Ride Of The Week: Bugaboo Donkey5!

Woman pushing Bugaboo Donkey5 in single mode with side basket full of flowers and other shopping bags

It’s Ride of the Week time! This week we will explore the Bugaboo Donkey5 and its features in greater detail!

 Donkey in single, double with bassinet, and double with two seats

The Bugaboo Donkey5 is an amazing stroller that can grow with your family! Depending on your needs, it can hold one, two, or even three children! In three simple clicks, the Bugaboo Donkey5 grows from a single stroller to a side-by-side double stroller. Stroller seats, bassinets and infant car seats can be used in any combination to create one of the highest-quality double strollers on the market.

The Donkey5 is one of the only convertible strollers that expands sideways to accommodate two babies or children side by side. This configuration is easier to push, turn, and get over curbs than many tandem strollers. It truly pushes like butter, even fully loaded!

The Donkey5 is sold as a mono (single), duo (double), or twin (two bassinet fabrics and two seat fabrics). It always comes with at least one bassinet fabric, one or two seat fabrics, and one or two seat frames. The seat frames can hold either the bassinet fabric or the seat fabric, and attaching them is simple to do. Whether you are pushing the Donkey as a single or double, the stroller frame is identical and can expand or narrow as your needs change.

Let’s take a look at its many features starting from the top down:

  • Leatherette handlebar with one of the expanding clips on it (there are 3 total)
  • Triggers for folding on each side of the frame plus a set of clips for adjusting the handlebar
  • Extra-large 3-panel sun canopy offers exceptional protection from the sun and wind and includes a large, breezy discovery window
  • Easily one handed recline mechanism on back of seat - 3 positions
  • Soft, water-repellant, and machine washable seat
  • Quick-click harness is easy to buckle, quick one button release - can buckle the shoulder and waist buckles or just one or the other
  • The straps are easily height adjustable, featuring Bugaboo’s signature no-thread harness system
  • Leatherette bumper bar that can swing open on either side for easy loading and unloading
  • In single mode, the side luggage basket holds 22 pounds; includes a cover and pockets for storing keys, wallet and phone
  • In double mode, features an identical 50 pound weight limit seat for a sibling
  • Button for widening the chassis underneath the seats
  • Expanding clip on the bottom front of the frame and bottom back of the frame
  • Large, easily accessible 22 pound capacity under-basket
  • Easy to use brake
  • Large wheels with all-wheel suspension for a sturdy ride over rough terrain

 Woman pushing the Bugaboo Donkey5 in double mode with toddler facing forward and bassinet. She's going through a standard door.

The Bugaboo Donkey5 has some unique, lesser known features and tricks too!

  • The reclining, reversible seat can face either direction and, in a unique-to-Bugaboo feature, it's also self-standing when on the ground so your child has a seat wherever you go!
  • As a side-by-side double stroller, the Donkey5 is still narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway!
  • The Donkey5 stroller in single mode is actually less wide than the popular UPPAbaby Vista V2 and only about 3 inches wider than the Vista V2 when in double mode!
  • ALL the fabric is removable and machine-washable!
  • The Donkey5 packs 44 pounds of storage, between a roomy under seat basket and a side basket (for single mode) ideal for groceries and shopping bags!
  • The Donkey5 can convert into two-wheel mode for sand and snow.
  • The bassinet offers an aerated 3D comfort mattress made from innovative 3D mesh. Plus the front and sides of the bassinet have ventilation!
  • While the Donkey5 is a larger stroller, it still has a one-piece, self-standing fold, even with the bassinet attached! However, it may be easier to break the stroller down when folding to be able to fit it in your vehicle. The seats stack really nicely!
  • The Donkey5 has a rider board available for an older sibling that has a little comfortable seat on it as well! The stroller frame already has an attachment point built in! You can clip it up when not in use too.
  • The Donkey5 offers a water and snack tray that fits where the bumper bar is - snacks are life!
  • The Donkey5 offers lots of color options for your canopies so you can change them out as the mood strikes!
  • The Donkey5 comes with a bassinet that is approved for overnight sleep. Bugaboo also offers a stand for your home for the bassinet.
  • The front wheels can lock if you're navigating particularly hard terrain! 

 Donkey5 folded with bassinet and double Donkey5 with two seats

One of the best things about the Bugaboo Donkey5 is that there are no additional adapters needed to transform your stroller from a single to a double! Unlike other convertible strollers, the frame itself transforms in seconds versus adding on additional adapters to the frame. The Donkey5 also has identical seats, both holding up to 50 pounds!

The Donkey5 stands out for its unparalleled versatility! The side-by-side configuration allows you to effortlessly keep an eye on both your children, fostering adorable interactions and giggles when they face each other or offering the option for both to face out. This design contrasts with tandem double strollers where visibility of the lower child can be limited. Moreover, the Donkey5 ensures each child has their dedicated space, eliminating issues like kicking their sibling in front or seat disputes, as both seats are identical and at the same level, rather than one atop the other.

For a detailed look at the Bugaboo Donkey5 check out this video:

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