2020 Silver Cross Jet Release Date

2020 Silver Cross Jet

The 2020 Silver Cross Jet is available at Strolleria and was released in February, 2020!

Silver Cross has added numerous upgrades to their light-weight travel stroller, the Jet! The Jet stroller is Silver Cross' first compact travel stroller and will be experiencing many upgrades to help make this stroller more stable, easier to push and give some extra detailing.

Some of the upgrades that have been added to the 2020 Jet include:

  • A wider seat for added comfort
  • A larger seat depth for taller children
  • Lay flat recline, perfect for use with a newborn
  • Upgraded ball bearings in wheels for easier strolling
  • New colors including Ocean and Mist, as well as an all black option with brown leatherette handles

Have questions about the 2020 Silver Cross Jet? Contact Strolleria at customercare@strolleria.com or 480-442-9433

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