mios strollers. However, Bugaboo offers a wider range of accessories, catering to parents' every need with an extensive selection. 

A beloved Bugaboo accessory among parents is the universal bassinet stand. This stand enables the Dragonfly bassinet to serve as a versatile primary sleep solution. Its ultra-compact fold makes it especially convenient for travel purposes!

Although Cybex doesn't provide a wide array of accessories, they do offer the Mios seat pack in a diverse range of captivating styles. This allows parents to customize their stroller according to their individual aesthetic preferences, adding a touch of personality to their baby's ride.


Bugaboo Dragonfly Accessories:


  • Rotating Bumper bar
  • Parasol+ Attachment Clip
  • Infant Car Seat Adapters 
  • Integrated Carry Strap


Sold Separately:

Cybex Mios Accessories:

What is the best mid-size stroller option? Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios:

Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Cybex Mios


The Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios are both excellent options for families preferring a light weight stroller without compromising on performance.

City families will find the one-handed fold, featured on both the Dragonfly and Mios, a necessity for navigating public transportation.

The Dragonfly and Mios are also great fits for Suburban families due  to their lightweight and compact folds that provide effortless transitions on-the-go, day to day.

Deciding between these two best-in-class options can come down to their few differences. 

For parents needing to opt for a slightly smaller stroller footprint and folded size-  the Mios stands out as a clear choice. Cybex also wins over fashion forward trend setters with their unique designs and customization options. 

Families who place a high value on performance will not be disappointed with the Dragonfly! The Dragonfly can be trusted to tackle unpaved paths and broken sidewalks with ease. Its larger storage basket caters to families who tend to bring along more "stuff."

Deciding between the Bugaboo Dragonfly and Cybex Mios ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both Bugaboo and Cybex deliver high quality, dependable gear built to endure daily use for years to come!


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