Buy a Stroller Online

Buy a stroller online


After hours of research, you're finally ready to buy one of the most important items for your baby: your stroller. If you want to buy a stroller online, how do you determine which retailer is the most reputable and offers the best prices and service?

In this article, you'll learn the factors to consider if you want to buy a stroller online from a retailer like Strolleria: authorized retailers, pricing, warranty and returns and product knowledge. 


Authorized Retailers

Strolleria is an authorized retailer for many high-quality stroller brands. If you see a price that seems too good to be true, go to the manufacturer's website and use its retailer locator to see if that retailer is listed. If you don't see the manufacturer listed, it's likely that the online retailer is not an authorized seller. You should avoid purchasing a stroller from an unauthorized seller, as it could potentially impact your warranty claim if you were to have one.



When you buy a stroller online, you'll see the same prices offered by multiple retailers. This isn't a coincidence: Stroller manufacturers determine a minimum advertised price (MAP) for their products and require authorized retailers to adhere to their policy. The MAP is the lowest price that retailers, both in-store and online, are allowed to advertise strollers for sale.

Manufacturers monitor prices tightly and enforce the MAP policy by temporarily suspending or even closing the accounts of frequent policy violators. When you see a price that is lower than the one offered by other retailers, you're seeing a violation of MAP policy. While an authorized retailer may have made a pricing error, it's possible that you are looking at an unauthorized retailer that you need to avoid.


Warranty and Returns

When you buy a stroller online or in a store, the warranty is provided by the manufacturer, whereas the return policy is offered by the retailer. A retailer cannot honor a warranty on your stroller, nor can a manufacturer accept the return of an item purchased through an independent retailer. See Strolleria's return policy here.

The manufacturer also provides warranty service through their customer service department. Products sold at Strolleria have warranties between one and three years, with the higher-priced luxury products offering the longer warranties.

If your stroller needs to be repaired, first contact the manufacturer's customer service department. The high-quality brands carried by Strolleria typically have responsive customer service departments that are able to remedy a warranty claim in a matter of days.

And because Strolleria is daily contact with the product manufacturers, we can help you escalate your customer service issue if you were to have a warranty claim that is not proceeding as well or as quickly as you'd like. 

Product Knowledge

Strollers are confusing! You have several types of strollers and dozens of models to choose from—not to mention details like model years, accessories and car seat adapters to figure out. For help deciding which stroller is right for you, check out Strolleria's in-depth stroller buying guide.

It's common to have many questions about your stroller purchase, and your retailer should be able to assist you. As a family-owned and operated retailer, Strolleria specializes exclusively in baby gear like strollers and car seats. We have a mission of making these purchases less confusing and overwhelming for parents.

Our staff members are always happy to answer questions about products by phone or email. Please contact us at 480-942-4333 or