Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL vs. BOB Renegade Wagon Comparison

Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL vs. BOB Renegade Wagon Comparison

Wagons are all the rage nowadays, and it's no wonder why they've become a go-to choice for families. Offering a hassle-free solution for energetic toddlers who prefer more freedom than being strapped down in a stroller, wagons bring a sense of adventure to little ones while ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable ride for parents. With ample storage space, they effortlessly accommodate grocery hauls, beach trips, and everything in between.

In this article, we will compare the well known Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL Wagon with the new BOB Renegade Wagon. The Veer Cruiser Wagon holds two children, while the Veer Cruiser XL holds four. In between is the BOB Renegade - one of the only wagons built for three!

If you're seeking the ideal companion for your family's escapades, look no further than a trusty wagon. Let the adventures begin!

Veer Crrisers vs BOB Renegade wagons  

Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Vs. BOB Renegade Pricing

For current pricing, please see the respective product pages. All three wagons include the wagon, two cup holders, and a snack and drink tray. However, they can all also be purchased in a bundle with canopies.

Veer Cruiser Wagon

Veer Cruiser XL Wagon

BOB Renegade Wagon


Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Vs. BOB Renegade Specifications 

Due to their high cargo carrying capacity (up to 300 pounds for the Veer wagons and 165 pounds for the BOB wagon!), the Veer CruiserVeer Cruiser XL, and BOB Renegade wagons are a little heavier than your average double stroller. 

Both Veer Cruiser Wagons hold up to 300 pounds of cargo, but less weight in terms of children - the Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL hold 55 pounds per seat (110 pounds total for the two seater and 220 pounds total for the four seater). The BOB Renegade also holds up to 55 pounds a seat for 165 total pounds.

Something to keep in mind though is that the BOB Renegade does weigh 5.3 pounds more than the Veer Cruiser XL and 9.5 pounds more than the regular Veer Cruiser.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the specifications!

Wagon Weight

  • Veer Cruiser: 32.5 pounds
  • Veer Cruiser XL: 36.7 pounds
  • BOB Renegade: 42 pounds

Wagon Weight Capacity

  • Veer Cruiser: 110 pounds (55 pounds per seat)
  • Veer Cruiser XL: 220 pounds (55 pounds per seat)
  • BOB Renegade: 165 pounds (55 pounds per seat)

Wagon Cargo Capacity

  • Veer Cruiser: 300 pounds
  • Veer Cruiser XL: 300 pounds
  • BOB Renegade: 165 pounds

Wagon Open Dimensions

  • Veer Cruiser: 37” L x 20” W x 25” H
  • Veer Cruiser XL: 37” L x 24” W x 25" H
  • BOB Renegade: 49.62” L x 28.61” W x 38.58” H

Wagon Folded Dimensions

  • Veer Cruiser: 37" L x 20"W x 14" H
  • Veer Cruiser XL: 37" L x 24" W x 14" H
  • BOB Renegade: 41.73" L x 28.61" W x 18.5" H

Seating Surface Width (for 2 children on each side)

  • Veer Cruiser: 16.5" (about 7" of actual seat - rest is side areas that can be utilized for sitting)
  • Veer Cruiser XL: 20.5" 
  • BOB Renegade: One seater side: 17.5"  / two seater side: 20.5"


  • Veer Cruiser: 2 years
  • Veer Cruiser XL: 2 years 
  • BOB Renegade: 5 years (frame) and 1 year (soft goods)

 Veer Cruisers vs BOB Renegade wagon comparison

Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Vs. BOB Renegade Features

The Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL are basically the same wagon minus the seating arrangement and width. They share the same features. The BOB Renegade wagon is unique in that one side holds one child, while the other side holds two! It’s one of the only three seater wagons on the market.

Both the Veers and the BOB wagon are designed to either be pushed like a stroller or pulled like a traditional wagon. However, the push is pretty different than a stroller as the bigger wheels are in the front when pushing - you actually steer with the front wheels much like pushing a flatbed cart. You can also walk along side of the wagon and easily push it walking!

Below are the features that make these three wagons similar and different! 

Features shared by Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL and BOB Renegade:

  • Adjustable-height handlebars
  • Footwells for comfort 
  • Large all-terrain tires 
  • All-terrain suspension
  • Easy to engage one-touch break
  • Come with two parent cup holders as well as a child snack tray and cup holder
  • Canopies sold separately or in a bundle
  • Lockable handle over lockable swivel wheels can be adjusted to push like a stroller, pull like a wagon, or pull beside depending on environment
  • Aluminum frame
  • Wheels come off for slimmer fold
  • 4 interior storage pockets
  • Stands when folded

 Veer Cruiser Wagon

Features unique to the Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL:

