Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Stroller Comparison

Are you looking for a versatile and comfortable stroller that can grow with your family? The Bugaboo Donkey5 and Nuna DEMI Next are two strollers that will last from infancy to outings with two little ones (or three in the Donkey’s case)!

The Bugaboo Donkey5 and Nuna DEMI Next are two of the highest-quality strollers that can grow with your family. Both models have hearty tires that will smoothly roll across any terrain, reversible seats, great storage, and beautiful fabrics including amazing sun canopies.

However, the Donkey5 and Nuna DEMI Next do have a number of key differences—especially in how they convert from single to double (and beyond).

The Donkey is one of the only strollers that expands side-by-side, which allows for better weight distribution, easier access to your kids, and more legroom and recline options for toddlers. The stroller has an included bassinet, four large all-terrain tires, and lots of carrying capacity thanks to a side luggage basket.

The DEMI Next converts to a double by adding a second seat below the first one, by the back wheels for a stacked style. This makes the stroller more narrow, but still allows it to push easily because the weight is distributed over the back bigger wheels.

Let’s see how the Donkey5 and DEMI Next compare.

Product images for Donkey5 Double and DEMI Next double

Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Video

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Bugaboo Donkey5

As one of the only strollers that converts from a single to a side-by-side double, the Donkey5 is easier to push, turn, and get over curbs than many tandem style convertible strollers.

New for the Donkey5 model, a higher seat position brings your child closer to you, while a ventilated bassinet and updated fabrics keep your child cozy at every age. These and more updates add convenience, comfort, and style!

Parents will enjoy an easier fold, dozens of color combinations, and a handy quick click harness. Plus with just a few clicks the Donkey5 can become a single stroller with a handy side basket for more storage!

 bugaboo donkey5 stroller with riding board

Nuna DEMI Next

The DEMI Next is Nuna's only stroller that can accommodate a second seat for siblings or twins. The DEMI Next offers a sleek design, 2-year warranty, sturdy all-terrain wheels with adjustable suspension, and compatibility with the Nuna PIPA series of infant car seats considered to be among the safest on the market.

The stroller includes a zip-out seat lining for an all-weather mesh seat and custom dual suspension that changes the ride for smooth and rough surfaces. A magnetic buckle makes it even easier to help your child in and out of the stroller, while brown leatherette detailing on the handle and bumper bar add a contemporary look.

The UPF 50+ Aire protect canopy™ provides optimal protection from the elements, while the built-in privacy drape and ventilation panels ensure ideal airflow. Its four recline positions and adjustable backrest angle provide that perfect combination of comfort and support for your child's ride. Plus, the one-handed recline adjustment makes it simple to cater to your little one's preferences. 

Woman walking with Nuna DEMI Next and child on rider board

Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Price

There are a few different ways to purchase the Bugaboo Donkey5. You can purchase it as a Mono - for one child - and expand it to a double later on by purchasing the Duo Extension Set Complete. Or you can purchase it as a double right from the start by purchasing the Donkey5 Duo (for two children of different ages) or Donkey5 Twin (for twins from birth).

The Nuna DEMI Next can be purchased as a single with included rider board or a double with the second seat. Note that the rider board cannot be used when the stroller is in double mode. 

For current pricing please see the respective product pages linked above.


Bugaboo Donkey5 Mono (single):

  • Base materials: stroller chassis with wheels, seat/bassinet frame, sun canopy wires, carry handle, underseat basket, rain cover
  • Base fabrics: seat fabric, bassinet fabric and apron, side luggage basket
  • Extendable sun canopy

Bugaboo Donkey5 Duo (two riders):

  • Base materials: stroller chassis with wheels, seat/bassinet frame, sun canopy wires, carry handle, underseat basket, rain cover
  • Base fabrics: seat fabric, bassinet fabric and apron, side luggage basket
  • Extendable sun canopy (2)
  • Duo extension set: second seat/bassinet frame, sun canopy wires, carry handle, rain cover
  • Second seat fabric

Bugaboo Donkey5 Twin (twins):

  • Base materials: stroller chassis with wheels, seat/bassinet frame, sun canopy wires, carry handle, underseat basket, rain cover
  • Base fabrics: seat fabric, bassinet fabric and apron, side luggage basket
  • Extendable sun canopy (2)
  • Duo extension set: second seat/bassinet frame, sun canopy wires, carry handle, rain cover
  • Second seat fabric
  • Second bassinet fabric


Nuna DEMI Next:

  • Nuna DEMI Next stroller with one seat and canopy
  • Rider board
  • Ring car seat adapter
  • Set of traditional car seat adapters
  • Fenders
  • Rain cover

Nuna DEMI Next Double:

  • Nuna DEMI Next stroller with two seats (primary seat and sibling seat)
  • Rider board (only able to be used in single mode)
  • Ring car seat adapter
  • Set of traditional car seat adapters
  • Fenders
  • Rain cover (2) 

The Donkey5 is significantly more expensive than the DEMI Next, whether purchased as a single or double or twin. However, it does come with a bassinet, unlike the DEMI Next.

