5 Reasons Every Parent Needs an UnbuckleMe

 A properly secured child harness is essential for child safety! However, harness buckles can often require a significant amount of force to unfasten. Parents know all too well the struggle that can ensue when pushing these tricky little buttons! But what if there was a product to alleviate this struggle? Good news—there is! Thanks to the mother-daughter team Barb and Becca and their invention, the UnbuckleMe, there's now a tiny tool to help parents unbuckle child harnesses with ease!

What is the Unbuckleme?



The UnbuckleMe is a small tool that clips over the buckle of a child harness and uses leverage to quickly and easily engage the buckle button, aiding in the unfastening of the harness.

The story behind the Unbuckleme?

As with most great products, the UnbuckleMe has a captivating story behind it, beginning with a grandma. Barb was excited to get out and about with her first granddaughter, but her excitement was quickly overshadowed by struggle. Barb suffered from arthritis, which proved to be a significant challenge when attempting to remove her granddaughter from her car seat. Pushing the buckle button was painful and difficult. Realizing she couldn't be the only one facing this issue, Barb leaned into her years of experience as an occupational therapist and created the UnbuckleMe.

Barb's daughter Becca, impressed by the product, knew it would be invaluable to parents, grandparents, and caregivers worldwide and decided to take it to market. They soon found themselves on Shark Tank, where all five sharks battled to seal the deal. The UnbuckleMe is now one of the best-selling car seat accessories!

5 ways to use the Unbuckleme:

UnbuckleMe on Stroller
  1. Combat Arthritis: The primary reason the UnbuckleMe was born! It's perfect for parents suffering from arthritis or as a thoughtful gift for grandparents who cherish alone time with their grandbabies.

  2. Save Your Manicure: No need to break a nail unbuckling your child's harness. Use the UnbuckleMe to keep your well-deserved manicure intact!

  3. Empower Older Children: Allow older children to independently unbuckle with the UnbuckleMe. This is especially useful for kids seated in the third row, where it's difficult for parents to reach.

  4. Stroller Harness: The UnbuckleMe also works on stroller buckles!

  5. High Chair Harness: The UnbuckleMe is equally effective on high chair buckles.

UnbuckleMe Color Assortment


Bonus: The UnbuckleMe is designed with an integrated loop to conveniently attach to a key ring! Never lose your UnbuckleMe and always have it close when unloading from the family vehicle! And it comes in fun colors- what's not to LOVE about this product!


UnbuckleMe on keyring


If you don't already have an UnbuckleMe on your keychain- it's time to get one (or two) now!


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