  • Holds up to 300 pounds of cargo weight
  • Offers both a 2-seater wagon and a 4-seater wagon
  • One of the lightest full-size wagons on the market
  • Collapsable footwell for extra compact folding
  • Offers newborn configurations with a car seat or bassinet-like nap system
  • Offers many accessories sold separately such as sidewall kits to customize the color of your wagon, travel bag, weather cover, and shearling seat cover
  • Wagon can be hosed off outside to clean

 BOB Renegade Wagon

Features unique to the BOB Renegade:

  • Holds up to 165 pounds
  • Holds up to 3 children
  • Three 5-point harnesses built in
  • SafeAssist soft unfold: wagon pops open on its own on one side with the touch of your foot
  • Snack tray can clip onto the back of the wagon if needed


Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Vs. BOB Renegade Accessories 

The Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL comes with the wagon, 2 or 4 seats with 3-point buckles, two parent cup holders, gray sidewalls, and a child drink / snack tray. Veer does offer a multitude of accessories to customize your wagon, but they are all sold separate.

The BOB Renegade comes with the wagon, 3 seats with 5-point harnesses built in, two parent cup holders, and a child drink / snack tray.

Accessories available for purchase for the Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL:

  • Car seat adapters for various brands including Nuna, Cybex, Maxi Cosi, UPPAbaby, Peg Perego, Chicco, and Graco 
  • Comfort seat for toddler with 5 point harness 
  • Retractable Canopy - each Veer Cruiser XL can hold one or two
  • Foldable storage basket
  • Sidewall kit to customize color of Veer XL
  • Travel bag
  • Nap System (makes the wagon like a bassinet)
  • Weather cover 
  • Additional parent cup holders 

Accessories available for the BOB Renegade:

  • Canopies (sold as a bundle with the wagon)

 Veer Cruiser Accessories

Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Vs. BOB Renegade Fold

Folding the Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL

The Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL can be folded compactly with just one hand, and can stand upright when folded for easier storage. The Veer Cruisers fold in four steps:

First, park and lock the wagon with the foot brake. Next, you will fold all four walls inwards in a couple easy stops: fold the front and back walls by pressing up on the button at either end and fold inwards. The long side walls will then fold inwards overtop.

Finally, fold the handlebar by lifting up on the two levers that also adjust the handlebar angle, and rest the handlebar overtop the folded sidewalls.

Stand your Veer Cruiser upright towards the larger rear tires, and repeat the folding steps in reverse to assemble your wagon. For a more compact fold, the wheels have a quick release mechanism that's handy for travel, tiny trunks, and small spaces.

 Veer Cruiser Wagon Fold

Folding the BOB Renegade

The BOB Renegade has a really simple fold! It folds and unfolds in three simple steps with one hand. It also can stand when folded. 

First close the canopies if they are attached. Then slide and squeeze the folding lever on the back of the front seat and lower it into the base of the wagon. Next, fold the back seat the same way. Lastly, to fold the handle, lift the handle release lever and fold the handle down until it locks flat. That's it! 

To unfold, press the parking brake down into the locked position. Lift the gray handle release button and unfold the handle until it locks. Then, open the wagon frame by pressing the SafeAssist foot pedal - it should pop the back seat open! Lastly, simply open the front seat and you're ready to roll!

 BOB Renegade Wagon fold

Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Vs. BOB Renegade Colors

With purchase of custom sidewalls and canopies, the Veer Cruiser and Veer Cruiser XL can make a statement - or blend into your environment - with a rainbow of colors and camouflage prints. If keeping it simple is your thing, neutral heathered grey sidewalls are included with purchase of the wagon.

It is quick to install a new canopy or a set of sidewalls. Both the 2-seater model 4-seater use the same sidewalls.

For current colors offered, click here.


The BOB Renegade currently just comes in black, and you can purchase the bundle with or without black canopies.


Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Vs. BOB Renegade Pros and Cons

So which is better, the Veer CruiserVeer Cruiser XL , or the BOB Renegade? While only you can decide which one is just right for your lifestyle and family, here are some benefits and drawbacks that we see between these models.

Veer Cruiser / Cruiser XL Wagon 


  • 5.3 to 9.5 pounds lighter than the BOB Renegade making it easier to lift in and out of your vehicle
  • Customization options available 
  • Can be easily hosed off; great all-terrain option and for getting dirty
  • Holds up to 300 pounds cargo weight
  • More accessories offered


  • Only 3-point straps included - have to purchase comfort seats if you want more padding plus the 5-point harness straps 
  • Does not fold with canopies or snack tray attached
  • Only folds with one comfort seat attached  

BOB Renegade Wagon


  • Three seats - a nice in between option
  • Three 5-point harnesses come included built into the seats
  • SafeAssist soft unfold makes it easy to unfold the wagon in just a few seconds
  • Less expensive than the Veer models


  • 5.3 to 9.5 pounds heavier than the Veer models
  • Less accessories available
  • Less customization / color choices



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