Double Donkey5 with toddler and newborn in bassinet next to Double DEMI Next with car seat on top and toddler below

Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Weight and Specifications 

In single mode, the Bugaboo Donkey5 and Nuna DEMI Next are very similar in size and weight. In double mode, the Donkey5 is about 4 pounds lighter, but 5 inches wider due to expanding width wise. However, the Demi Grow is a good amount longer than the Donkey5.

Single Stroller Weight

  • Donkey5: 26.9 pounds
  • DEMI Next: 28 pounds

Double Stroller Weight

  • Donkey5: 31.5 pounds
  • DEMI Next: 36 pounds

Open Dimensions

  • Donkey5: 31.5"L x 23.6"W x 33-41.7"H
  • DEMI Next: 39.5"L x 24"W x 43.5"H

Folded Dimensions

  • Donkey5: 35.4"L x 23.6"W x 20.4"H
  • DEMI Next: 23.5"L x 24"W x 35"H

Stroller Width in Single mode

  • Donkey5: 23.6”
  • DEMI Next: 24”

Stroller Width in Double mode

  • Donkey5: 29”
  • DEMI Next: 24”

Basket Capacity

  • Donkey5: 44 pounds
    • 22 pounds underseat basket, 22 pounds side luggage basket when in Mono (single mode)
  • DEMI Next: 22 pounds

Wheel Size

  • Donkey5: 10” front tires; 12” rear tires
  • DEMI Next: 7” front tires; 11” rear tires

Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Weight and Height Limit

When you turn the Donkey5 and DEMI Next into a double stroller, both of them have two identical seats. Your children can sit in whichever seat they prefer as long they’re within the 50 pound weight capacity of ether seat. This is unique, as many double strollers have two different sized seats with different weight capacities.

Weight Capacity

  • Donkey5: 50 pounds per seat
  • DEMI Next: 50 pounds per seat

Seat Back Height

  • Donkey5: 19"
  • DEMI Next: 18.5"

Seat to Canopy Height

  • Donkey5 Duo: 21"
  • DEMI Next: 20.5"

Seat Width

  • Donkey5: 10.5"
  • DEMI Next: 10.5" with wider insert and 12" without insert in

Seat Depth

  • Donkey5: 9"
  • DEMI Next: 10.5"

Calf Support Length

  • Donkey5: 10"
  • DEMI Next: 9.5"

Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Configurations

Both the Donkey and DEMI Next can expand from a single to a double stroller and can accommodate any combination of 1-2 stroller seats, bassinets, or infant car seats. The Donkey5 can actually accommodate up to THREE children with an optional ride along board for an older child to sit or stand on. The DEMI Next comes with a rider board (50 pound limit) that can be attached when the stroller is in single mode, however, not in double mode.

On the Bugaboo Donkey5, the second seat attaches next to the first seat - side by side. On the Nuna DEMI Next, the second seat attaches to connectors in the back of the basket so that the seat is positioned behind and beneath the primary seat.

Both designs offer pros and cons.

Seat Positioning

Besides ease of push, the advantage of the side by side seating of the Donkey is that it has seemingly limitless configurations and recline options. Toddlers can face parent, forward, or opposite directions and be as reclined back as much as they'd like without running into their sibling's seat. Side-by-side configurations mean parents can easily keep an eye on both children at once, from napping newborns to inquisitive toddlers. The seats are also identical - no fighting over who has what seat as no seat is “better” than the other!

The advantage of the Nuna DEMI Next is that when it becomes a double the width of the stroller remains that of a single stroller. It’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and the weight of both children is placed on the strongest part of the stroller, the rear axle.

The downsides of the DEMI Next design: The child essentially rides inside the stroller basket, which limits their view and movement—as well as your storage options. The second seat for the DEMI Next is also more difficult to access for the parent (although your child might think it's fun to climb in).

The second seat on the Donkey5 is as easy to access as the first seat since they are side by side, however, it does make the stroller 29” wide compared to 24” of the DEMI Next. Although, the Donkey5 does fit thru standard size doors, and is approved for Disney!


Both strollers offer numerous configurations for siblings or twins: You can add a second stroller seat, car seat or bassinet to either stroller.

But unlike the Donkey5 seats, both of which are reversible, the DEMI Next sibling seat (bottom seat) can only face forward.

Ride-Along Board

Another difference: The Donkey5 can be a ride for three kids when you attach the Comfort Wheeled Board to the stroller. The child can sit or stand, making it easy to cart around 3 children!

The DEMI Next includes a rider board, but it cannot be used in double mode. It can be detached or easily flips into the stroller basket when not in use. 

Woman pushing Donkey5 in single mode with side basket full of flowers. Woman pushing single DEMI Next with Nuna PIPA on top.

How to Fold Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next

To fold the Donkey5, tilt the stroller seat so it is parallel to the stroller frame, and lower the handlebar. On either side of the handlebar, press the black button and lift up on the white lever then lower the handle toward your feet.

To unfold, simply lift the handlebar up, push down to extend the front wheels, and raise the seat upright.

See the Donkey5 fold demonstrated in this video at minute mark 3:21

While the Nuna DEMI Next can be folded with one seat attached, it's best to remove the seat before folding to ensure access to a convenient, leather-wrapped carry handle integrated into the frame. 

To fold the DEMI Next, lock the stroller, remove the seats, and pull up on the triggers (on the sides by the handlebars) to fold it down. The DEMI Next is self standing and has a convenient carry handle to lift it.

Car Seats Compatible with Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next

Bugaboo offers their own infant car seat, as well as offering adapters for other brands.

Nuna is well-known for their Nuna PIPA model car seats. The Nuna DEMI Next is compatible with the Nuna PIPA series of car seats, and the necessary car seat adapters are included with your stroller purchase. No other brand car seat will work with the DEMI Next.



Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Accessories

The Donkey comes with a bassinet, stroller or bassinet rain cover, and side luggage basket for storage. Other Donkey accessories are sold separately and include:

The DEMI Next comes with an aire protect canopy, rider board, ring car seat adapter, traditional car seat adapters, fenders, and a rain cover. Other DEMI NEXT accessories sold separately include:


Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Colors and Fabrics

The Bugaboo Donkey5 is highly customizable because you can choose the color of the frame, seat fabrics and canopy, and you can buy spare canopies separately to change the look or offer more ventilation.

As part of Bugaboo’s ongoing sustainability targets, they’ll start using 100% recycled fabrics for their strollers by the end of 2023. They’re trying to push down to zero CO2 emissions by 2035.

For current colors of the Donkey5, click here.

 bugaboo donkey5

The Nuna DEMI Next does not have as many color options, and tends to come in only neutral color ways.

Nuna products meet the standards for GREENGUARD GOLD certification. This means that they have been thoroughly tested and certified to meet stringent emissions standards for over 360 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemical emissions.

For current colors of the DEMI Next, click here.

Close up of DEMI Next buckle

Bugaboo Donkey 5 vs. Nuna DEMI Next Pros and Cons

So which is better: the Bugaboo Donkey5 or the Nuna DEMI Next? Only you can decide which stroller best fits your family's needs, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.

Bugaboo Donkey5


  • Seats can face forward, parent, or opposite directions with unrestricted legroom and recline angles
  • Bassinet comes with the stroller and has added ventilation
  • Can go into two-wheel mode for sand and snow
  • Stroller seats can come off stroller and can stand independently on the ground
  • Huge canopy coverage
  • Steers easily with weight distributed towards rear wheels
  • Higher storage weight capacity in single configurations (44lbs)
  • Highly customizable and more accessories offered
  • Ride along board option for 3rd child
  • Lighter than the DEMI Next (in double mode) by about 4 pounds


  • Requires purchase of adapters for any compatible car seat, including Bugaboo Turtle One and Turtle Air
  • More steps to achieve a compact fold
  • With car seats attached, may be too wide to fit through some doorways
  • Costs more than the DEMI Next


Nuna DEMI Next


  • Stacked design of double stroller offers improved maneuverability over tandem doubles, and a reduced width over side-by-side doubles like the Donkey5
  • Costs less than the Donkey5
  • Seat includes insert that can be unzipped for a mesh seatback for hotter weather
  • Aire Protect canopy has built in bug cover and more mesh windows
  • Sky Drape cover extends from the canopy for full sun coverage over the seat
  • Harness buckle is magnetic, making it easier to help your child in and out
  • Adapters for Nuna PIPA series car seats comes with the purchase of the stroller
  • Comes with a rider board for a child up to 50 pounds


  • Basket space is minimized when child is riding in lower position
  • Some toddlers may not like riding underneath the upper seat
  • Seat in lower position is not reversible and can only face forward
  • Stroller is larger and heavier than the Donkey5
  • Not compatible with car seats other than Nuna brand
  • Rider board cannot be used in double mode for a third child
  • Less accessories and color choices offered



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